KETTLER AXOS Cycle P Upright Exercise Bike

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Kettler AXOS P
kettler axos p cycle - magnetic resistance upright bike
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285 lbsMagnetic,
16 levels
12 pre-set
4 user
2 years

The Kettler AXOS Cycle P is similar in many aspects to the GIRO P model. However, there are several differences between these two exercise bikes. As a general idea, the AXOS Cycle P is a bit more expensive than other bikes in this specs range. Its console doesn’t have online connectivity, nor it has a sound system and cooling fan. However, it does compensate through superior quality in internal components and overall construction.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 37L x 24W x 57H inches (94L x 61W x 146H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 76 lbs (34.5 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 20 lbs (9 kg)
  • Supported weight: 285 lbs (129 kg)
  • Handlebars: Adjustable, with EKG grip pulse sensors
  • Seat: 4-way adjustable
  • Pedals: With straps
  • Drive mechanism: Belt
  • Resistance: Motorized, magnetic, 16 levels
  • Console: 12 pre-set programs, 4 user profiles,
  • Warranty: 2 years

Frame and parts

The Kettler AXOS Cycle P features a powder coated, high-carbon, tubular steel frame. The finish on most of the frame parts is silver in color, however, the sustaining posts of the seat have a chrome finish. The guards of the flywheel and resistance system are made of heavy-kettler axos p cycle - seatduty PVC, however, these only fulfill a protective and cosmetic role, without having any detrimental effect on the bike’s overall sturdiness.

This Kettler exercise bike features quite a small footprint. With the frame fully assembled, it takes only 37″L x 24″W (94 x 61 cm), being an excellent choice for a cardio machine, if space is an issue. Compared to other upright bike models, it’s rather heavy, with an assembled weight of 76 lbs (34.5 kg), being actually twice heavier than most road bikes. This weight, along with the user’s weight, provides excellent stability for the frame, despite its small footprint. On top of that, both bases integrate adjustable, rubberized stabilizers which offer the possibility to perfectly level the bike. Also, the front base is equipped with a set of transport wheels, which facilitate the bike’s relocation once you’ve finished with your workout.

The included seat delivers superior comfort, integrating a thick layer of padding, with a contoured surface. It’s approx. 10″ (25 cm) wide, and has a standard design, so you can easily find a replacement for it in case you want a different model. The seat has 4-way adjustability, up, down, forward and backward. Differently put, it can accommodate users between 5’0″ and 6’4″ (153 – 193 cm). Also, the seat and the whole frame structure of the bike was designed and tested for a total load of 285 lbs (129 kg).

The handlebar supplied with AXOS P cycle is angle-adjustable. You can tilt them forward or up, in order to change your training posture. It’s padded with rubber foam material for a comfortable grip, and to prevent any damage to your hands, in case of long workout sessions. The main post of the handlebar is fixed, though, and does not provide any height adjustment settings for the bike’s handlebar assembly.

There are grip sensors for pulse tracking integrated within the handlebar. This feature is quite a plus, especially for elderly users or for users who require maintaining a specific pulse interval during their workout. The bike’s console is also telemetry enabled and can track your pulse via an HR chest strap.

Both seat and handlebars feature large knobs, easy to grip and turn, in order to quickly adjust the bike to your own requirements.

Resistance and drive

This Kettler upright bike features a motor-assisted magnetic resistance system. It consists of a small servo motor and a magnetic brake pad. As you adjust resistance, the magnetic pad moves closer or farther from the bike’s metallic flywheel, increasing or decreasing the kettler axos p cycle - pedaloverall resistance on the pedals. Considering that the bike features a motorized mechanism, needless to say, it requires being connected to an 110-120V power circuit. The power cable with the appropriate AC adapter is included. Also, the bike’s resistance can only be adjusted from the control unit. There is no manual dial for resistance adjustments such as for the Marcy NS-40504U, or the BFUB1.

The bike makes available 16 levels of resistance. The first resistance settings are pretty light, while the 15-16 settings offer quite a challenge. Differently put, the bike can deliver the required resistance for users of all levels.

The bike’s flywheel has enough weight for an upright bike. At 20 lbs (9 kg), it delivers a smooth pedaling motion. An extremely sturdy crank assembly powers the flywheel via the drive belt. The crankset is solid enough to support the user’s full weight. In other words, it can support standing up workouts. However, keep in mind that this is an upright bike not a spin bike, and may not offer the required stability for spin workouts.

The pedals have a weighted and ribbed design for superior balance and adherence, but they’re also furnished with toe straps, so you can secure your feet in place while pedaling. The Q-factor of the bike is 9″ (22.8 cm), offering just the right amount of comfort for pedaling, and the required stability.

Last but not least, pedaling in reverse is possible on this bike, aspect that basically doubles the number of workouts that can be performed on it. Naturally, when pedaling in reverse, the resistance remain constant, given by the selected level on the console.

Control unit

The console supplied with the AXOS P cycle is somewhat similar to the control unit of the AXOS Cross P elliptical trainer. As we’ve mentioned above, it does not have any amenities,kettler axos cycle p - programmable console such as sound system or cooling fan, nor it has any online connectivity. However, it does offer a decent array of fitness-oriented features and functions. To begin with, it has a multi-panel display which can track time, distance, RPM, speed, kcalories, kjoules, and pulse. Unfortunately, the distance can only be calculated in km, and speed in km/h.

The console allows you to introduce your personal data, such as weight, age, and gender, in order to provide a better reading of the energy consumption. It also has 4 user profiles, a great feature to have if multiple persons will be using the bike, or simply if you want to save 4 different default workout settings.

The control unit can read your heart rate via the stainless steel sensors incorporated in the handlebars. However, it’s also telemetry enabled and can read pulse via an HR transmitter. This accessory is not included, though.

The console has 12 pre-set programs with different focuses. Some of them offer interval workouts, others focus on fat burning, and other on heart rate. There’s also a custom user program which allows you to design your own workout and save it for later use. Also, there’s is on HRC program, which has 4 target pulse values: 55%, 75%, 90% and custom.

Finally, the unit also has a Recovery function, which can be used after each exercise session, in order to calculate your current fitness score.

Assembly and Maintenance

The body of the Kettler AXOS P cycle, including the motor, flywheel, belt and all the internal parts, comes pre-assembled from the factory. Thus, for assembly, you only have to attach the base tubes, seat and handlebar posts, seat and handlebar, console and pedals. This shouldn’t take more than an hour. The included manual provides all the necessary assembly instructions. Also, the box includes all the tools required for the bike’s assembly.

Maintenance doesn’t require much. All you need to do is keep the dust off the bike, check if the bolts hold tight in their place, and re-tighten them if it’s the case.

The Pros

  • Solid construction, elegant design;
  • Adjustable base stabilizers;
  • 4-way adjustable, contoured and cushioned seat;kettler axos p cycle - upright exercise bike
  • 2-way adjustable handlebar, with a multi-grip design and pulse sensors;
  • Smooth and quiet drive;
  • Multi-panel console, showing most of the workout metrics at once;
  • Console is also telemetry enabled, compatible with various HR chest strap transmitters;
  • 16 levels of resistance;
  • 12 pre-set workout programs;
  • 4 user profiles;
  • Goal tracking;
  • Recovery function;
  • Basically maintenance free;
  • Fairly easy to assemble.

The Cons

  • Distance and speed readings are calculated only in km and km/h;
  • No bottle holder;
  • No tablet holder;
  • Console display does not have backlight.


The Kettler AXOS Cycle P is a mid-range upright exercise bike, featuring magnetic, motor-assisted resistance, with 16 distinctive tension levels. Its crank assembly is extremely sturdy, thus it can support the user in standing up pedaling routines, as long as they don’t exceed the specified 285 lbs capacity. Its console offers 12 pre-set workouts, and the possibility to create your own custom workout. It also has goal tracking and the recovery function. In all, it’s a bike perfect for users of all levels, great for light to intense cardio, interval workouts, and weight loss.

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4 thoughts on “KETTLER AXOS Cycle P Upright Exercise Bike”

  1. Hi just purchased a year old Kettler Axos Cycle P exercise bike.
    I would like some instructions on programming the bike besides just using quick start.
    Do you have a manual that could explain this to me as the Seller did not have manual.
    Thank you.
    Teresa Scanlon

    1. The bike uses the Kettler UM6786 console. Found its manual here:

  2. In februari 2014 i have bought a Cyclpe P AXOS. Suddenly the resistance dont work. All is working, but in any programs the resistance dont work. How can i fix this problem

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