Kettler Axos Cross P Programmable Elliptical Trainer

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Kettler Axos Cross P
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285 lbsMotorized
12Frame: lifetime
Parts: 2 years

The Kettler Axos Cross P is not one the elliptical trainers with all the belts and whistles. It doesn’t have several of the features and amenities offered by other models within in this price range. For example, it doesn’t feature incline, it lacks a cooling fan and sound system. It has a construction similar to the Exerpeutic 1000XL model, but it offers a much sturdier construction.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 59L x 26.5W x 66.5H inches (150L x 67.5W x 169H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 125.6 lbs (57 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 30.5 lbs (14 kg)
  • Max. user weight: 285 lbs (130 kg)
  • Stride: 15 inches (38 cm)
  • Incline: No
  • Footplates: Adjustable position
  • Handlebars: Both mobile and fixed (with pulse sensors)
  • Resistance system: Eddy current, 16 levels
  • Console: 12 workout programs
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts 2 years


The machine’s frame is made of steel tubing, all steel parts being coated with anti-corrosive silver paint. Its construction evidently contains several plastic parts, but most of them have a cosmetic or protective role, such as the arms’ joints covers, or the flywheel shrouds.

This elliptical machine has a rather small footprint compared to other models, such as the ProForm 735, or the Sole E35. It takes only 59″L x 26.5″W (150 x 67.5 cm) of floor space, thus it’s not a bad choice for a smaller apartment or room. But despite its smaller size, it’s still a stable machine, since it weighs approx. 125 lbs (57 kg). This weight considerably adds to its overall stability. Differently put, it shouldn’t wobble or rock sideways, even if the user is close to the maximum supported weight capacity (285 lbs).

The machine’s frame rests on two bases finished with rubberized stabilizers. The rear stabilizers are adjustable, but the front ones aren’t. Both front and rear stabilizers feature axos cross p elliptical - polyurethane pedalsplastic covers though. The front base also integrates wheels to facilitate the transport of the assembled elliptical. To move the machine while it’s assembled, you simply tilt it forward by its fixed handlebars.

This Kettler Axos elliptical trainer model features sizeable pedals, made of solid polyurethane material. The pedals don’t have any suspension or articulation. However, their position on the lateral mobile bars is adjustable. Each bar has several sets of adjustment holes, so you can attach the pedals closer to the front or the rear. The pedals attach to the lateral bars via two knobs each.

The mobile arms reach pretty high, giving the machine an overall height of 66.5″ (169 cm). They feature a multi-grip design and are covered with rubber foam material to maximize comfort. The machine also features fixed handlebars, which integrate stainless steel pulse sensors.

Stride and step-up height

The Kettler Axos Cross P elliptical features a rather small stride, of 15″ (38 cm). This being said, it has a rather limited range of motion. In other words, it’s for users ranging between 5’00” and 6’1″ (152 – 185 cm). Taller users may consider this stride a bit short. However, given the fact that the pedals’ position is adjustable, the workouts possibilities expand a little bit.

In its lowest position, a pedal stands above the floor at about 8″ (20 cm), while at the highest point, a pedal’s rear reaches approx. 16″ (40 cm) high. Differently put, to determine the required ceiling height for you to use this machine safely, add at least 16″ to your own height.

Drive and resistance

This Kettler Axos elliptical trainer is a model with a rear drive. Therefore, pedaling has a slight “down-hill” feel. This actually has a higher impact on the thigh muscles.

The drive system uses a 30.5 lbs (14 kg) flywheel, which is pretty heavy for a small elliptical. Due to its weight, it adds a lot of stability and smoothness to the pedaling motion, and also a consistent momentum. The flywheel is set in motion via a stretch-resistant, poly V belt. This being said, pedaling is also pretty quiet, and transmission doesn’t need lubrication. Finally, the pulley is wider in diameter than the flywheel (approx. 17″ in diameter), and is finished with solid steel crank arms.

This Kettler elliptical trainer features a motorized magnetic resistance system. In other words, it involves a magnetic element, controlled by a small servo motor. Resistance is adjusted exclusively from the console unit. As you adjust resistance, the magnet’s pull onto the flywheel is modified, creating more or less drag. There are 16 distinctive resistance levels available. The first resistance settings are pretty light, while the 15-16 settings offer quite a challenge.

Since it integrates and uses a motor, the elliptical needs to be connected to a power source. It requires a 120-volt nominal power circuit. It comes with an adapter and cable.


The fitness console supplied with this Kettler Axos trainer doesn’t include any amenities. Does not have a sound system, fan or tablet tray, like the Schwinn 430 for example. However, it does have a really wide display for such a small unit, indicating multiple values simultaneously. It displays time, speed, calories, distance, heart rate, RPM, and naturally, thekettler axos cross p console current resistance setting. Distance can be measured in km or miles, while speed can be measured in km/h or MPH.

The console offers 12 preset programs which automatically adjust the machine’s resistance. The programs cover various workouts, focusing on calorie burning, interval training, strength and heart rate. It also has a user profile setting, and you can input your age, gender, weight and height, in order to benefit from a more accurate calorie burning reading.

The resistance is adjusted via the turn-knob in the middle of the unit. There are contact buttons for the user profile, recovery and start/stop.

The console can read pulse via the EKG sensors integrated in the stationary handlebars. However, it’s also telemetry enabled and can read pulse via Polar chest strap transmitters, or ear clip sensors.

Assembly and Maintenance

The assembly of this Kettler Axos trainer should take between 45 min. and 1 hour. Tools for assembly are supplied, and you’ll also receive a hard copy of the owner’s manual, which provides pretty clear step-by-step assembly instructions.

Assembly basically requires to place the main body of the machine on its base stabilizers. Then, you’ll need to add pedal bars, pedals, console mast (connecting the wires), arms of the machine, and finally the console.

The internal parts of the machine do not require any maintenance. They’re all pre-lubricated with industrial lubricants. Since the machine uses a magnetic resistance system, the brake elements do not touch, so their wear and tear is minimal. Therefore, maintenance basically requires to check the joints from time to time to make sure they hold tight in their places. Also, if the joints begin to squeak some greasing is required.

The Pros

  • Solid construction, high stability;
  • Appealing design which adds to the motivation factor;
  • Fixed and mobile handlebars;
  • EKG pulse sensors built-in the fixed handlebars.
  • 30.5 lbs flywheel, for smooth pedaling and a consistent momentum;
  • Pedals with adjustable position;
  • Easy-to-use console unit;
  • 16 levels of eddy current resistance.
  • 12 workout apps.
  • Console can read pulse via a HR chest strap or pulse ear clip;
  • Quiet machine;
  • Easy to put together;
  • Little maintenance required.kettler elliptical - axos cross p

The Cons

  • No incline;
  • No speakers;
  • No cooling fan;
  • No tablet tray;
  • No bottle holder.

Most ellipticals in this price range offer at least some of these features. But on the other hand, this Kettler Axos elliptical offers superior quality in its internal components and in its overall construction.

Final Verdict

The Kettler Axos Cross P is an excellent fitness machine for light to medium cardio training. However, it can also help you achieve your weight loss goals, being also great for muscle toning, interval training, building stamina and strength. Just like most other elliptical machines, it offers the possibility to train with a lower impact on the joints, while engaging multiple muscle groups. It’s not exactly one of the cheapest models out there, but it definitely stands up to the price, as it’s a really well constructed machine.

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