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The Federal Trade Commission demands that we disclose any connection we have between a product or service supplier when we write about a product or service.

Here are the rules we activate under at bestfitnesseq.com:

– We are never compensated to execute a review. We never receive money to review a product or service. We invest our own time to review and test products and services.

– We normally pay for the products and services that we recommend but occasionally we are sent a free copy of a product or service to review and test.

– We do not claim that the experience and benefit we have received from utilizing a product or service is typical and is dependant on many other variables that can influence other people’s experience and benefit from using the product or service.

– If we make a link to a product or service in one of the reviews, or somewhere else on our blog, we get paid a commission in case you buy the product or service.

We consider these are decent rules and practices for Internet Marketing. It’s essential for you as a consumer to comprehend the association between a person reviewing the product or service and the product or service supplier.

If you don’t see a disclosure policy as part of a review of a product or service, that reviewer may be violating the law or at the very least the Code of Ethics.

Content Protection by DMCA.com

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