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KETTLER Advantage GIRO P Upright Exercise Bike

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Kettler GIRO P
kettler giro p advantage upright bike
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285 lbsMagnetic8Parts: 3 years
Labor: 3 years

When it comes to upright bikes, there are many cheapies out there, which severely lack in quality. However, if you know where to look and what to look for, it’s not that hard to find a well-made bike. In fact, one of the models you could start with is the Kettler GIRO P.

The GIRO P upright bike from Kettler is actually a bike that has been around for a couple of years now. It’s pretty similar in quality to the SOLE B94 but doesn’t come with so many amenities. On the other hand, its price is less spicy. There’s quite a bunch to be told about this exercise bike. So, here’s just about everything that you should know about it.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 37L x 21W x 57H inches (94L x 53W x 145H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 74 lbs (33.5 kg)
  • Flywheel weight 17.6 lbs (8 kg)
  • Supported weight: 285 lbs (129 kg)
  • Handlebars: Adjustable, with EKG grip pulse sensors
  • Seat: Adjustable horizontally and vertically
  • Pedals: With straps
  • Drive mechanism: Belt
  • Brakes: Magnetic, motor-assisted
  • Resistance: Adjustable, 16 levels
  • Performance monitor: Yes, 8 programs
  • Warranty: Parts and labor 3 years


This bike features a cushioned seat, quite spacious at the rear, 11″ (28 cm) wide. It’s also contoured, in order to provide maximum comfort. It’s adjustable horizontally and vertically, offering 10 levels of adjustment on the vertical post, and 3″ (7.6 cm) of fore to aft. The maximum height setting of the seat should accommodate users up to 6’3″ (190 cm) without any problem. Also, on the lowest setting, the seat fan fit users starting at 4’10” (147 cm).


The handlebar supplied with the GIRO P upright bike is angle-adjustable. You can tilt themkettler advantage handlebars and console forwards or up, in order to benefit from various training postures. It’s nicely padded with rubber foam material for a comfortable grip, and to prevent any damage to your hands, in case of long workout sessions. The main post of the handlebar is fixed, though, and does not provide any height adjustment settings for the bike’s handlebar assembly.

There are grip sensors for pulse tracking integrated within the handlebar. This feature is quite a plus, especially for elderly users or for users who require maintaining a specific pulse interval during their workout.

Drive system

As specified above, this exercise bike is belt-driven, featuring a poly-V drive belt, resistant to stretching and made to last for years, without the need for replacement. Considering that it has a belt-drive mechanism, this bike is considerably quiet. Also, the belt requires absolutely no maintenance, while a chain bike would require periodical greasing of the chain.

The bike’s flywheel has enough weight for an upright bike. At 17.6 lbs (8 kg), it delivers a smooth pedaling motion. An extremely sturdy crank assembly powers the flywheel via the drive belt. The crank arms are steel-made, finished with weighted, self-righting pedals. The pedals also have a ribbed design for a better adherence, but they’re also furnished with toe straps, so you can secure your feet in place while pedaling. The Q-factor of the bike is 9″ (22.8 cm), offering just the right amount of comfort for pedaling, and the required stability.

Brake system

Most upright bikes that feature resistance adjustability via the console, are actually equipped with a brake system based on electromagnets. The tension is caused by changing the magnet’s pull, the brake pad or the magnet being fixed. The GIRO P Kettler actually has a motor-controlled variable magnetic resistance system. In other words, the magnet is mobile, moving closer or farther from the flywheel, but its control is done via a small motor attached to it and connected to the console.

The bike makes available 16 levels of resistance. The lowest levels are similar to riding a road bike on a flat road, while the last resistance settings simulate a soft ascension. Overall, the resistance supplied isn’t extremely tough, and for some, the top settings may not be quite a challenge. Differently put, this exercise bike is meant for low and medium range cardio and muscle toning, not for heavy spinning.

Evidently, since the resistance is motor-assisted, it requires being plugged into an 110V circuit. It comes with a 100V-240V AC adapter, with an output of 9V, 2A.


The Kettler GIRO P features a high-carbon, tubular steel frame, finished with anti-corrosive kettler giro p exercise bikepowder coating. The drive system case is mostly made of hard plastic, to avoid adding too much dead weight to the bike. Overall, the assembled bike weighs 74 lbs (33.5 kg), however, the shipping weight is listed between 130-140 lbs (59 – 63 kg) by various retailers. Therefore, even though it’s not a heavy exercising machine when unboxed and assembled, it’s still a good idea to have someone help you with the carrying of the box when it arrives.

The frame’s bases have a trapezoidal shape, adding a lot of stability to the frame. Each base has plastic caps, with adjustable levelers, or maximum stability even if you don’t place the bike on a mat. The front base is also equipped with plastic transport wheels, for ease of transport and handling.

The frame has a rather small footprint, occupying only 21″W x 37″L (53 x 94 cm) of floor space. This being said, even if the bike isn’t foldable, it’s still a good choice for a small apartment or a small room.


The console that comes with this Kettler exercise bike is not exactly the most advanced one and does not feature any integrated amenities such as cooling fan, sound system or USB ports for data or charging. It also doesn’t have a tablet holder. On the other hand, when it comes to the fitness-oriented functions it supplies, it’s far from being a basic unit.

To begin with, the console can track RPM, speed (mph or km/h), distance (KM / m), pulse, time, calories (kcal or kJoule), and of course, it displays the resistance setting as well. The resistance setting can be adjusted as you pedal, or you can use one of the 8 preset programs (6 preset, 2 for heart rate) which will automatically adjust resistance, with variations depending on the program selected. The console also gives you the possibility to select targets for time, distance, or calories. And in order to provide a better analysis of your calories burned, you can also insert your age.kettler advantage console display

The values are inserted mainly via the turn knob on the console. Programs are selected via the “Program” digit. There’s a “Recovery” digit which serves as a pause button, or for the heart rate programs. There’s also a “Reset” button, which evidently resets all the values. The console is powered on as you begin to pedal. As opposed to that, after 4 minutes from ceasing training, the unit will enter “Snooze Mode”.

The console is telemetry enabled, which means it can track pulse via a Polar T-34 chest strap. It also has an input for earlobe clip pulse sensor. These accessories are not included with the bike, though. The screen is blue backlit, to provide the required readability in case of low lighting conditions.

Assembly and Maintenance

The assembly isn’t difficult, but it may take up to one hour, especially for someone not very handy with tools. The servo motor, brake system, and drive system are already in place, enclosed by the plastic shrouds and connected to the lower part of the frame. Therefore, all you have to add are the bases of the bike, the main posts of the seat and handlebar, the bike’s saddle, handlebar, and the console, after you connect the cables. Manual and tools are supplied with the box.

Maintenance does not require much at all since it’s a magnetic resistance, belt-driven bike. Just keep it clean, and keep sweat or liquids away from the console.

The Pros

In case you’ve missed any of the advantages and benefits this bike can bring you, you’ll find bellow a summary of all these aspects.

  • Great quality, for a great price.
  • Sturdy and stable frame, with a pretty neat design.
  • Small footprint.
  • Adjustable seat, horizontally and fore to aft.
  • Angle-adjustable handlebars.
  • EKG pulse grips.
  • Telemetry enabled console, compatible with a T-34 Polar chest strap.
  • Input for earlobe clip sensor.
  • Motor-assisted magnetic brake, 16 levels of resistance.kettler advantage giro p bike
  • Decent console with 8 workout programs, and goal setting functions.
  • Quiet bike, great for apartment building use.
  • Basically maintenance free.
  • Decent warranty package.

The Cons

– Some users might find even the highest resistance settings too low. On the other hand, this is a light-medium training upright bike, not made for heavy training.

  • The console has a rather odd design, and using the programs and values correctly may require some learning curve.
  • No bottle holder.
  • No tablet/book rack.


The Kettler GIRO P isn’t a bike with all the belts and whistles, but it does focus on fitness functions, offering just about the training setting that anyone would want for their daily cardio. It’s not a bike for heavy training, but it can surely help you keep a healthy cardiovascular shape, tone your muscles and drop a few pounds. It’s pretty similar in quality, sturdiness, and design to several bikes within the $600-$700 price range, but it costs considerably less, due to its lack accessories such as fan, sound system, tablet holder etc. So, if you don’t need those, this bike might be just the right choice for you.

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  1. We have this bike at home but we cannot find the adapter anymore. Is there a possibility that an adapter can be purchased seperately? Tanks

    • Amazon, unfortunately, doesn’t have it in stock (at least for now). But the part number for the US Kettler GIRO P adapter is US-39466 and the UK model is UK-39466. So, maybe you can find it on a different website. Also, it’s a 100-240VAC input / 9V – 700mA output adapter… so if you cannot find the exact model for the bike, an adapter with these specs and with the appropriate plug should work.

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