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Yowza Fitness Miami Elliptical Trainer

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Yowza Fitness Miami
yowza fitness miami elliptical trainer
Check Discounted Price
400 lbsAdjustable,
19" to 32"
0% to 60%
Frame: lifetime
Parts: 7 years
Electronics: 7 years
Labor: 2 years

It’s pretty much a given that elliptical machines made for gym use offer a full range of belts and whistles. They also excel in sturdiness, ergonomics, and typically have a high user capacity. Yowza fitness offers several elliptical trainers of this caliber, and one of them is the Miami model.

The Yowza Fitness Miami elliptical machine isn’t exactly a cheap one. It’s close to the $3,000 price mark. But when it comes to quality, design and capabilities, it’s safe to say that it stands up to the price. It has a full range of features, and also comes with several accessories. Therefore, if you want to invest in a superior quality fitness machine, which supplies a low impact training, this particular Yowza elliptical model is definitely one to have a look at.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 66L x 33W x 66H inches (167.6L x 84W x 167H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 245 lbs (111 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
  • Supported weight: 400 lbs (181.5 kg)
  • Stride: Adjustable, 19 to 32 inches (48.2 to 81.2 cm)
  • Incline: Automatic, from 0% to 60%
  • Footplates: Self-pivoting, cushioned
  • Handlebars: Rotating and fixed
  • Brake system: Electromagnetic
  • Resistance: Adjustable, 16 levels
  • Console: 12+9 workout programs, Bluetooth 4.0, MyLiveLight compatible
  • Bottle/Accessory holder: Yes
  • Media Tray: Yes
  • Fan: 3 settings
  • Sound system: Incorporated in the console
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts 7 years / Electronics 7 years / Labor 2 years

Now, along with the core specs put into view above, there’s quite a lot more to be said about this elliptical trainer. So, within the following sections of this post, we’ll try to cover just about all of them.


Needless to say, just as any commercial grade elliptical trainer, the Yowza Miami model is built like a tank. First of all, it’s built around a really solid frame, with thick steel tubing, with yowza fitness miami elliptical framerobotically welded points, and powder coated with scratch-resistant and anti-corrosive paint. Overall, the machine is really heavy, with a total weight of 245 lbs (111 kg), weight that endows it with superior stability and sturdiness. And to put it differently, even if a user close to the 400 lbs (181.5 kg) maximum weight engages in a high-intensity workout, this machine won’t rock or tip, featuring unmatched sturdiness.

On the other hand, it has quite a sizeable footprint. This machine doesn’t exactly have a low profile, taking quite a bit of floor space. With a footprint of 66″L x 33″W (167.6 x 84 cm) it’s slightly wider than the Sole E95. Thus, if you’re planning to invest into this particular elliptical trainer, you’d better make sure you have the available space for it. It’s evidently non-foldable, and storing it after each use may not be an easy task. However, the front base does feature a pair of pretty large wheels, on which the machine actually rests, feature that considerably eases its transport when fully assembled.

Conversley, the rear part of the frame features a transport handlebar which makes it easier to lift it on its wheels. Also, the rear base, as well as the middle part of the frame feature adjustable leveling feet, offering the possibility to stabilize this machine perfectly, on any type of flooring.

The frame features multiple covers, which contribute by a lot to its overall aspect. This machine really has an appealing look, which can also work as a motivation factor.

The joints in the arms and footplate bars all feature high-grade ball bearings, designed to last a lifetime. They also minimize the incidence of any squeaking or clicking of the joints, rarely requiring any lubrication.


The footplates equipped on the Yowza Fitness Miami are quite sizeable, made of solid acrylic material, with a contact surface made to adhere well to any type of athletic shoes. The distance between the pedals is only 5″ (13 cm), to avoid any stress on the knees, and to eliminate any yowza fitness miami elliptical trainer pivoting pedalsawkwardness in pedaling.

Pedals feature the Surefit™, pivoting design, actually moving back and forth, and side to side as you pedal, promoting a natural, smooth and impact-free motion. In fact, no matter how you move your feet on the pedals, they conform to the pressure, supplying a uniform pressure and contact surface, improving the pedaling feel by a lot.

But the superior comfort provided by these pedals doesn’t stop here. They’re aslo cushioned with aditional gel inserts. Evidently, since stress is completely eliminated, it allows you to increase the duration and intensity of your workout, recover quickly from injuries by working out on this machine, and achieve your fitness goals faster.


The mobile-action handlebar system designed for this Yowza elliptical machine is also quite remarkable. It’s actually an element that makes this particular elliptical stand out from the others, and one of the factors that makes it a 5-Star Best Buy Winner. This handlebar system supplies a counter-rotational movement, simulating a correct, natural movement. This type of movement has a yowza miami rotating handlebarsuperior impact on the torso muscles, considerably improving your core workout while on this fitness machine.

The rotating handlebar features one ball-shaped, rotating grip on each side, meant to eliminate stress on your wrists, as you hold the handlebar. This actually offers a much viable workout for any user with an arm or wrist injury. And of course, it feels much more comfortable to hold the handlebars by the ball grips.

Due to the rotating design of the mobile-action handlebar, various other workouts are possible on this machine. For example, you can hold the handlebar with both hands on one side, this way benefiting from a superior burn on the lateral abdominal muscles.

Of course, the Yowza Miami also features fixed handlebars which incorporate pulse sensors. Both mobile-action and fixed handlebars are covered with soft, rubber foam material, for an ergonomic grip.

Stride and incline

Like most gym-grade elliptical trainers, the Yowza Miami features a motorized incline. The range of incline is pretty impressive, with a maximum of 60%. There are 12 incline levels, and the adjustment is done in increments of 5%. The passing from an incline setting to another is carried out smoothly, without bumps or jerks. Adjustability on incline considerably adds to the spectrum of intensity of workouts. At 0% incline, the motion supplied by this machine simulates a gentle stroll, while at the top levels it generates a hurdling feel.

Incline also modifies the stride length of the machine. At minimum incline, the stride is 19″ (cca 48 cm), 1 inch less than in most elliptical machines with a fixed stride (many heavier ellipticals with fixed stride have a 20″ stride). At maximum incline, the stride reaches 32″ (cca 81 cm), which is pretty wide. This actually makes this machine fit even for really tall users, with a wider stride.

The last aspect to be added here, is with regards to the step-up height of the machine. It actually has a step-up height (pedal at its closest point to the floor) of 11″ (29 cm). At the highest point from the floor, pedals reach a height of cca 16″ (40 cm). Therefore, add this and even a couple more inches to your own height, to determine the minimum ceiling height that would allow you to use it.

Drive system

The Yowza Fitness Miami elliptical actually features another patented system, called Swing Up Reactive Elliptical (SURE). It utilizes a rear-drive system without any rollers like most other ellipticals have, silently propelling your workout forward. It’s actually a really smooth and quiet drive system, which incorporates a heavy-duty belt, and a 30 lbs (13.6 kg) flywheel.

Resistance system

This elliptical trainer features an electromagnetic resistance system. This means electro-magnets are used to induce resistance to the flywheel. The magnets are fixed, and the resistance is provided by electrically increasing the strength of the magnetic field generated by them. Electromagnetic resistance supplies and consistent, yet constant tension during the pedaling stroke, which results in a really smooth ride. Along with that, since there’s no contact between the resistance generating elements and the flywheel, the machine is really quiet and there’s basically no wear and tear in the magnetic brake pads.

Resistance can be adjusted while pedaling, and there’s also the possibility to pedal backwards. The machine actually supplies 16 levels of resistance. The variation between levels is pretty distinguishable. The top resistance settings, backed up by superior levels of incline add quite a lot of difficulty to your workouts.

Since the resistance system and incline motor require an electric current, this elliptical trainer requires to be plugged into a 110V circuit. It comes with a cable and an American system plug, not an adapter. It’s also recommended to use a power surge protector.

Console and amenities

Along with a multifunctional console, the Yowza Fitness Miami elliptical machine comes with several accessories. To begin with, the box includes a high-precision Digital Weight Scale, which yowza fitness miami multi-function consoleautomatically communicates with the console on the elliptical, sending your weight data. In fact, the machine features an Intelligent Weight Management system, cutting out the guesswork from your training planning, and allowing to track your progress on a higher level. This also helps with the creation of personalized workouts.

Water bottle holder is also included, and comes attached to the console post, right under the console. Even though it’s a pretty insignificant accessory, it’s pretty handy if you need to keep hydrated.

Apart from the fitness-oriented functions and apps, the console includes several other amenities. One is the incorporated 3-speed fan, great feature to have during prolonged workouts. It also includes a Hi Fidelity speaker set, which gives you the possibility to listen to your music without wearing earplugs. Even more, since the unit has Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can listen wirelessly to your music, change volume up to 10 meters away from the machine, or use a tablet for the online apps without any connections.

The console also has a tablet rack, a USB charging port, and it’s telemetry enabled, being able to read pulse wirelessly, via a Polar HR chest strap. Actually, a Polar T34 is included.

When it comes to fitness possibilities, the console can track speed, time, calories, watts, distance and pulse. Of course, it indicates the resistance and incline levels as well. The console has 12 built-in workout apps, including programs for target time, distance and calories, or core interval resistance. It also offers 9 user profiles to work with, great feature if multiple persons use this machine, or you want to save the elliptical on different custom workouts.

Last but not least, the console unit of this elliptical machine is compatible with the MyLiveLight suite of apps for iOS or Android, free to register. These apps give you the possibility to download custom workout routines, work with enhanced graphic console control, keep a superior track of your progress. MyLiveLight works in conjunction with the IWM scale, actually giving you the possibility to generate optimized workout programs, depending on your current level of fitness, and your progress.

Overall, the console is pretty easy and straightforward to operate. And the apps will give you step by step guiding on using each one of them.

Assembly and Maintenance

The assembly of this elliptical trainer, not extremely difficult, but does require the attachment of many little parts, bolts and nuts. In other words, it may take a couple of hours. Also, due to the fact that the machine is quite heavy, it requires two people. The owner’s manual that comes with the box provides step by step guidance for the assembly process. Also, the tools for assembly come with the box.

Maintenance on the other hand, doesn’t require much. You are required to check the tightness of bolts in their place every 1-2 months. Other than that, parts shouldn’t require any lubrication.

The Pros

Although what we’ve mentioned so far pretty much sums up the pros of this machine, this part of the post will put them into view clearly, as they’re quite many. So, here’s what’s best about this machine:

  • Extremely solid frame, built for 24/7 use;
  • Stylish design;
  • Excellent ergonomics;
  • Innovative mobile-action handlebar, supplying a rotating motion, and supporting a wider range of postures and workouts;
  • Fixed handlebars with pulse sensors;
  • Self-pivoting pedals, with cushioned surface, promoting zero impact on the joints;
  • Exta-quiet, extra-smooth drive system;
  • Extra-smooth electromagnetic resistance system;
  • 16 levels of resistance;
  • 12 levels of incline, up to 60%;
  • Adjustable stride, between 19″ and 32″, supporting the full range of users;
  • Included wireless digital scale that communicates directly with the elliptical’s console;
  • Included HR chest strap (Polar T34);
  • Integrated 3-speed fan;
  • Integrated Hi Fidelity speakers;
  • Tablet tray on the dashboard;
  • USB port;
  • Bluetooth 4.0, and FitSound Bluetooth Speaker;
  • 12 preset workout programs, and 9 user profiles;
  • MyLiveLight app suite compatible;
  • Virtually no maintenance required;
  • Excellent warranty package.

The Cons

There are several drawbacks regarding this elliptical trainer, and it wouldn’t be fair to leave them out.

  • At 0% incline the user comes pretty close to the fixed handlebars, when holding the mobile handlebars. Differently put, a user that packs a bit of belly, or a short user may require to add some incline, to prevent rubbing against the fixed handlebars;
  • Tablet covers the console display while placed on the tablet rack, on the dashboard;yowza fitness miami elliptical trainer
  • Heavy and bulky machine, rather difficult to transport.

These downsides together keep this elliptical at 4.5 rather than a perfect 5.


An elliptical trainer with superior ergonomics, extremely solid design, stylish appearance and an impressive array of features, the Yowza Fitness Miami pretty much has all the qualities of a commercial quality fitness machine. It a great choice for interval training, light or intense cardio, and evidently for losing weight. You can actually burn 7-800 calories per hour on this machine, with the proper training routines. It’s not exactly an affordable piece of equipment, but due to its superlative quality, we can safely say it’s worth every penny.

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    • We only provide information for fitness equipment on We don’t sell parts.
      However, yowzafitness have their own website with a phone number and email, so you can contact them.

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