Yowza Fitness Jupiter Plus Elliptical Trainer

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Yowza Jupiter Plus
Yowza Fitness Jupiter Plus Elliptical Machine
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300 lbsAdjustable,
18" to 24"
0% to 35%
Frame: lifetime
Parts: 5 years
Electronics: 5 years
Labor: 2 years

Although it’s not a full commercial machine, the Yowza Fitness Jupiter Plus definitely has all the “ingredients” of a light-commercial one. It’s a rear drive elliptical trainer, with a really sturdy frame construction, offering a decent amount of workout programs, variable stride, automatic incline and resistance. In terms of workout possibilities it’s pretty similar to the Yowza Miami, however it has classic mobile handle bars, not rotating.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 78L x 32W x 64H inches (198L x 81W x 163H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 202 lbs (91.6 kg)
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Stride: Adjustable, 18 to 24 inches (46 – 61 cm)
  • Incline: Automatic, from 0% to 35%
  • Footplates: Self-pivoting, cushioned
  • Handlebars: Mobile and fixed (with pulse sensors)
  • Brake system: Eddy current
  • Resistance: Adjustable, 16 levels
  • Console: 9 preset workouts, 5 user profiles, USB port
  • Amenities: Phone holder, tablet holder, sound system, 3-speed fan;
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Brake lifetime / Parts 5 years / Electronics 5 years / Labor 2 years

Frame construction

The Yowza Jupiter Plus elliptical machine features an extremely sturdy frame, sturdiness yowza jupiter pluswhich is reinforced by its overall weight. When fully assembled, this elliptical trainer weighs over 200 lbs, which means that it’s extremely stable, without wobbling or moving around even if you engage in a more demanding workout.

The front base has a set of wheels, while the rear base integrates a lifting handle bar, in order to facilitate the relocation of the assembled machine. By leaning it over on its wheels, you will be handling less than half of its total weight. The rear base also integrates a set of adjustable stabilizers with rubber caps, which offer the possibility to properly level the machine, if the floors are uneven.

Most parts of the frame are evidently made of steel, being double coated with corrosion resistant paint, in white, gray and orange colors. The frame also integrates several PVC parts, but most of them fulfill only a cosmetic or protective role, without any impact on the machine’s overall sturdiness.

Like most elliptical machines of this caliber, the Yowza Fitness Jupiter Plus features a rather large footprint. It actually requires minimum 78″ (198 cm) of space lengthwise, in order to allow the full range of motion. Also, it’s 32″ (81 cm) wide, and therefore it may not be exactly the most adequate fitness equipment for a small room.

Pedals and handlebars

The pedals equipped on the Yowza Fitness Jupiter Plus are large enough to accommodate sports shoes of all sizes. They feature both ErgoFit™ and SureFit™ shock absorption elements, in order to take the workout impact on your joints to almost zero. The ErgoFityowza jupiter plus - left pedal view elements are given by the gel inserts, which not only reduce shock, but also provide a non-slip surface.

The SureFit shock absorption is given by the pivoting mechanism of each pedal. They actually move back and forth as you pedal, promoting a natural, smooth and impact-free motion. In fact, no matter how you move your feet on the pedals, they conform to the pressure, supplying a uniform pressure and contact surface, improving the pedaling feel by a lot. The distance between the pedals, or differently put the machine’s Q Factor, is only 5″ (130 mm). This means that there’s no additional lateral impact on the knees during pedaling.

Although this Yowza elliptical trainer model doesn’t have the rotating handlebar system as the Yowza Miami model, it does offer both mobile and fixed handlebars. The mobile handlebars have a multi-grip design, integrating vertical grips and knob-grips, this way expanding the workout posture possibilities. The fixed handlebars are equipped with stainless steel pulse sensors for monitoring your heart rate. However, the console is also telemetry enabled, being able to read pulse via a Polar wireless HR chest strap transmitter. Both types of handlebars have their grips covered by a sheet of rubber foam, for superior ergonomics.

Incline and stride

Most light-commercial elliptical trainers offer a motorized incline system, and the Yowza Jupiter Plus doesn’t make an exception. It has 12 levels of incline, which cover a range between 0% and 35%. The passing from an incline setting to another is carried out smoothly, without bumps or jerks. Adjustability on incline considerably adds to the spectrum of intensity of workouts. At 0% incline, the motion supplied by this machine simulates a gentle stroll, while at the top levels it provides a soft climb-type workout.

The stride of this elliptical trainer is also variable, covering a span between 18″ and 24″. This means that the machine can supply a complete range of motion for users between 5′ and 6’6″ (152 – 198 cm).

One last aspect to mention here regards the machine’s step-up height. When setup at zero incline, the top of the lowest pedal stands at approx. 9″ above floor level. Thus, taking position onto the pedals shouldn’t be too difficult even for users with disabilities. At the highest point from the floor, pedals reach a height of approx. 18″ (45 cm). Therefore, add this amount and maybe a few more inches to your own height, to determine the minimum ceiling height that would allow you to use the machine safely.

Drive and resistance

The Yowza Jupiter Plus elliptical features a patented drive system, called Swing Up Reactive Elliptical (SURE). It consists of a rear-drive system without any rollers like most other yowza fitness jupiter plus - rear drive elliptical trainerellipticals have, silently propelling your workout forward. It provides a really smooth and quiet drive. It incorporates a heavy-duty belt, and a heavy, balanced flywheel.

This elliptical trainer features an eddy current, motor assisted resistance system. This means it integrates a servo motor which controls the magnets’ pull onto the flywheel in order to adjust resistance. It also means that the machine’s resistance is exclusively controlled from the console. Also, since there’s no contact between the resistance generating elements and the flywheel, the machine is really quiet and there’s basically no wear and tear in the magnetic brake pads.

Resistance can be adjusted while pedaling, and there’s also the possibility to pedal in reverse. The machine actually supplies 16 levels of resistance, the variation between levels being pretty distinguishable. The top resistance settings, backed up by superior levels of incline add quite a lot of difficulty to your workouts.

Finally, since the resistance system and incline motor require an electric current, this elliptical trainer must be connected to a 110V circuit. It comes with a cable and an American system plug, not an adapter. It’s also recommended to use a power surge protector.

Console and amenities

The console system supplied with this elliptical trainer is not the most advanced, but does yowza jupiter plus - consolehave a consistent amount of features and functions. First of all, it has a 6″ LCD display, with blue LED backlight, which offers excellent readability in case you exercise in a darker room. It’s also a multi-panel display, which can show all the workout statistics at once, so you don’t have to continuously scroll through them as it’s the case with a basic unit.

The display shows time, speed, distance, calories, watts, RPMs and heart rate. Distance can be displayed in both miles or km, while speed can be tracked in MPH or Km/h. Evidently, the current resistance setting and the “motion level” or stride / incline setting are also displayed.

In order to provide more accurate readings of calories burned, the console gives you the possibility to insert several personal data, such as gender, age, weight and height. These are also required when creating a use profile program.

In terms of fitness applications, the console offers 9 preset programs, along with the manual mode, and a custom user program. The preset programs include: Target Time, Target Distance, Target Calories, Fat Burning, Interval Intensity, Interval Motion, Endurance, Watts Control, and Target HR Control. Evidently, some of them will automatically adjust the incline and resistance on the machine, depending on the current segment of the workout. The Custom User Program actually offers 5 user profiles, giving you the possibility to create 5 more segment-based, custom workouts. This feature is great if there are multiple family members using the machine, allowing each member to save and quickly select their personal workout parameters.

In terms of amenities, the machine’s console unit integrates several. To begin with, it has two holders, one for smartphones and one for tablets, along with a USB charging port for such devices. The lower part of the console has a small fan, with 3 speed settings. And finally, it has a sound system consisting in two small speakers on each side of the console unit. This sound system is compatible with most MP3 devices, smartphones or tablets, and the sound rendered by it is quite a bit superior to the sound rendered by the average smartphone or tablet speakers.

Assembly and Maintenance

First of all, the Yowza Jupiter Plus elliptical is shipped in one, rather large and heavy box, weighing over 250 lbs. So, it requires at least two people to transport and assemble. Also, due to its size and weight, it’s best to assemble it in the room where it will be in use, as its transport after assembly may be problematic.

Assembly is not too complicated though, but due to the many parts, it may take up to two hours. The manual supplied offers clear step-by-step instructions for assembly, and all the tools required are included.

For maintenance, the internal mechanism doesn’t require any, as all the parts come pre-lubricated from the factory. However, if the machine’s joints develop squeaks, lubrication may be required.

The Pros

  • Extremely solid and stable frame, with a user capacity of 300 lbs;
  • Stylish design;
  • Excellent ergonomics;
  • Both mobile and fixed handlebars;
  • Pulse sensors integrated in the fixed handlebars;
  • Self-pivoting pedals, with cushioned surface, promoting zero impact on the joints;
  • Exta-quiet, extra-smooth drive system;
  • Extra-smooth eddy current resistance system;
  • 16 levels of resistance;
  • 12 levels of incline, up to 35%;
  • Adjustable stride, between 18″ and 24″ being able to accommodate users of all sizes;
  • 9 preset workout programs;
  • 5 user profiles;
  • Integrated 3-speed fan;
  • Integrated Hi Fidelity speakers;
  • Tablet tray and phone holder;
  • Polar HR chest strap compatible;
  • USB charging port;
  • Virtually no maintenance required;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Excellent warranty package.

The Cons

  • No bottle holder;yowza jupiter plus elliptical trainer
  • Tablet placed on the tablet holder will cover the console display, which may be an inconvenience.


The Yowza Fitness Jupiter Plus is a light-commercial elliptical trainer, featuring a rear drive system, eddy current resistance and motorized incline. It’s equipped with a mid-range console, offering 9 preset programs and 5 user profiles. It’s a machine with a really sturdy build, and a variable stride, offering the possibility to perform a wide array of workouts. It’s great for cardio training, interval training, stamina building and for weight loss. Depending on the program used, you can actually burn up to 700 calories per hour on it. And finally, even though it’s not exactly a budget elliptical trainer, considering the range of features and functions that it offers, along with its excellent construction, we can safely say that it definitely stands up to its price.

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