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Sunny Health & Fitness Folding Recumbent Bike SF-RB1117

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Sunny SF-RB1117
sunny health & fitness sf-rb1117 recumbent bike
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220 lbsMagneticNoFrame: 1 year
Parts: 90 days

The Sunny SF-RB1117 is a hybrid between an upright bike and a recumbent bike, being actually more of an upright bike than a recumbent one. But nonetheless, since it features a back support and offers the exercising posture characteristic to recumbent bikes, it can be classified as such an exercise cycle.

If you’re looking for an affordable recumbent bike, this Sunny model should definitely be on your list. Not only it comes for a great price, but it’s also foldable, which can save you a lot of trouble when it comes to storing it. Plus, it’s far from being as bulky as most other recumbent bikes.

Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 32L x 20W x 46H inches (81L x 50W x 117H cm)
  • Product weight: 37 lbs (16 kg)
  • Supported weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)sunny health & fitness sf-rb1117 folded
  • Handlebar: Non-adjustable
  • Seat: Adjustable
  • Pedals: With straps
  • Brakes: Magnetic
  • Resistance: Adjustable, 8 levels
  • Progress Tracking Computer: Yes
  • Warranty: Frame 1 year / Parts 90 days

The Sunny SF-RB1117 features a solid frame, steel-made, coated with anti-corrosive, silver paint. The only plastic parts in the bike’s frame are the drive and braking system covers. It’s sturdy enough to support users up to 250 lbs (113 kg), however the listed weight is 220 lbs (100 kg). The bike offers great stability despite of its small footprint. However, it’s designed for light exercising routines, not for heavy spinning. Therefore, it doesn’t offer a good posture for exercising while standing up.

This Sunny recumbent bike is ideal for small apartments since it’s rather small, and also foldable. There aren’t actually many models of recumbent bikes to choose from, when it comes to foldability. Most of them offer a lot of comfort, but at the cost of space. This Sunny model sacrifices a little bit of comfort, but does provide a rather low profile and small footprint.


The seat of this bike is rather different from your average recumbent bike seat. It’s actually a standard bike seat, finished with an adjustable back support, and lateral handlebars for laid back pedaling. It doesn’t supply the extreme comfort characteristic to most recumbent bikes, but it does supply just enough comfort for your exercising.

The seat is adjustable, enabling the bike to accommodate users between 4’11” (150 cm) and 6′ (183 cm). You can actually workout on this bike even if you are taller. However, in this case you won’t be able to benefit from a complete leg stretch. The distance between the lowest pedal to the floor and the seat in its lowest position is 31″ (79 cm).

The handlebar of this Sunny recumbent foldable bike is non-adjustable though. But its design offers the possibility of several workout postures. Just as the handlebars of the seat, the main handlebar of the bike is well-padded with rubber foam, for an ergonomic and firm grip.

The drive system is belt powered, which results in very little maintenance. The tension system issunny health & fitness sf-rb1117 resistance knob magnetic, rendering the use of this bike very smooth and quiet, and low maintenance. Tension is adjustable, and you’re able to choose between 8 tension levels. However, the highest tension level can result only into a medium intensity workout, as this bike is not made for spinning or heavy training.

The crank is pretty solid, also steel-made, featuring standard pedals, with toe straps for better foot stability.

Last but not least, the console of the Sunny SF-RB1117 recumbent bike is pretty basic, aspect reflected in the overall, inexpensive price of the bike. It tracks your time spent working out, distance traveled, speed and calories burned. It’s powered by 2 x AA batteries, which are included with the box.

Assemby and Maintenance

The assembly process of this Sunny bike is far from being difficult. Some of the parts, such as the drive and brake system, come pre-assebled, attached to the frame. The two main pieces of the frame are also attached together. All you need to attach is the frame’s bases, pedals, seat post, seat and back support, handlebars, and progress tracking console. The tools and user’s manual are supplied within the box. The whole assembly part shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes, even if you’re not a very techy person.

Maintenance does not require much. The internal parts of the machine come pre-lubricated, the drive system doesn’t really require any lubrication at all. Basically, all you need to do in terms of maintenance, is keep the machine clean, store it in a dry place (i.e. indoors not outside), and keepsunny health & fitness sf-rb1117 seat it dry, especially the console.


This exercise bike does not offer the extreme comfort you would expect from a recumbent bike. That’s because it’s actually a modified upright bike, in order to provide the possibility of working out in a recumbent position. Its comfort however, is superior to the comfort provided by an upright or spin bike. Along with that, the drive system is really easy on the joints, which makes this bike ideal for physiotherapy.

What’s Best About This Recumbent Bike

It’s a very inexpensive indoor exercise cycle. Despite its low price, it’s not a cheaply made bike. It’s sturdy, stable and durable, and with proper care it can last you many years, even if used every day.

Needless to say, one of the pluses of this bike, is foldability. There are very few other recumbent bikes that can be folded. Most of them also occupy a lot of space, they’re clunky and their relocation may be a problem. This Sunny Health & Fitness model is great for any user who does not benefit from the luxury of a lot of storage space.

It’s a very quiet bike, another plus for users that live in an apartment building. You can be sure you won’t disturb your neighbors, even if the walls are pretty thin. On top of that, it’s easy on the joints and muscles, great for elderly users, or users who require physiotherapy.

This bike does include a progress tracking console. Even though it’s pretty basic and simple, other bikes do not come with a unit of this sort. Along with the possibility to track your progress, this unit also serves as a great motivation factor.

It’s a bike pretty much maintenance free.


Seat does not offer the superior comfort typically to most recumbent bikes. However the whole design of the bike allows you to workout in upright, or slightly leaned forward positions as well. Also, the seat comfortability can be enhanced with an extra seat cushioning, such as Mongoose Gel seat, or Sheepskin Padded Bycicle Seat Cover.

The recumbent handlebars are rather close to the seat. Their positioning is just right for a slimmer user, but for a heavier user, they might be too tight.

Also, due to its folding design, mounting and dismounting may be problematic for someone whosunny health & fitness sf-rb1117 recumbent bike has sustained an injury, and requires rehab training.

Final Word

The Sunny SF-RB1117 is an excellent recumbent cycle for light and medium training routines. Even though it’s not designed for high intensity training, it can still help you burn up to 300 calories per training session. It’s a slim, sturdy, and durable cycle, great for keeping a healty cardiovascular system, and physiotherapy. Therefore, if you want a recumbent bike that’s easy to store, and for a price that won’t burn a hole in your bank account, Sunny SF-RB1117 is most definitely a model that you should consider.

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