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Schwinn 130 Upright Exercise Bike

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Schwinn 130
schwinn 130 exercise bike
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300 lbsEddy
22Frame: 10 years
Parts: 2 years
Electrical: 1 year
Labor: 90 days

When it comes to fitness equipment, Schwinn is a brand name synonym with high quality. This superlative quality is reflected in all their products, and the upright bikes do not make an exception from this rule.

The Schwinn 130 is the highest rated upright bike from this company at the moment. This model comes with quite an excellent price/quality ratio. It offers a wide array of features, and workout possibilities, great comfort, all in a sturdy and solid exercise bike.

But before learning about each and every detail and feature of this bike, there’s one important aspect that you should know. Schwinn actually offers two upright bikes with the 130 number, one from 2007 and one from 2013. Needless to say, the one from 2013 has much more to offer, and this is the particular model described in this review.

Specifications and Technical Details

  • Assembled dimensions: 41.3L x 21.4W x 55.6H inches (105L x 54W x 141H cm)schwinn 130 upright bike
  • Product weight: 58.4 lbs (26.5 kg)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Handlebar: Adjustable, with pulse sensors
  • Seat: Adjustable
  • Pedals: With straps
  • Brakes: Eddy current
  • Resistance: Adjustable, 20 levels
  • Progress tracking console: Yes, 22 workout programs
  • Bottle holder: Yes
  • Speakers: Incorporated in the console
  • Fan: 3-speed, incorporated in the console
  • Warranty: Frame 10 years / Mechanical 2 years / Electrical 1 year / Labor 90 days


The Schwinn 130 features a very solid, steel-made frame, designed to support users up to 300 lbs. It’s far from being a bulky exercise bike, and can easily be accommodated even into a smaller room. It has about half the weight of your average spinning bike, being rather easy to transport. It’s not a foldable bike, but due to it’s rather small footprint, it shouldn’t take too much of your storage space.

Both rear and front bases of the frame feature stabilizers, offering the possibility of a stable and secure ride, even on uneven flooring. The frontal base also includes transportation wheels, which make the relocation of the bike much easier.

The power cord for the console connects in front of the frame, just above the frontal leveling base. It plugs into a standard electrical outlet, on a 110V-120V circuit. The box includes a 120V 60Hz AC Input, 9VDC, 1.5A output AC power adapter.


This bike provides a really comfortable seat, wide enough to support even heavier users, withoutschwinn 130 saddle generating back pain or soreness. The seat is adjustable vertically, allowing a maximum user height of 6’5″ (195.5 cm) and a minimum user height of 4’10” (147 cm). The distance between the seat and the floor at its maximum setting, is roughly 41″ (104 cm), permitting a 38″ (96.5 cm) leg extension.


The main post of the handlebar is fixed, thus the handlebar does not allow vertical adjustment. However, the angle of the handlebar can be adjusted, offering the possibility of multiple workout postures. It’s padded with rubber foam for a good grip, even if your hands become sweaty. But the best part about the handlebar are the integrated pulse sensors, which connect to the main console. Thus, you won’t need to use an additional pulse / heart rate strap.

Drive and brake system

The Schwinn 130 features and eddy brake system. In other words, the drag force of the braking system is done via an electromagnetic field. This results in a very smooth and quiet workout. The bike features 20 levels of resistance, making a great exercise bike for beginners, and even advanced users.

The bike features a one-piece crank, with standard pedals enforced with toe straps. The flywheel is perimeter weighted, for high inertia, and high speed. The crank is very solid, supporting the full weight of a heavier user. However, this is not an indoor cycling bike and the design of the frame does not offer a good position for standing completely up while exercising.


Now, the progress tracking computer of this bike is not exactly your average, basic progress tracker. It’s quite a multifunctional unit, and there’s a lot it can do for you.

First of all, the resistance levels are controlled exclusively through the console. There are actually 10 buttons for quick resistance adjusting, if you want to quickly jump from 7 to 16, for example. schwinn 130 performance monitorThe unit displays and tracks time, RPM, distance traveled, current speed, calories burned, resistance level, pulse and heart rate zone, intensity meter, and goal achievement. It has two user profile functions, which are great for saving different exercise settings. These settings do not reset after unplugging the machine.

There’s a goal tracking function, which allows you to set up a desired goal in time, calories and distance. This function also shows the percent completed towards the set goal. The console offers 22 workout programs, including 9 profile programs which automatically adjust the resistance while you ride, 8 heart rate programs, 1 quick start program, 2 fitness test programs and 2 custom programs.

The console features a USB port, thereby you can save and export your workout data to Scwhinn Connect or to MyFitnessPal. These sites allow you to analyze your progress in different ways, track your progress and accomplishments weekly, and make each and every calorie lost matter.

The capabilities of this bike’s console don’t end here, though. It is also equipped with a pair of acoustic chamber speakers. These come with a standard earphones jack, which allows your device (phone, tablet, iPod, MP3 player etc), to play your music through the speakers. The sound rendered is actually pretty good and clear. They are most definitely not cheaply made speakers.

This device can take care of your cooling, as well. It comes equipped with a 3-speed fan, placed right in between the speakers, a great feature to have when working out during hot summer days.

Last but not least, a very simple, yet extremely useful feature of this console, is the tablet tray. This makes it possible to place your tablet on top of the console’s display, watch your favorite movie, or browse the internet, or catch up on your reading.

Assembly and Maintenance

This bike is pretty easy and straightforward to assemble. Its drive system is already assembled and secured. All you need to do is add the bases, pedals, posts, seat, handlebar and console, then adjust them for your desired workout routine. Assembly shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. The box includes a user’s manual and the tools required for the assembly part.

When it comes to maintenance, the Schwinn 130 is basically maintenance free. All you need to do is periodically check for loose components and retighten them in place, and remove dirt and dust, if it’s the case. Also, make sure to wipe any drops of water or sweat from the console. It’s not waterproof.


The Schwinn 130 is a very comfortable bike. Seat is wide enough to accommodate even heavier users, without causing any discomfort. Plus, since it’s a pretty standard seat, you can replace it with a wider one, if you think it’s the case. Or add a gel seat on top of it. Also, since the handlebar is angle adjustable, you can settle for an angle that offers you the most comfortable workout position.

Evidently, comfort is bolstered by several features offered by the bike’s console. Speakers, fan, tablet tray, are all there to make your ride as enjoyable as possible. Plus, this bike also includes a water holder, so you won’t have to interrupt your workout to have a drink, in case there isn’t anything nearby to hold your drink.


Well, almost everything about this bike is simply amazing. First of all, the bike comes with an unmatched price/quality ratio. In fact, this is the best, and most inclusive upright bike that you can have for the price.

The bike’s console is quite an advanced multifunctional unit. Not only it provides advanced possibilities to track your progress, setup goals, and select between quite an array of programs, it also includes speakers and fan.

Even though it’s not a spinning bike, it offers 20 tension levels, the highest ones providing quite an intense work out.

Handlebar is angle-adjustable, feature that not all upright bikes offer. Many come with a completely fixed handlebar.

Overall, the bike supplies a lot of comfort, does not occupy a lot of space, and it’s really quiet.


The console is rather big, and may obstruct the view of your TV, if you’re a shorter user, or if the TV is placed at a lower level.

Also, the crank arms are a bit narrow. Therefore, users with bigger feet may touch the frame when pedaling, if feet aren’t secured in place by the straps. This can indeed be an inconvenience. But schwinn 130the problem can be fixed by replacing the bike’s standard pedals with wider pedals, if it’s the case.

Final Conclusion

The Schwinn 130 is among the very few upright bike models that offer high-end quality, at a very affordable price. If you are looking for an upright bike, this is definitely a model to look at. It’s a peerless combination of comfort, durability, and sturdiness, a bike that offers a wide range of progress tracking and training possibilities, for users of all levels.

Unlike other upright bikes, which focus only on muscle toning, and help with a healthy cardiovascular system, this model can also offer higher intensity training, helping you lose weight. It can actually help you burn up to 6-700 calories per session. All in all, it’s an amazing stationary bike, an investment you won’t regret.

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