Sunny Health & Fitness SF-E2310 Flywheel Elliptical Trainer

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Sunny SF-E2310
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300 lbsFrictionBasicFrame: 1 year
Parts: 90 days

If you’re looking for an affordable but solid elliptical trainer, the Sunny SF-E2310 should meet these requirements well, so it should definitely be on your lookout list. It’s a pretty basic exercising machine, without too many bells and whistles, which focuses on supplying a consistent, full-body workout. Compared with other elliptical machines, this Sunny Health & Fitness model has a smaller footprint. Along with that, this fitness machine does have plenty of other features to offer, and this post should cover just about all of the aspects that you need to know about it.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 40L x 22W x 64H inches (101.6L x 56W x 162.5H cm)
  • Product weight: 122 lbs (55.3 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 44 lbs (20 kg)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Stride: 12 inches (31 cm)
  • Incline: No
  • Footplates: Fixed, with anti-slip design
  • Handlebars: Mobile only
  • Resistance system: Direct-contact, leather pad
  • Console: Basic
  • Warranty: Frame 1 year, Parts 90 days


The frame on the Sunny SF-E2310 elliptical trainer is pretty similar to the indoor cycling bikes offered by Sunny Health & Fitness, such as the Sunny Pro SF-B901. It’s a one-piece frame, with sunny sf-e2310 elliptical footplatesmost of its joints welded rather than connected via bolts and screws. It’s almost completely made of heavy steel, overall being quite a heavy machine, with a weight of 122 lbs (55.3 kg). This weight supplies a lot of stability. You can be sure that this elliptical won’t rattle or wobble even if you engage in a more demanding workout. All of its tubing is powder coated with anti-corrosive paint, for a long-lasting finish.

The frame has only two bases, each base being equipped with adjustable levelers, with rubber caps. The front base also features two silicone transport wheels, which facilitate the relocation of the assembled machine. As we’ve mentioned above, this elliptical machine has a pretty small footprint compared with other fitness machines of this type, such as the SOLE Fitness E95, or Schwinn 430. It should take no more than 40″L x 22″W (101.6L x 56W cm) of floor space. Its height though, given by its mobile arms, is pretty similar to other ellipticals.

This Sunny elliptical does not supply fixed handlebars like most other more expensive machines of this sort. Also, the mobile bars have a simple design. They’re long enough though to provide you with the grip and posture that suits you more comfortable. Evidently, they handgrips are covered with rubber foam material to prevent the hand from blistering.

The footplates of this elliptical trainer offer a simple design, with no articulation. However, they’re pretty spacious, being able to accommodate feet of all sizes. They’re made of hard plastic, and feature an anti-slip finish, to offer superior stability.

Drive and resistance systems

Both drive and resistance systems of this Sunny elliptical model are pretty similar to the Sunny sunny sf-e2310 resistance padindoor cycling bikes. First of all, it has a chain-drive mechanism, involving a heavy, 44 lbs (20 kg), perimeter weighted flywheel, which supplies a smooth motion, and a consistent workout. The crank system features two thick, solid steel crank arms, with an 8″ (20.3 cm) Q-factor (distance between pedals), to prevent any extra stress on your hips during your workouts. In other words, even for shorter users, the gap between the crank arms/footplates should be just about right.

The Sunny SF-E2310 doesn’t have an extremely long stride. It’s only 12″ (31 cm), thus, taller users may feel their range of motion restricted a bit. But on the other hand, the large pedals allow you to place your feet in several ways, so you can add some diversity to your workouts.

The resistance system of this elliptical is simple. It consists of an up-to-down leather pad, which comes in contact with the flywheel. The resistance is adjustable, via the resistance knob situated at the top of the frame main bar. The resistance knob also acts as an emergency brake. In other words, in case you need to quickly stop the flywheel, you simply push the knob down.


sunny sf-e2310 consoleThe performance tracking console on this exercising machine is a pretty basic one, but nonetheless, it will allow you to keep an eye on your progress, during each training session. It indicates several values, such as speed, time, distance and calories burned. It also has an odometer function, which indicates the total distance traveled.

The console only has only one button and a scan function which will cycle through the mentioned values, showing each one for several seconds. It’s battery powered, requiring 2 AA size batteries. Batteries are included.

Assembly and Maintenance

The whole assembly process shouldn’t take more than 30-45 min, since an important part of the frame is actually one piece, and several parts are already attached. For the assembly you need to remove the transport bases and add the elliptical’s bases, then the arms, pedals, and console. All the tools required for the assembly and the user’s manual are included in the box. Also, since the whole machine is rather heavy, it’s best to place it on a mat, to prevent any damage to your floor or carpet. Also, since the chain requires lubrication, a mat will also prevent any possible lubricant drops to stain your carpet of flooring.

Since the Sunny SF-E2310 is a chain-driven machine, maintenance does require the lubrication of the chain from time to time. The same goes for the joints if they begin to squeak. In fact, it’s a good idea to apply some lubricant on the joints, during the assembly process.

The brake pad may require lubrication as well, in case is squeaks as it rubs on the flywheel. For that, a bit of silicone spray on the flywheel should do the trick.


  • Solid, heavy-duty frame, with most of its joints, welded not attached via bolts.
  • Bases with adjustable levelers.
  • Chain drive with two-way striding capability. In other words, you can pedal in reverse with the same resistance.
  • Extra-heavy flywheel for a consistent momentum, smooth pedaling motion, and a demanding workout.
  • Performance monitor included.
  • Spacious footplates with the anti-slip design.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Quiet machine, suitable for apartment use. You can be sure it won’t disturb the neighbors.
  • Pretty low maintenance.

Minusessunny health and fitness elliptical trainer sf-e2310

  • Lack of fixed bars.
  • Fixed footplates, without articulation.
  • No pulse sensors (some users might require to monitor their heart rate). But you can always use a separate pulse tracking device.


Even though it’s far from being the most complete elliptical exercising machine, the Sunny SF-E2310 does offer the optimal training setting that most other ellipticals offer. It does not have fancy features like the sound system, goal tracking, or online connectivity, but it most definitely supplies the possibility of a full-body workout, with a reduced impact on the joints. It’s an excellent fitness machine for muscle toning, cardio, and even weight loss, due to its heavy flywheel and the possibility to add a lot of resistance to it. On top of that, it’s not an item that will break the bank.

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  1. Hi, love the review it’s really informative and has convinced me to buy this product. My only concern is that you state the stride to be 23 and the Sunny Health and Fitness website says it’s only 12. I really need it to be 23. Do you think it is a type-o on their page? They don’t seem to want to answer my inquiry. Again, great review and I hope the mistake is on their end.

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