Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II Rower & Recumbent Bike

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Stamina 15-9003
stamina deluxe ii recumbent rower - 15-9003
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250 lbs106 lbsMagneticFrame: 3 years
Parts: 90 days

The Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II is actually a multi-function machine. Not only that you can use it as a rower and a recumbent bike, performing other exercises on it is also possible. For example, you can do upright rows, kickbacks and leg presses. It’s a versatile fitness machine, perfect for home use, and even though it has been around for a few years, it continues to benefit from excellent reviews from most users.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 75.5L x 20W x 27H inches (192L x 51W x 68.5H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 106 lbs (48 kg)
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs (113.3 kg)
  • Frame: Steel and aluminum
  • Footrests: Pivoting, with straps
  • Pedals: Weighted, with straps
  • Resistance type: Magnetic, 8 levels
  • Exercise meter: Time, speed, calories, pulse, RPM, distance, SCAN, goal functions
  • Warranty: Frame 3 years / Parts 90 days

Frame and parts

The frame construction of the Stamina 15-9003 features a similar construction to various other rowers, such as the Sunny SF-RW5508 or LifeSpan RW1000. It combines steel and aluminum elements. The rowing beam is made of extruded aluminum, while the front stamina 15-9003 - rower and recumbent bike - folded framepart of the frame which sustains the resistance and drive mechanisms, as well as the rear stabilizer, are made of steel. Overall, the machine features a rather heavy construction. When fully assembled, it weighs 106 lbs (48 kg). However, its front base integrates two small wheels which facilitate its handling and relocation.

The frame’s base tubes don’t have adjustable stabilizers. However, the frame is also equipped with a set of footplates, placed at its midsection, for exercises such as stand-up biceps curls or upright rows. These footplates considerably increasing its stability.

Just as any other rowing machine with magnetic resistance, this Stamina model isn’t exactly small. Its footprint is 75.5″L x 20″W (192 x 51 cm) taking quite a bit of space. However, the frame has a folding design. The rowing beam can be folded and locked in upright position, and this way the machine’s length is reduced to 35.5″ (90 cm).

The rowing beam is long enough to accommodate users up to 6’5″ (195.5 cm). It’s also solid enough to support users up to 250 lbs (113.3 kg). It features 15 adjustment holes at the rear and 15 at the front, for locking the seat into position, in case you want to use the machine as a recumbent bike.

The Stamina Conversion II is equipped with an ergonomic seat, with a large backrest. The backrest is fixed, attached to the frame of the seat, and cannot be adjusted. It’s set at an angle of approx. 60° and should not impact your rowing form in any way. On the other hand, it provides a very comfortable position for pedaling.

The seat itself is fairly large, approx. 16″ (40.5 cm) wide. It doesn’t have air cell cushioning such as the IRONMAN Fitness H-Class 410 recumbent bike, for example. However, it does have a thin layer of padding, providing optimal comfort for rowing and pedaling. The seat assembly glides on a set of four wheels, which integrate sealed ball bearings for a long lifespan, and for smooth operation. Its front part features a steel wire hook to which you can attach the pulling handle, in order to perform leg press exercises. Performing leg presses on this machine is a bit awkward, though, due to the positioning of the footrests. Also, the machine doesn’t provide a consistent amount of resistance that most users would want during leg pressing.

The seat assembly includes a set of handlebars, with rubber foam grips, and stainless steel pulse sensors. These sensors are the only means for the console to track your pulse. The unit is not telemetric. Thus, you won’t be able to track your pulse constantly during standard rowing exercises.

stamina-15-9003 rower and recumbent bike

The Stamina 15-9003 is equipped with a set of large footrests, with heel guards and adjustable straps. They also have a pivoting design, giving you the possibility to find the most comfortable positioning of the feet by adjusting their angle. Conversely, the recumbent section of the machine is equipped with a set of weighted pedals, with adjustable straps. The Q Factor to these pedals is a bit large, though, the spacing between them being approx. 10″ (254 mm).

Last but not least, the machine’s pulling handle consists of a simple, straight bar, with rubber foam grips, for optimal comfort.

Resistance and drive

The Stamina Deluxe Conversion II is a manual magnetic rowing machine / recumbent bike hybrid. It doesn’t require to be connected to a power source. Its resistance system consists of a magnetic flywheel and a magnetic element connected to the resistance knobstamina-15-9003 - magnetic resistance through a steel wire. When you turn the knob clockwise, the magnetic element will increase drag onto the flywheel creating more resistance.

The machine offers 8 levels of resistance. The first ones deliver light workouts, while the top 7-8 resistance settings can be interpreted as medium intensity. In other words, this may not be a machine for professional athletes. But on the other hand, it’s perfect for beginners and intermediate users.

The machine’s drive system uses a heavy-duty belt for transmission and a strap wheel with a bungee cord for the rowing mechanism. The flywheel is perimeter weighted, delivering a smooth and steady motion. Also, since it’s a magnetic rower/bike, the drive system is almost silent. During rowing, you will only hear the soft sound of the seat gliding onto the rail.

Exercise meter

The meter unit supplied with this Stamina fitness machine offers quite a bit more than the average basic unit. It uses 2 AA batteries (which are not included). It can track time, speed, distance, calories, RPM, and pulse. It has a SCAN function which rotates these stamina-15-9003 - consolevalues, keeping each one on-screen for 6 seconds. Speed and distance are calculated in MPH and miles only. Pulse, as we’ve mentioned above, can only be tracked via the integrated sensors into the seat handlebars; the meter unit is not telemetric, so it cannot read pulse through wireless HR chest strap transmitters.

The console unit offers the possibility to set up goals for time, distance, pulse, and calories. However, since it doesn’t offer the possibility to input user data such as age, weight, height or gender, the calories count is only an estimate, not 100% accurate.

The meter unit is easy to operate. It has 5 keys. The Mode key selects a certain value to be displayed on screen or toggle the SCAN function. Reset, needless to say, resets all the values to zero. The Up / Down arrows are used to increase or decrease the target value for time, calories, distance or pulse. And finally, Enter is used for entering setting mode and confirming the target values.

Assembly and Maintenance

The drive and resistance elements of the Stamina 15-9003 recumbent bike/rower come pre-assembled from the factory and enclosed by their protective plastic shrouds. Therefore, the assembly of the machine basically requires you to add the base stabilizers, the rail, the pedals and footrests, and the seat. This shouldn’t take longer than one hour. The manual provided includes all the necessary assembly instructions. The box also contains all the tools required for assembly.

The internal parts don’t require any maintenance. The only maintenance required for this machine is the periodic cleaning of the rail and the periodic inspection for loose bolts and parts.

The Pros

  • Sturdy construction, able to support users up to 250 lbs;
  • Folding, space saving design;
  • Versatile machine, offering the possibility to perform triceps kickbacks, biceps curls, upright rows, forearm curls and other exercises, along with aerobic rowing and pedaling;
  • Transport wheels integrated into the front base;
  • Extremely quiet and smooth magnetic resistance system;
  • 8 levels of resistance, for light to medium workouts;
  • Contoured, wide and foam-padded seat supplying excellent comfort;
  • Long gliding beam, which can accommodate users up to 6’5″;
  • Anti-slip, pivoting footrests, with adjustable straps, for maximum foot stability;
  • Weighted pedals with adjustable straps; stamina-15-9003 rower and recumbent bike
  • Pulse sensors integrated into the handlebars;
  • Exercise meter included. The unit that can track time, speed, distance, RPMs, calories and pulse;
  • Goal setting function for time, distance, calories, and pulse;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Little maintenance required.

The Cons

  • Meter unit is not telemetric, and can only read pulse via the grip sensors.
  • Meter display does not have backlight, so it may be difficult to read in a room with low lighting.


The Stamina 15-9003 Deluxe Conversion II is a recumbent bike/rowing machine hybrid, which also offers the possibility to perform other exercises, such as triceps kickbacks, forearm curls, biceps curls, leg presses or upright rows. It’s equipped with a manual magnetic resistance system with 8 distinctive resistance levels. It features a sturdy construction and also includes a programmable fitness meter. It’s an excellent machine for various types of training, including light to medium cardio, intervals, building stamina, tone muscles and lose weight. And finally, it’s not exactly an affordable machine, but considering its versatility, comfort factors and sturdiness, we can safely say that it comes for a decent price/value ratio.

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