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IRONMAN H-Class 410 Smart Technology Recumbent Bike

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Ironman H-Class 410
ironman h-class 410 - recumbent bike
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300 lbsAutomatic
24 levels
12 pre-set,
4 custom,
3 HRC,
Frame: lifetime
Wear parts: 1 year
Electronics: 1 year
Other parts: 3 years
Labor: 3 years

The IRONMAN H-Class 410 recumbent bike is a lighter model than the X-Class 410, featuring a less inclusive console. In other words, it doesn’t integrate a fan, or sound system. It’s an exercise bike model designed for residential use, but nonetheless, its construction, range of features and overall quality, are pretty close to a light commercial model.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 60L x 26.5W x 42H inches (152.4L x 67.3W x 106.6H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 101 lbs (45.8 kg)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Handlebars: Fixed, with pulse sensors
  • Seat: “Air Soft” cushioned, Adjustable
  • Pedals: With adjustable straps
  • Resistance: Current-assisted magnetic, 24 levels
  • Fitness computer: 12 preset workout programs, heart rate control, 4 custom user profiles, Bluetooth enabled, compatible with IRONSTRONG Fitness Pro Apps
  • Amenities: Bottle holder, reading rack, waterproof PVC mat
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Wear parts 1 year / Electronics 1 year / Other parts 3 years / Labor 3 years

Fitness computer

The console or fitness computer supplied with the IRONMAN H-Class 410 recumbent bike, is a mid range one. As we’ve mentioned above, it does not integrate amenities such as sound system or cooling fan, but does have a decent array of workout programs. Differently put, it has 12 preloaded workouts, 3 options for Heart Rate Control (55%, 75%, and 90%), and a ironman h-class 410 - fitness computerCustom program with 4 user profiles, giving you the possibility to create, save and reuse up to 4 custom programs. On top of that, the bike’s control unit is Bluetooth enabled and works with the free IRONSTRONG Fitness Pro app, allowing you to save and track your progress online, being compatible with iOS and Android devices.

The unit’s display features blue LED backlight, improving readability. It covers several important workout statistics, including: time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, RPM, and watts. The console itself is easy to operate, with only 5 buttons which cover all of its functions. The up/down arrow keys allow you to adjust the resistance, navigate through the selection of programs, and create the workout segments for custom programs. The ENTER key is for selection, the STOP / PAUSE key gives you the possibility to put your workout on hold while you take a break, while the RESET button is obviously for resetting all the current values to zero. The bike’s computer is powered on when the adapter cable is plugged in, when it detects movement on the pedals, or when you press a button. After 4 minutes of inactivity on the pedals, it will enter sleep mode, until your next workout session.

The console integrates a reading rack or tablet holder, featuring several rubberized stabilizers for it. It can accommodate just about any tablet. Also, as we’ve mentioned above, it doesn’t have a sound system, but does integrate a small speaker, for various “beep” alarms related to the various functions.

Resistance and drive systems

This IRONMAN Fitness exercise bike features a current assisted magnetic resistance system. Therefore, it requires to be connected to a power circuit, the adapter being included. The bike’s resistance system consists of a magnetic brake pad, connected to a small servo motor which communicates with the bike’s console. By adjusting resistance from the computer’s ironman h-class 410 - pedalsbuttons, the magnetic element changes its position in relation to the flywheel, adjusting the drag and the overall resistance. Evidently, if you use one of the on-board workouts, or a custom workout, the resistance will adjust automatically.

The bike offers 24 levels of resistance, basically covering all range of users. The lowest resistance levels are great for elderly users, or for users who require recovery training. Conversely, the top resistance levels can offer quite an intense workout, being excellent for interval, strength, stamina and weight loss training.

When it comes to the bike’s drive system, the first aspect to be mentioned is that it features a belt transmission. This means that the bike’s operation is extremely smooth, and almost silent. Also, the belt does not require lubrication or any maintenance as a chain would. The flywheel is perimeter-weighted, offering a consistent momentum, and maximum stability. The crankset is a 3-piece part, featuring solid steel crank arms, finished with weighted pedals, with adjustable straps.

Last but not least, the bike features a pretty narrow Q-factor, and due to this fact the lateral impact on your knees during pedaling is considerably diminished.

Frame, seat and handlebars

The IRONMAN Fitness H-Class 410 recumbent exercise bike features an extremely sturdy frame. It’s also quite a heavy frame, the bike’s assembled weight being 101 lbs (46 kg). This weight considerably adds to the bike’s overall stability. Differently put, the bike won’t wobble or feel shaky even if you engage in a high-intensity workout. ironman h-class 410 - frame

However, the elements that contribute to the overall stability of the machine do not end here. Along with the frame compactness and weight, this bike features a slightly different construction in its stabilizing bases. Both front and rear bases have large, adjustable levelers, with rubber caps, to maximize the grip on the floor. And on top of that, the bike comes with a PVC waterproof mat that not only maximizes the machine’s stability, it also protects your floors from any damage.

The front base also integrates a set of silicone wheels, while the rear base features a grip handle, in order to facilitate the bike’s transport or handling if you relocate it for storage once you’ve finished your workout. The frame is not foldable though, and has quite a large footprint like most recumbent exercise bikes, taking 60″L x 26.5″W (152.4 x 67.3 cm) of floor space.

The seat equipped on the IRONMAN H-Class 410 simply excels in ergonomic elements. To begin with, its base construction combines a thick layer of foam cushioning, with a layer of individual air chambers. This promotes the dispersion of the user’s weight on the seat’s surface, maximizing comfort. The seat is also quite welcoming, with a depth of approx. 13.5″ (34 cm), and width of 17″ (43 cm).

The seat assembly is attached to a rail-type adjustment system, with a quick-adjustmentironman h-class 410 - cushioned seat lock. At the farthest point from the pedals, its height from the ground is approx. 33.2″ (84 cm), while at the closest point to the pedals, its height is 24.7″ (cca 63 cm). The bike can accommodate users between 5′ and 6’4″ (152.4 – 193 cm). It also offers quite a decent maximum weight capacity, being able to support users up to 300 lbs (136 kg).

The recumbent handlebars are attached to the seat assembly, and move along with it as you adjust its position onto the rail. They integrate pulse sensors, and are covered by a sheet of rubber foam material, to provide a comfortable grip. The front handlebars are also fixed, with a multi-grip design, placed at an optimal distance and height in relation to the seat. Thus, if you opt to exercise while holding onto the front handlebars, your posture will be less awkward than for other models.

Assembly and Maintenance

Although the bike’s assembly may take up to 1-1.5 hours, it’s not a very complicated process. The manual included, supplies very comprehensive, step-by-step assembly instructions and the tools required are also included. On top of that, the most problematic parts of the bike (flywheel, motor, magnetic element, pulley, belt etc) are already assembled and attached to the frame. All you need to do in terms of assembly is connecting the bases to the frame, the seat, backrest, pedals, console post, handlebars and finally the console (also connecting the wired).

Assembly does not require much. All you have to do for this matter is remove any perspiration that might fall onto the frame or console, and periodically check the bike’s joints, to make sure they still hold tight in their places.

The Pros

  • Sturdy construction;
  • Elegant, step-through design;
  • High user capacity (300 lbs);
  • Superior cushioning on the seat, and durable upholstery;
  • Lumbar cushioning on backrest;
  • Adjustable seat;
  • Automatic, magnetic resistance, with 24 available settings, for users of all levels;
  • 12 preset programs, 3 HRC settings, and 4 custom user profiles;
  • Bluetooth enabled, compatible with the free IRONSTRONG Fitness Pro app;
  • Handlebars with pulse sensors;
  • Media holder / reading rack included;
  • Bottle holder;
  • Bonus accessory – water resistant PVC mat;
  • Quiet and smooth drive;
  • Basically maintenance free;
  • Consistent warranty plan.

The Cons

  • A tablet or magazine placed on the support rack will cover the fitness computer display, which may be an inconvenience; ironman h-class 410 - recumbent exercise bike
  • Console is not telemetry enabled; cannot read pulse via an HR transmitter.


The IRONMAN Fitness H-Class 410 is a recumbent bike pretty close to light commercial quality, similar in construction and fitness apps with the SOLE R92. It’s equipped with a magnetic, current assisted resistance system, a smooth and quiet drive, and superior comfort factors. It’s a bike for users of all levels, great for bolstering and maintaining your cardiovascular shape, building stamina and strength, interval training, and also for recovery training. It offers 12 preset workouts, but also gives you the possibility to create your own practice trails. The console is also Bluetooth enabled, compatible with the free IRONSTRONG app, which gives you the possibility to track your progress online. It’s currently available for less than $600, thus the overall value that it offers definitely matches its price.

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