RUNOW 6310CB Non-Electric Treadmill

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The RUNOW 6310CB is one of the treadmills released in 2021. It is a non-motorized “manual” treadmill equipped with a crawler belt. In terms of features, it is similar to the Assault Fitness AirRunner. However, it comes with a larger handlebar set and also has a resistance adjustment system. The fitness monitor included with the treadmill does not have Bluetooth connectivity, though.

Key Features and Specification

  • Assembled dimensions: 67L x 32W x 62H inches (170 x 81 x 157 cm)
  • Belt dimensions: 63L x 17W (160 x 43 cm)
  • Assembled weight: 287 lbs (130 kg)
  • User weight limit: 330 lbs (150 kg)
  • Incline: N/A
  • Motor: N/A
  • Resistance: Adjustable, 4 levels
  • Performance monitor: 3 interval programs, 3 target programs
  • Warranty: 2 years

Frame construction

The RUNOW 6310CB features heavy-duty construction with a solid frame made of thick and wide steel tubing. It definitely has the sturdiness of a commercial treadmill, meant to be used and abused 24/7. All the steel parts in its construction are double-coated with a corrosion-resistant paint finish. The color used is black with the “RUNOW” logo painted white on the upright bars.

Of course, the machine incorporates several non-metallic parts. The most notable ones are the side covers and the casing of the fitness monitor. The tops sections of the side covers also have a sheet of textured rubber on top, for improved foot stability.

This RUNOW treadmill is quite heavy. Its net weight is 287 lbs (130 kg). Therefore, the packaged unit requires at least two people for transport. The machine’s assembly should also be done by two people. However, once it is assembled, it can be moved by only one person. Its front base is equipped with a set of transport wheels while its rear base features a lifting handle.

Due to its impressive weight, this treadmill provides superior stability. As long as you don’t exceed the maximum specified weight limit, it doesn’t matter how fast you run or what running technique you employ. The machine won’t budge. Plus, it has solid adjustable levelers at the front and rear, featuring large rubberized pads.

The machine is fairly large as well. With all the parts assembled, it is 67″ (170 cm) long, and 32″ (81 cm) wide. Its highest point is 62″ (157 cm) above the floor. It is recommended, though, to allow at least two feet of clearance on each side of the treadmill, and at least three feet at the rear of the deck, for ease of access and safe usage.

Last but not least, this treadmill features a set of large hand-rails with multiple grip possibilities. They’re made of cylindrical tubing with the grips at the front curved up for pushing exercises. The fitness monitor has its own bar which can also be used as a support bar.

Deck construction

As we’ve mentioned above, the RUNOW 6310CB is equipped with a crawler belt composed of multiple segments. It passes over a set of wheels integrated on each side of the running deck. Each belt segment is multi-layered, with a textured top layer designed for a superior grip and improved shock absorption.

The machine’s deck does not integrate a cushioning system like most motorized treadmills, such as the OMA Fitness 5925CAI, or the Schwinn 810, for example. However, due to the curved design, and the slightly higher front section, the drop of each footstrike is minimal. This reduces the impact on your joints and back by up to 80%. It also provides a natural and more comfortable motion than a treadmill with a standard flat running surface.

The treadmill offers a pretty wide running surface. Its belt is approx. 63″ (160 cm) long, and 17″ (43) wide. This being said, it should be able to accommodate users up to 6’5″ (196 cm) with no problem, allowing a complete range of motion. Also, the deck has a super sturdy construction. It is rated for a maximum user weight limit of 330 lbs (150 kg).

The machine’s walking platform stands pretty high above the floor level. Its front section is at approx. 20″ (51 cm) above the floor, while the mid-section is at approx. 18″ (45 cm). Therefore, it is recommended to use this treadmill in a room with a ceiling that is at least 30″ (76 cm) taller than your own height.

Resistance system

The RUNOW 6310CB is not a motorized treadmill. It is exclusively manpower-driven. It does not require a power cord or an external power source. However, it is equipped with a manual adjustment resistance system, which is similar up to a point, to the ones in exercise bikes. This is quite a plus, as other crawler belt treadmills like this do not have any resistance system at all, and you can only workout with the default (light difficulty) belt resistance.

The machine’s internal mechanism integrates a braking system that connects to the lever on the right handrail via a steel cable. During the assembly, the cable section connected to the lever needs to be joined with the cable section of the machine.

The unit’s resistance system has four adjustment levels (or four gears). On the lowest level, the resistance is pretty light; the belt moves pretty smoothly with each step. Conversely, on the fourth resistance setting, the belt offers a pretty high difficulty level. Users have described it as pushing a car, or a heavily loaded trolley.

Fitness monitor

The RUNOW 6310CB treadmill is equipped with a fairly decent fitness monitor. To begin with, it features a 5-inch LCD display divided into several sub-sections so that you can view multiple workout metrics at once. It tracks time, speed, distance, watts, calories, and pace. Speed and distance can be set either to imperial or metric units. The display also has a pulse section, but the machine does not have any grip pulse sensors. So, it is not certain if it can read your pulse from a wireless transmitter or not. It may not have an internal pulse receiver.

The monitor unit offers two pre-set interval programs and one custom interval program. The interval programs are set for the standard HIIT intervals of 20/10 (20 seconds work, 10 seconds rest) and 10/20 (10 seconds work, 20 seconds rest). Each one of these two programs has 8 intervals. The custom interval program works in the same way but it allows you to set your own work and rest intervals.

The monitor unit also has three target functions. Each one of them has its own button on the left side of the display. You can select a workout target for time, distance, and calories. If a target is selected, the unit will count down from the selected value until it reaches zero.

The monitor unit is battery-powered. It requires two AA batteries which are included. It starts up when you press the Start button or when you begin running on the machine. It automatically turns off if it does not detect any activity on the machine for more than a few minutes. It also integrates a small shelf on which you can store your phone or tablet.

Assembly and Maintenance

The unit’s base comes pre-assembled. You only need to attach the two side upright bars, their bottom covers, the handrails, the monitor bar, and monitor unit. This shouldn’t take more than 30-40 minutes. All the necessary tools for the task are included and the manual provides very clear step-by-step instructions.

For maintenance, it is recommended to keep the machine clean, especially the belt, to prevent any textile fiber or debris to damage the inner wheels. The inner bearings are pre-lubricated from the factory and they shouldn’t need additional lubrication for a long period of time. However, if the belt begins making noises, lubrication with silicone oil may be necessary.

The Pros

  • Heavy-duty construction – can support users up to 330 lbs;
  • Superior stability – large adjustable levelers included;
  • Transport wheels on the front base;
  • Lifting handle on the rear base;
  • Multi-grip, long handrails;
  • Energy-saving, environment-friendly fitness machine;
  • Durable crawler belt;
  • Curved running surface for a natural motion and reduced running impact;
  • Four-level resistance adjustment system;
  • Multi-function fitness monitor – it tracks time, distance, pace, speed, calories, pulse, and watts;
  • Target settings for time, distance, and calories;
  • Pre-set interval programs for 20/10 and 10/20;
  • Custom interval programs;
  • Device holder integrated into the console;
  • Batteries for the console are included;
  • Little assembly required;
  • All the assembly tools are included;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Excellent warranty and customer support.

The Cons

  • No backlight on the fitness monitor;
  • No pulse sensors;
  • No online connectivity.


The RUNOW 6301CB is a commercial-grade manpower-driven treadmill. It is equipped with a heavy-duty curved crawler belt system, a 4-level resistance system, and a fitness monitor that tracks the most important workout metrics. It is rated for a maximum user weight limit of 330 lbs. It’s a great machine for users of all levels, for high-intensity cardio training, HIIT training, muscle toning, weight loss, stamina, and strength development.

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