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ProForm Power 995i Treadmill PFTL99715

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ProForm 995i
Check Discounted Price
350 lbs3 CHP,
1-12 MPH
iFit enabled
Motor: lifetime
Frame: lifetime
Parts: 3 years
Labor: 1 year

Among other exercising machines, ProForm provides quite an array of gym-quality treadmills. Even though most of their models don’t come exactly cheap, the quality in each one of the is superlative.

The ProForm Power 995i is currently one of the best rated treadmills from this manufacturer, mainly because due to its unbeatable price/quality/capability ratio. It’s a treadmill that offers the running setting for users of all levels, from beginners to pro athletes. It’s a treadmill which can withstand heavier users than your average treadmill, and also a machine with almost all the features that a runner would expect from a treadmill.

Before we proceed with the presentation of the multiple features and functions offered by this machine, there’s one main aspect to be clarified. This is the newest (2016) 995i model, the one with the part number PFTL99715.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 81L x 37W x 59H inches (208L x 94W x 150H cm)
  • Tread belt dimensions: 60L x 20W inches (152L x 51W cm)
  • Product weight: 224 lbs (101.6 kg)
  • Supported weight: 350 lbs (159 kg)
  • Motor: 3.0 CHP
  • Incline: Automatic, 0%-15%
  • Deck cushioning: Yes
  • Speed levels: 1-12 MPH.
  • Training programs: 30
  • Pulse sensors: Yes
  • Multifunctional console: Yes
  • Amenities: Sound system, cooling fan, accessory holders, iFit ready
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Motor lifetime / Parts 3 years / Labor 1 year

Deck and running surface

First of all, this treadmill is equipped with a very solid deck, designed to support all the stomping, even if the machine is used by someone weighing up to 350 lbs. The deck is cushioned, featuring proform treadmill 995i proshox cushioningthe ProShox™ cushioning system, which reduces a lot of impact on your joints during every running session, also cutting down the recovery time between workouts, and facilitating longer, more effective workouts. To put it differently, a run on this treadmill is much more gentle than on a concrete or asphalt surface, crowned by all the comfort a treadmill should offer.

The tread belt provides enough running surface for users of all heights, up to 6’6″-6’7″ (198 – 200 cm). A user this tall shouldn’t have any difficulty using this machine, as 60″ (152 cm) should offer enough space for a maximum stride, while 20″ (51 cm) in width should provide enough arm space, for walking, jogging or running.

Although the belts is 1-ply only, it’s a commercial-grade, extra-strong, and no-stretch belt. Each belt it’s actually tested for one million cycles at double the user weight, before being released. The rollers powering the tread belt, are 2.5-inch precision machined, and with a non-flex design, meant to minimize tension, and to reduce wear and tear. Since the rollers supply an excellent grip to the belt, the noise of the belt set in motion is reduced.


The 995i ProForm treadmill features an industrial-standard 3 CHP motor, designed for heavy use, with a superlative continuous duty power, able to last without heating or slowing down even through the toughest, long-run workouts. It has a dynamically spin-balanced assembly, built with top-quality components, a motor to last a lifetime. That’s exactly why the warranty for this particular part of this treadmill is supplied for a lifetime.

The motion generated by the motor is smooth, balanced, with a powerful feel. It supplies speeds up to 12 MPH, just the maximum speed a professional long-run athlete needs. It’s also quiet, the level of noise emitted shouldn’t interfere with your TV, the music played through the console, or your personal sound system. Most of the sound that you will hear during your running, is the sound of your cadence.

Incline mechanism

This treadmill offers 15 levels of incline. The incline is automatic, and you can either manually adjust it from the console, or choose a preset program that will alternate between various levels of incline. Evidently, this adds plenty of versatility to this particular exercising machine. Incline training adds intensity to your workouts, promoting a superior calorie burn, leg workout and cardio.

In case you’re wondering, at 0% incline, the treadmill’s deck has a 10″ (25.4 cm) elevation from the ground. On the highest incline setting, the highest part of the deck from the floor has an elevation of roughly 16″ (40 cm).proform 995i pftl99715 - folded frame


The frame is mostly made of steel, but several parts are made of hard plastic. The overall machine has a very solid build, you can be sure it won’t move around while you run. The treadmill isn’t exactly a small one, with a 36″ (91.5 cm) W x 81″ (208 cm) L, also requiring at least two feet clearance at the rear, and at least one foot on each side, evidently for safety reasons.

The deck is foldable upwards, sustained by a hydraulic, soft-drop system. Therefore, in case space is an issue foldability may help, offering extra space length-wise, when you don’t need to use it.The front part of the frame features small wheels, for easy handling and relocation. Once assembled, the treadmill is meant to be moved while folded up.

Console, dashboard and other amenities

First of all, the dashboard of the ProForm Power 995i treadmill is pretty wide. It has molded accessory / bottle holders on each side. It also has an integrated tablet holder, therefore you can keep your tablet at hand during your workout, to either watch your favorite streams, proform 995i pftl99715 - new consolebrowse the web or quickly access iFit.

There are two other amenities incorporated within the treadmill’s dashboard. One of them is the sound system consisting in two 2-inch speakers, and an iPod, MP3 player or smart device port with your music. Another one is the 2-speed workout fan, great to have for prolonged workouts.

The handrails of the machine are made of solid plastic, and directly connected to the dashboard. They are interconnected by a curved bar, which incorporates pulse sensors, enabling the console unit to indicate your heart rate. This bar also features quick keys for speed, incline, pause and start, along with the treadmill’s safety key.

The performance monitor supplied with the ProForm 995i treadmill is quite an advanced one. First of all, it features a 7-inch diagonal display, with backlight to make its readability clear even if you exercise in a darker room. It indicates various values such as selected speed and incline, calories burned, time elapsed, distance per session and cumulative, and heart rate. It features various other functions such as goal setting for calories, time and distance. It also has a race track function which shows a track representing 1/4 mile (400 m), counting the laps that you have completed. Apart from these, the console has 30 built-in workout programs, which automatically adjust your speed and incline, depending on the program type selected.

The console features direct digits from 0 to 15 for incline, and from 1 to 12 for MPH. However, these can be also modified via the arrow digits on the sensor bar.

But two of the most important features of this treadmill are its iFit built-in module, and its Bluetooth connectivity. Since it’s iFit ready, the console allows you to connect to iFit, and use the ready-made tracks in the iFit database, create your own tracks, or use Google Maps routes to recreate any trail in the world. Following a Google Maps trail, the treadmill will adjust its speed and incline according to the real terrain of that particular trail. iFit also gives you the possibility to compete with other players and analyze your training results on a different level. However, note that the iFit functions won’t work unless you own an iFit membership, and you’re logged into your iFit account.

Assembly and Maintenance

The assembly process of this treadmill is fairly easy, however since the whole machine is rather heavy, transporting it, and assembling it in the room where it will be used, is a good idea. Also, using the help of another person to move the boxed machine is pretty much required.

The assembly doesn’t require much. The deck and motor are already assembled and connected to the main frame piece. So, basically all you have to do is add the lateral posts, the dashboard, and connect the console wires to the motor and incline system wires. Tools for this task come with the box, as well as the user’s manual, with all the indications necessary.

For maintenance, just as for any treadmill, the belt requires periodic lubrication. The belt must be maintained clean, and readjusted from time to time if it’s the case. Other than that, make sure you don’t spill any water or liquids on the console, or on the motor’s casing.

The Pros

  • Extremely solid build, sleek design.
  • Foldable deck.
  • Heavy duty treadmill supporting users up to 350 lbs. Many other models in this price range are rated for 300 lbs maximum weight.
  • Extensive running surface, accommodating tall users.
  • No-stretch, heavy-duty tread belt.
  • Cushioned deck, to minimize impact on the joints.
  • Automatic incline system, with 15 levels of incline.
  • Commercial grade, 3.0 CHP motor, supplying speeds up to 12 MPH.
  • Integrated 2-speed fan.
  • Integrated sound system.
  • Tablet holder and accessory / bottle holders.
  • Advanced console, with 30 preset programs, goal setting functions, and race track function.
  • iFit ready.
  • Easy to assemble.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Consistent warranty package.
  • Excellent price/quality ratio.

The Cons

  • The console is not telemetry enabled, meaning it cannot indicate heart rate via a HR chest strap.
  • iFit membership not included. You’ll have to purchase one in order to use the iFit functions.
  • Pretty heavy treadmill, assembly and moving of the boxed unit requiring two people. proform pftl99715 treadmill - 2016 modelHowever, once assembled, it can easily be moved while folded, via its transport wheels.


If you’re looking for a high-quality, heavy-duty treadmill for a price under $1,000, the ProForm Power 995i model is definitely one to put on your list. Regardless if you’re new to running or a pro athlete, this particular machine will supply you with a remarkable exercising setting. Whether you want to build or maintain your stamina, undergo a consistent cardio training daily, or get in shape, you can be sure that this treadmill will deliver. On top of that, via the iFit app, you can reconstruct any running trail in the world, while running from the comfort of your home.

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