ProForm 505 CST Treadmill

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ProForm 505 CST
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325 lbs2.5 CHP,
1-10 MPH
15Frame: lifetime
Motor: 25 years
Parts: 1 years
Labor: 1 year

In general, treadmills with a 2.5 CHP motors are made for fitness walking, but you’ll also find models in this class out there, which perform decently and last long, even if you run on them every day. One of them is the ProForm 505 CST.

This treadmill is smaller than the ProForm 995i, but it’s also considerably cheaper. Evidently, according to its specs, this ProForm model is not exactly a gym-class machine. But for home use, especially if you’re going to use for walking or light jogging workouts, it’s quite an excellent model. Also, along with a durable construction, and incline, it offers several features that other treadmills within this price range don’t offer. Therefore, let’s see what exactly does this treadmill have to offer.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 70L x 34W x 59.5H inches (178L x 86.3W x 151H cm)proform-505-cst-05
  • Tread belt dimensions: 55L x 20W inches (139 x 51 cm)
  • Product weight: 190 lbs (86 kg)
  • Supported weight: 325 lbs (147.4 kg)
  • Motor: 2.5 CHP
  • Incline: Automatic, 0%-10%
  • Deck cushioning: Yes
  • Speed levels: 1-10 MPH.
  • Training programs: 15
  • Multifunctional console: Yes
  • Amenities: Sound system, pulse sensors, tablet rack, accessory holders, iFit ready
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Motor 25 years / Parts 1 year / Labor 1 year

Frame and deck construction

Like all the other ProForm treadmills, the frame and main base of the 505 CST model are made of steel, and powder coated with corrosive resistant paint. The deck is foldable upwards, an aspect that actually underlines the fact that this machine is designed for home use. In case you’re wondering, when folded, the footprint of the machine is actually reduced to half. Its width remains the same obviously, at 34″ (cca 86 cm), but depth is reduced to 37″ (94 cm). In folded position, the deck stands a couple of inches higher than the dashboard.

When in complete workout mode, this treadmill is not very large, compared with other models, or other fitness machines. Unfolded, its footprint is 70″L x 34″W (178 x 86.3 cm), while some of the commercial treadmills have a deck with a length up to 90″. But despite the fact that this treadmill is not extremely large, it still is heavy, with a weight of 190 lbs. Weight adds to its stability and sturdiness, though.

The middle base of the frame is equipped with transport wheels, therefore the machine isn’t that difficult to move when completely assembled. However, to move the treadmill, the deck requires to be folded up, the frame held by the lateral handles and tilted on the wheels.

The deck has a really solid construction for a walking and jogging treadmill. It actually can proform-505-cst-04withstand users up to 325 lbs. with not problem. It’s also equipped with the ProShox™ cushioning system, involving two sets of coils at the middle of the deck. You can be sure that a walk or jog on this deck will have considerably lesser impact on your knees, ankles and feet, than the same workout on asphalt.

Since it features a smaller deck, the rollers are also smaller. The tread belt is actually set in motion by 1.9″ non-flex, balanced rollers, designed to keep a steady tension and create a smoother running surface. The belt itself is pretty solid; each ProForm tread belt is actually tested for 1 million cycles at double the user weight, before release. It measures 55″L x 20″W, the common dimensions for a walking/jogging treadmill. The running surface is roomy enough for users up to 6’5″ – 6’6″ (195 – 198 cm) for fitness walking. However, for jogging or running, a user taller than 6’6″ may find the running surface a bit short.


Although it’s a treadmill for a light workout, the ProForm 505 CST treadmill features a motorized incline. The incline ranges up to 10%. Incline level can be gradually adjusted via the arrow keys, or quickly adjusted via the direct 1-10 keys. The maximum incline angle is somewhere around 15°. It may not seem much, but even the slightest incline can add considerable intensity to your workout. Also, considering that the incline is motorized, it will be automatically adjusted by some of the workout apps that involve both speed and incline.

As you’re probably wondering, the running surface at 0% incline stands 9″ (23 cm) above ground, and the incline will add a couple more inches. Therefore, in order to determine the required ceiling height for using this treadmill, add at least 15″ (38 cm) to your own height.


The ProForm treadmill 505 CST is equipped with a 2.5 CHP Mach Z™ motor constructed of high-grade components, made to remain cool even with prolonged or intense workouts. It creates generous levels of inertia for a smooth and steady feel. This motor comes with a 25 years warranty, which means it’s not exactly a flimsy piece, being one of the most reliable components within the construction of this treadmill.

The motor fairly quiet, but depending on your weight and workout regimen, it may buzz louder than usual. On top of that you’ll have to consider your cadence too. In other words, it’s not the quietest machine, and may not be suitable for an apartment building. However, the the combined motor and cadence sound shouldn’t cover the sound of your TV.

This motor can supply speeds between 1 and 10 MPH. The belt actually begins to move at 1 MPH speed. It can be adjusted in gradual increments of 0.1 by a short push of one of the arrow speed adjustment keys. If holding down one of the arrow keys, the speed will adjust by 0.5 increments. However, the console features quick keys for speed adjustment from 1 to 10.

The motor requires a 120V nominal power circuit, and the treadmill features an American plug type. In other words, you should be able to use it with just about any household outlet. A grounded circuit capable of 15 or more amps, with no other appliance connected to the same circuit, and a surge suppressor are recommended.

When it comes to power consumption, you shouldn’t worry much about electricity bills going up, even if you use the treadmill for 5 or more hours a week. In this case scenario, your electricity costs should increase by no more than a few dollars.

Console and accessories

The whole dashboard of this ProForm treadmill incorporates quite a few amenities. First of all, it has several accessory / bottle holders. The transversal bar includes grip heart rate sensors, therefore the proform-505-cst-03console can track your heart rate. The console has a pretty extensive tablet tray attached under the buttons. This tray is sizeable enough to also accommodate a book or a magazine.

The console has a built-in sound system, featuring 2-inch speakers on each side of the dashboard. This sound system is compatible with basically any MP3 player, not just Apple iPods. The sound rendered is actually higher in quality than the sound produced by the speakers of any tablet or phone, but not as great as a dedicated sound system. Unfortunately, this treadmill does not feature a cooling fan.

The display of the console is fairly wide, 6″ in diagonal, with a blue backlit display to supply great readability even in a darker room. It’s actually divided in three smaller screens, indicating different values, including time, current speed, distance (in miles of KM), current incline level, calories burned and heart rate.

The console gives you the possibility to select goals for distance and calories to burn. There are 15 workout programs preloaded in the console: 5 timed workouts, 5 calorie-oriented workouts and 5 distance workouts. Each program will automatically control the incline and speed of the treadmill. You can also adjust each program if you want though.

The console is also iFit Live capable and can use an iFit module to connect to the iFit website for extra workouts, to use Google Maps trails, or even to compete with other users. The iFit module is not included, however. It costs around $120 and comes with one year membership to the iFit community.

The console features direct keys for each category of programs, for speed and incline from 1 to 10 and 0 to 10. Of course, there are also arrow keys for gradual adjustment of the incline and speed, and there’s also a STOP button, for cases when you need to pause your workout. Last but not least, just like any other treadmill, the CST 505 ProForm has a safety magnetic key, for the quick-stop of the treadmill if it’s the case.

Assembly and Maintenance

Although the assembly of this machine is not complicated, it can take up to two hours, and you will require the help of another person, as it’s quite a heavy item. There are many little pieces to attach to the frame, the whole deck, including the belt and motor, are already assembled though. You basically have to attach the console frame to the deck, pull the wires of the console through the tube, and connect the console. However, this process has quite a few steps, involving the tightening of many bolts and nuts. The box includes hex keys required for several bolts, but you will need your own Phillips screwdriver, an adjustable wrench, a pair of scissors and needlenose pliers.

The belt comes pre-lubricated, and shouldn’t require any lubrication for at least a few months of use. High-performance lubricant is recommended for the belt lubrication, and apparently silicone sprays or other lubricants aren’t exactly a good choice for this. Other than this, for maintenance you should remove any dirt from the walking belt to prevent it to get to the rollers, and also re-tighten the bolts of the machine from time to time, if it’s necessary.

The Pros

  • Decent build for a light cardio treadmill;
  • Foldable deck / space saving design;
  • Cushioned deck, for superior shock absorption;
  • Superior quality motor, 2.5 CHP made to withstand prolonged use without any problem;
  • Motorized incline system;
  • Advanced console, with 15 preloaded workout programs;
  • Pulse sensors incorporated in the treadmill’s front bar;
  • Backlit display, easy to read in a dark room;
  • iFit compatible;
  • Various accessories, such as tablet tray, sound system, bottle / accessory holders;
  • Fairly simple assembly process;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Excellent warranty package.

The Cons

  • No user data input features (for age, weight etc), thus calorie and pulse readings may not beproform-505-cst-02 highly accurate;
  • No cooling fan;
  • Heavy machine, may require two people to move and assemble.


The ProForm 505 CST is an entry level treadmill, designed for walking, but also supports jogging. It’s quite inclusive for a treadmill of this level, offering automatic incline, and 15 workout programs on board. It’s a great machine for fitness walking and light cardiovascular exercise, interval training, stamina building, and basically for getting into the required shape to undertake more intense workouts. It’s not exactly the most affordable treadmill out there when it comes to construction and range of features, however quality hardly comes cheap. The 505 CST actually has an excellent price / quality ratio, and a rating between 4.5 and 5 on most fitness websites.

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