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IRONMAN H-Class 210 Magnetic Upright Bike

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Ironman H-Class 210
ironman fitness h-class 210 upright bike
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275 lbsEddy
21Frame: Lifetime
Parts: 3 years
Electrical: 1 year
Wear: 1 year
Labor: 3 years

Ironman Fitness offers some of the best upright bikes at the moment. For example, the Triathlon X-Class 310 that we’ve previously reviewed is one of the top commercial class upright bikes. However, they do offer a budget version. And that is the Ironman H-Class 210.

This upright bike is currently available for less than $250, but has quite a bit more to offer than other models within this price range. In this post we’ll try to offer as much information as possible regarding this bike. Therefore, let’s see what it can do for you.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 33L x 21W x 52.5H inches (84L x 54W x 114H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 53 lbs (24 kg)
  • Supported weight: 275 lbs (125 kg)
  • Handlebars: Fixed, with pulse sensors
  • Seat: 2-way adjustable
  • Pedals: With adjustable straps
  • Resistance: Current-assisted magnetic, 24 levels
  • Progress tracking console: 21 workout programs
  • Amenities: Bottle holder, media holder
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts 3 years / Electronics 1 year / Wear 1 year / Labor 3 years


Even though the console of this bike is not the most inclusive, in other words it doesn’t have a sound system or a fan, it still has much more to offer than your average fitness meter. First of all, this bike computer comes with 21 pre-set workout programs, and 3h-class 210 - console computer goal workout settings for time, distance and calories burned. In other words, you can setup a target for each one of these values, in order to meet for each one of your workouts. Evidently, since the resistance system of this bike is automatic, if you’re going to use one of the preset programs, the bike will adjust resistance automatically as you pedal.

The console can also track several workout statistics, including distance, time, calories, watts, speed, and pulse, also having an odometer function. It’s not telemetry enabled, meaning that it cannot read pulse via a HR chest strap transmitter. In order for it to read your pulse, you will have to hold on to the stainless steel pulse sensors integrated in the handlebars. However, there’s a Recovery function which provides an evaluation of your heart rate recovery.

The display of the console is approx. 5.5″ in diagonal. It’s an LCD type display, and features blue backlight, which means it’s easier to read, even if the sunlight hits it directly, or if the bike is placed in a darker room.

This bike computer unit is fairly easy to use. It features 7 buttons: one for recover, one for navigation, one for selection, two keys (up / down) for resistance adjustment, and Start / Stop keys for commencing or pausing your workout.

Finally, the console features a media holder on its bottom part, and you can place your phone or tablet on it, in order to watch your favorite shows as you exercise.

Resistance and drive

As we’ve mentioned above, the H-Class 210 magnetic upright bike from Ironman Fitness features and electronically assisted magnetic resistance system. Differently put, to adjust resistance, you need to connect the bike to a power circuit. An AC adapter is supplied with the bike, and connects to the front of the bike’s body.

This bike offers 24 levels of resistance, which can only be adjusted from the bike’s console. As you select a specific resistance level, the magnet’s pull on the flywheel will be adjusted accordingly. In case you’re wondering, this bike does offer quality resistance. Even the medium resistance levels are not exactly light, while the top resistance levels simulate a climb on quite a steep hill. This means it can surely supply an intense workout.

Like most upright bikes, the H-Class 210 features a belt drive system. It uses a heavy-duty belt, designed to last for many years of use. The crankset is also pretty durable, featuring solid steel arms. However, keep in mind that this is an upright bike, designed for seated pedaling only. Even though the resistance may be a bit tough, it’s not exactly meant for spin workouts, or routines that involve standing up on the pedals.

The pedals supplied are made from a heavy-duty polymer material, and feature adjustable straps, with 4 adjustment settings.

Since it uses a belt transmission, pedaling is smooth and quiet. Thus, this machine is perfect for apartment use. Pedaling in reverse is also possible, aspect that basically doubles the workout routines that you can carry out on this bike.


Needless to say, the frame is made of steel. However, when fully assembled, the bike is not extremely heavy. It weighs approx. 53 lbs (24 kg) and just about anyone should beh-class 210 - ironman fitness upright bike able to carry it. On top of that, its front base integrates small wheels which facilitate its transport.

The bike’s frame is not foldable, but it’s not extremely large either. This is actually one of the exercise bikes with the smallest footprints, taking 33″L x 21″W (84 x 54 cm) of floor space when fully setup. But despite its small base, the bike is remarkably stable, as its center of gravity is pretty low to the ground. On top of that, its bases feature adjustable stabilizers with rubber caps, in order to supply maximum stability even on uneven floors.

The steel parts of the frame are double-coated with anti-corrosive enamel, in gray color, while the casing of the servomotor and flywheel is black.

Seat, handlebars and other parts

Although the H-Class 210 exercise bike doesn’t come with one of the most extraordinary seats, the one supplied is considerably wider and slightly better padded than the seats of speed bikes or spin bikes. It offers decent comfort and stability, but it also features a basic connection system to its post, so you should be able to easily find h-class 210 - seata replacement, in case you want a better one. Nonetheless, comfort can always be increased by applying a gel cover or a sheepskin cover on the seat.

The seat is vertically adjustable, offering multiple positions, with approx. 1″ between the adjustment holes. The bike is actually designed to accommodate users between 5′ and 6’4″ comfortably. However, even taller users should be able to use this bike, but due to a longer inseam, they won’t benefit from a complete leg extension.

The seat post is ovalized, which is also an advantage. Due to this aspect, you can be sure that the seat won’t turn sideways, due to a more intense workout. Also, the adjustment knob is pretty large, easy to grip, turn and pull, in order to quickly adjust the seat’s height.

The handlebars are pretty simple, padded with rubber foam material for superior comfort. They’re non-adjustable, but they do supply multiple grip positions and workout postures. Also, they integrate stainless steel sensors for tracking pulse.

One last aspect to mention here is that a bottle holder is supplied with this upright exercise bike. This accessory attaches to the handlebar post, being quite easy to reach. It can accommodate just about any type of bottle or container, except the extra large ones.

Assembly and Maintenance

The parts that would be most difficult to put together, such as the flywheel, resistance motor and mechanism, pulley and belt, come already assembled, connected to the frame and enclosed by the plastic shrouds, forming the whole body of the bike. Therefore, when it comes to assembly, all you have to attach to the main body, are the bases, the seat and handle bar posts, the seat and the handlebars themselves, and the console. The manual supplied with the box provides comprehensive guidance for assembly, and the tools required are also included. The whole assembly shouldn’t take more than 20-30 min.

The maintenance required for this bike is minimal. You basically have to wipe the dust and perspiration from the frame, and that’s about it.

The Pros

  • Sturdy construction, elegant design;
  • Small footprint;
  • Comfortable seat, vertically adjustable;
  • Automatic resistance system, 24 levels;
  • 21 pre-set workout programs;
  • 3 goal workout settings;
  • Handlebars with pulse sensors;
  • Media tray included;
  • Bottle holder included;
  • Quiet and smooth drive;
  • Basically maintenance free;
  • Consistent warranty plan.h-class 210 - upright bike from ironman fitness

The Cons

  • A bigger tablet placed on the media holder may cover the console keys.

Final Word

The Ironman H-Class 210 upright bike is not a commercial grade model, but it has much more to offer than a basic upright bike. It features an automatic resistance system, with 21 workout programs, 3 goal settings and 24 resistance levels. The resistance provided is quite consistent, therefore it’s not just a bike for toning muscles and performing cardio workouts, it can also serve for medium range workouts, for the strength of leg muscles and for improving overall stamina. Evidently, it’s a bike that can help you lose weight, as you can burn up to 500 calories per hour on this bike, or even more. Finally, it’s quite an affordable bike. Costs a bit more than the basic models, but does offer much more.

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