Body-Solid FCD-STK Weight Assisted Chin Dip Machine

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Body-Solid FCD-STK

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The Body-Solid FCD-STK is part of the Pro-Select series which mostly includes selectorized machines for studio and light-commercial use. It is essentially a power tower similar to the GVKR82, but it has a sturdier construction and incorporates a weight stack with a pulley assembly for weight-assisted exercises. This being said, it offers much more than the average chin and dip machines. Plus, it has a heavier setup and provides a greater sturdiness and stability.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 65″L x 54″W x 83″H (165 x 137 x 211 cm)
  • Assembled weight: 479 lbs (217 kg)
  • Weight stack: 210 lbs (95.25 kg)
  • Possible exercises: 30+
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Frame and parts

The Body-Solid FCD-STK Chin-Dip Machine features a heavy-duty steel construction. It has an 11-gauge, 2″ x 2″ all-4-side welded, high tensile mainframe construction and 1 5/8″ x 3″ ovalized upright tubing. All the steel tubes in its construction feature a durable paint finish resistant to chipping and corrosion, with the exception of the guide rods of the weight stack and the chin-up bar, which have a chrome finish. The color used for the paint on the mainframe is metallic gray, while the section with the weight stack is black.

Due to the attached weight-assist system, the Body-Solid Pro-Select FCD-STK machine features a wider footprint than the average power tower. With all the parts assembled, it measures approx. 65″ (165 cm) in length and 54″ (137 cm) in width. This being said, it is recommended to assign a usage area of at least 100″ x 80″ (254 x 203 cm).

The highest point is at 83″ (211 cm) above floor level. This being said, it should fit in a room with a 7′ (213 cm) ceiling, but the remaining clearance above it will be only one inch. This is rather insufficient for the correct execution of pull-ups or chin-ups.

The fully assembled unit is extremely heavy due to the solid steel construction and the incorporated weight stack. It weighs approx. 479 lbs (217 kg). So, needless to say, once it is assembled, it is not meant to be moved. Also, is recommended to place it on a rubberized mat, to prevent any damage to the floor.

The unit’s bases do not have anchor points pre-drilled into them. However, anchoring it shouldn’t be necessary, since its weight offers plenty of stability.

There is no weight capacity specified for this home gym. This being said, its dip station and pull-up bar should be able to support at least 300 lbs (136 kg).

The base bars of the main frame assembly feature step-up pads. This feature can be quite a plus for shorter users, or users with certain disabilities. Not all power towers offer this feature.

The machine is equipped with several fiberglass-reinforced nylon pulleys with internal ball bearings. The unit’s steel cables can handle up to 2,000 lbs of stress. They are covered by a sheet of nylon material which facilitates their travel over the pulleys.

And finally, the machine includes five DuraFirm pads with approx. 2″ (5 cm) of foam cushioning and a durable vinyl upholstery. Two are placed on the knee-raise arms, one serves as a backrest for the knee-raise section, and the other two attach to the mobile pulley system to serve as knee support during weight-assisted exercises.

Workout stations

The FCD-STK strength training machine basically offers two main workout stations. These are: 

Pull-up / Chin-up station. This workout station consists of a 42″ (106.6 cm) pull-up bar which has a chrome finish and curved wide grips. It also features two middle shorter grips which point towards the center of the machine, grips that offer the possibility to execute parallel grip pull-ups. Both the close grips and the wide grips are rubberized for greater comfort and hand adherence.

Dip / Knee-raise station. This workout station is placed in the opposite direction from the pull-up station. Its arms are equipped with DuraFirm pads for maximum arm support during knee-raises or leg raises. This also stands for the backrest element. The distance between the dip handles is 20″ (51 cm), while the distance between the arm pads is approx. 17.5″ (44.5 cm). Also, the distance to the top of the dip handles 53.5″ (~136 cm), while the distance to the top of the arm pads is 55.5 (~140 cm).

The weight-assist assembly can be used with both workout stations. The machine includes two pads attached to short bars which can be connected to the moving element under each workout station. The housing of the moving element features four height positions for attaching the knee pad. Therefore, the machine should be able to accommodate comfortably even users up to 6’5″ (196 cm) for weight-assisted exercises.

Weight Resistance System

This Body-Solid strength training system is equipped with a 210 lbs (95.25 kg) weight stack which consists of 15 cast iron plates, plus the top selector plate. This being said, each plate weighs approx. 14 lbs (6.3 kg). The fact that the plates are metallic and not cement is a plus; it’s also one of the main reasons this fitness machine is not exactly a cheap one.

This weight stack only provides a counterweight for assisted pull-ups, or assisted dips. This is quite a plus for beginners or users with certain disabilities, who may have difficulties lifting their entire bodyweight during these exercises. Also, using the counterweight system, you can execute more repetitions for a certain exercise, which can lead to better cardio training, muscle toning and fat burning.

The weight resistance system cannot be used as a lat machine unless you make certain improvisations which is not recommended. The plates are not numbered, so you basically select the amount that you feel adequate for your training. The plate selection is easily done via a pop-pin.

The unit’s weight stack is upgradable. You can opt for an extra 100 lbs or 200 lbs of plates if necessary.

Possible Exercises

Since the Body-Solid Pro-Select FCD-STK is a power tower with a dip station and a pull-up station, it offers the possibility to perform pull-ups, dips, knee raises or leg raises, with or without the lift-assist, and a wide array of variations for these exercises. On the list of exercises that can be performed on this unit, we can count:

  • Pull-ups
  • Weight-assisted pull-ups
  • Wide grip pull-ups
  • Weight-assisted wide grip pull-ups
  • Close-grip pull-ups
  • Weight-assisted close-grip pull-ups
  • Parallel grip pull-ups
  • Weight-assisted parallel grip pull-ups
  • Muscle pull-ups
  • Behind head pull-ups
  • Around the world pull-ups
  • One arm pull-ups
  • Weight-assisted one arm pull-ups
  • Cliffhangers
  • Weighted pull-ups
  • Chin-ups
  • Weight-assisted chin-ups
  • Close grip chin-ups
  • Weight-assisted close grip chin-ups
  • Wide grip chin-ups
  • Weight-assisted wide grip chin-ups
  • One-hand chin-ups
  • Weight-assisted one-hand chin-ups
  • Weighted chin-ups
  • Dips
  • Weight-assisted dips
  • Weighted dips
  • Dips to leg raises
  • Side-to-side dips
  • Gironda dips
  • Reverse Gironda dips
  • Leg raises
  • Knee raises
  • Hanging knee raises
  • Hanging leg raises
  • … and more

Assembly and Maintenance

Like most weight training system, the FCD-STK dip and pull-up machine isn’t exactly easy to assemble as there are many parts to put together. The assembly will take at least a few hours. However, the included manual provides pretty clear instructions. The tools for assembly are not included, and you will need a set of Allen wrenches, two adjustable wrenches or a set of fixed wrenches, and a rubber mallet.

Once the machine is assembled, maintenance does not require much. Lubricating the guide rods of the weight stack and the pulleys may be required after a while. Also, it’s recommended to periodically inspect the unit for loose bolts or parts to re-tighten them before any accidents can happen.

The Pros

  • Sturdy and super-stable steel frame;
  • Rubberized pads for the base bars;
  • 10° reverse pitch for the upright bars, which grants a wider range of motion for abdominal exercises;
  • DuraFirm backrest, armrests and knee pads;
  • Curved wide grips on the pull-up bar;
  • Parallel grips on the pull-up bar;
  • Stepping pads for a better access to the dip-handles and pull-up bar;
  • 210 lbs weight stack assembly for weight-assisted exercises;
  • Durable cast iron weight plates; 
  • 2 knee-pads for the weight-assist assembly;
  • 4 attachment positions for the knee-pads on the weight-assist element;
  • More than 30 exercises available;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Excellent warranty.

The Cons

  • The height of the dip handles cannot be adjusted;
  • No push-up handles.


The Body-Solid Pro-Select FCD-STK is a power tower which includes a counterweight system equipped with a 210 lbs weight stack. The weight plates are made of quality cast iron, and the stack is also upgradable. It makes available two main workout stations for pull-ups, dips, and leg raises. It actually offers the possibility to perform more than 30 exercises and their variations. It’s a great machine for users of all levels, offering light-commercial quality.

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