AFG 4.0 AR Recumbent Exercise Bike

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AFG 4.0 AR
afg 4.0 ar magnetic recumbent bike
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325 lbsEddy
20 levels
10Frame: Lifetime
Brake: Lifetime
Parts: 3 years
Labor: 1 year

Although the AFG 4.0 AR recumbent exercise bike is not a model designed for commercial use, it does have a heavy-duty construction, pretty close to the gym grade bikes. It lacks several features in comparison to other bikes in this price range. For example, it does not have a sound system or a cooling fan. But on the other hand, it offers the possibility to coast just as the road bikes, and the built-in ProFILE performance tracking system for monitoring your workout data.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 63L x 43W x 46H inches (160L x 109W x 117H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 150 lbs (68 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 23 lbs (10.5 kg)
  • Supported weight: 325 lbs (147 kg)
  • Handlebars: With pulse sensors and resistance control
  • Seat: Adjustable
  • Pedals: With straps
  • Resistance: Eddy current, 20 levels
  • Console: 10 pre-loaded workouts, ProFILE™ performance tracking
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Brake lifetime / Parts 3 years / Labor 1 year

Frame construction

As we’ve mentioned above the AFG 4.0 AR is a recumbent bike with a heavy-duty construction, built around a frame of steel tubing. The only non-metallic parts in the frame’s construction are the wheels and caps of the base stabilizers, and the covers of the afg 4.0 ar recumbent exercise bikeseat base and drive system.

The machine offers excellent stability, as its rear base integrates adjustable stabilizers. On top of that, its assembled weight is approx. 150 lbs (68 kg), four times the weight of a road bike, weight that considerably enhances the machine’s stability.

Relocating the bike once it’s fully assembled shouldn’t be a problem to almost anyone, despite its weight. Its front base tube features a set of wheels which ease its relocation if needed. By using these wheels for moving the machine, you’ll basically be handling only 50 lbs of its total weight.

The AFG 4.0 AR is a fitness machine of medium size. Its footprint is 57″L x 23″W (145 x 59 cm), but with the seat extended all the way to the back, and with the armrest fully assembled, its length becomes 63″ (160 cm), while its total width reaches 43″ (109 cm). These being said, it requires a usage space of at 5′ x 4′ (153 x 122 cm).

The steel parts in the bike’s frame construction feature a corrosion resistant powder coating finish, silver in color. The adjustment rail of the seat, however, is made of extruded aluminum, and has its natural silver color, not having any finish.

Seat & handlebars

This Advanced Fitness Group recumbent exercise bike is equipped with an ergonomic seat, featuring quite a few consistent comfort factors. To begin with, it’s a fairly large seat, approx. 18″ (46 cm) wide, with thick cushioning a contoured surface and a slightly elevatedafg 4.0 ar - ergonomic seat front, delivering a natural positioning. The backrest offers the same thick cushioning, offering excellent lumbar support.

Needless to say, the seat is adjustable. It’s mounted on an oblique aluminum rail and can slide closer or farther in relation to the pedals. Its adjustment is done easily, via the lever on the right side. The adjustment rail of the seat offers many positions, being able to accommodate users with an inseam up to 40″ (102 cm), or differently put, users between 5′ and 6’7″ (153 – 201 cm). It also has an impressive weight capacity, being able to support users up to 325 lbs (147 kg).

The backrest is attached directly to the seat’s metallic frame. Therefore, it cannot adjust on its own, separately from the seat. In other words, you can’t recline it, or secure it in a taller position. In case you’re wondering, its top is situated at approx. 46″ (117 cm) above floor level, when the seat is adjusted to the last position.

The upholstery on both the seat and the backrest are made of a heavy-duty synthetic leather, designed to last for many years of use.

The AFG 4.0 AR does not have a front console mast, not it has front handlebars like many other recumbent bike models, such as the Schwinn MY16 230 or the Body-Solid B5R, for example. But on the other hand, the handlebars attached to the seat are equipped with armrests for extra comfort. Their grips integrate resistance controls and stainless steel pulse sensors, while the console is mounted on a small extension of the right armrest.

In case you’re wondering, the grips are approx. 22″ (56 cm) apart, while the distance between the armrests in the middle is approx. 20″ (51 cm). These being said, the bike’s seat is slightly more roomy than the average office seat.

Drive and resistance

The AFG 4.0 AR recumbent exercise bike is equipped with a silent belt drive system, powered by a heavy-duty, stretch resistant belt. It uses a fairly heavy flywheel for a recumbent bike; its flywheel weighs 23 lbs (10.5 kg), quite a bit heavier than the flywheeladvanced fitness group 4.0 ar magnetic recumbent bike on the Kettler GIRO R for example, which weighs only 17.6 lbs (8 kg). This flywheel is perimeter weighted, which means it delivers a steady motion and a consistent momentum.

The bike’s drive system uses FreeSPIN™ technology, which allows you to coast, preventing sudden stops which may cause injuries or discomfort. But on the other hand, reverse pedaling doesn’t have any resistance, being similar to a road bike equipped with a derailleur.

The crank arms are made of solid steel, featuring a chrome finish. They’re finished with wide ratcheting pedals, with 9/16 standard threads and adjustable straps. They’re also self-leveling, each one having a small weight at the base. They’re made of heavy-duty nylon material, designed for a prolonged lifespan.

The AFG 4.0 AR recumbent bike uses a motorized magnetic resistance system, which means the resistance can only be adjusted from the console, and the bike requires to be connected to a power circuit. A 12V AC power adapter with cable is included, the jack for it being situated near the front base. The bike’s On/Off switch is on the back of the console.

The resistance system consists of a small servo motor and a magnetic element. By adjusting the resistance from the console, the servo motor will change the magnets’ pull onto the flywheel, increasing or decreasing drag.

This recumbent bike makes available 20 levels of resistance. The first ones from 1 to 5 deliver low resistance, great for warm-ups or recovery training. Conversely, the top 18-20 levels simulate a steep climb, offering the possibility to undergo a more intense training.


To begin with, the control unit of the AFG 4.0 AR recumbent exercise bike attaches to the bike in a different way than for the other models. It doesn’t have a front console mast with a conventional handlebar. The console supporting tube with its mount is welded to the afg 4.0 ar - control unitright handlebar.

Although the control unit of this AFG exercise bike is less inclusive than the units of other models, it still offers a decent array of fitness functions. For example, it has 10 preloaded workout programs, including Manual, Rolling Hills, Intervals, Cadence, Random, Constant Watts, Heart Rate (x2), Weight Loss and Custom.

The Manual mode allows you to adjust the resistance as you like, during pedaling. The Weight Loss program is designed to deliver a workout that will keep you in your fat burning zone. The Random program will randomize the resistance profiles, mixing them every time, while the Custom Program gives you the possibility to create your own program.

The proFILE tracking system features two user profiles and allows you to keep track of your workout progress. Therefore, you don’t actually need to log into any online apps to do this.

The console features an LED-based display, with 5 windows. The large one in the middle displays the program profiles, while the other 4 cover the most important workout metrics, including speed, resistance level, calories, heart rate, time, RPM, distance, and Watts. Each one of the four smaller windows covers two workout metrics. For example, the bottom left one covers time and RPM, as it’s specified on it. You can use a SCAN function to enable each window to rotate, by pressing and holding the Enter key for 4-5 seconds.

The console is fairly easy to operate. First of all, it draws power from the power circuit via the adapter, so it does not require any batteries. The 10 program keys situated at the bottom have dual functions, also fulfilling the role of quick resistance selection. The Start and Stop keys cover the pause and resume workout functions. The Programming button features Up/Down arrows which allow you to scroll through programs and settings, a Back command and an Enter command for confirmation. The proFILE key allows you to scroll through proFILE display modes. The User 1 and 2 keys enable the selection of a user’s proFILE data for activation, access, and update. And finally, there’s a key for Clock and Date.

The console unit can track your pulse via the sensors integrated into the handlebar grips. However, it’s also telemetric, being able to read your pulse via a wireless HR chest strap transmitter. An HR chest strap is included with the bike.

Assembly and Maintenance

The bike’s drive system, cranks, resistance elements and the seat rail come pre-assembled. Therefore, the bike’s assembly only requires you to mount the main frame to the base tubes, attach the seat frame, the seat, the handlebars and backrest, the pedals, the handlebars and finally the console, connecting its cables. This shouldn’t take more than an hour. The box includes all the tools required for assembly, while the included manual offers comprehensive, step-by-step instructions.

For maintenance, there isn’t much to be done. The internal parts come pre-lubricated and won’t need further lubrication for many years. Therefore, maintenance resumes to keeping the bike clean and check periodically for loose bolts and parts.

The Pros

  • Solid construction, similar to commercial grade bikes, with a user capacity of 325 lbs;
  • Elegant design;
  • Adjustable rear stabilizers;
  • Front transport wheels;
  • Ergonomic, seat with thick cushioning and a large backrest providing excellent lumbar support;
  • Handlebars with armrests, ergonomic grips, resistance controls and pulse sensors;
  • Long adjustment span for the seat, the bike being able to accommodate users between 5’0 and 6’7″;
  • 20 levels of resistance;
  • 10 preloaded workout programs;
  • proFILE progress tracking system; afg recumbent bike - model 4.0 ar
  • 2 user profiles;
  • Wireless HR chest strap included;
  • Smooth and quiet drive;
  • FreeSPIN drive technology, allowing you to coast;
  • Weighted pedals, with adjustable straps for extra stability;
  • Bottle holder included;
  • Basically maintenance free;
  • Fairly easy to assemble;
  • Excellent warranty.

The Cons

  • No front handlebars;
  • No sound system;
  • No online connectivity;
  • No tablet holder;
  • Bottle holder placed in a rather awkward position.


The AFG 4.0 AR is a mid-range recumbent exercise bike with a sturdy construction, similar to commercial bikes. Its eddy current resistance system provides 20 tension levels, while its console offers 10 pre-set workouts. The bike excels in comfort factors, featuring a large, generously cushioned seat, with arm supports and grips that integrate resistance controls.

It’s a great bike for users of all levels, excellent for recovery training but also for intervals, stamina, and weight loss. Even though it lacks amenities such as sound system or cooling fan, and has no online connectivity, its overall sturdiness and comfort factors compensate for those features. In all, it’s a bike with a decent value for the price.

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