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Weslo Pursuit R 2.2 Upright Bike

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Weslo Pursuit R2.2
weslo r 2.2 exercise bike
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250 lbsMagnetic690 days

If you want an upright bike that won’t burn a hole in your bank account, you’re probably aware that are hundreds of models out there. Unfortunately, many of them are also cheaply made, and will fall apart after a few months of use. The Weslo Pursuit R 2.2 stands out though. This bike packs quite some quality with its inexpensive price and a fair amount of features and functions.

But before we proceed to inform you about all the aspects regarding this upright exercise bike, one aspect needs to be clarified. There are several Weslo Pursuit 2.2 models, and this particular one is the bike with the model number WLEX81312. Apart from other models, this has a bottle holder and a slightly more advanced console.

So, let’s see what this bike has to offer.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 32.7L x 20.3W x 56.4H inches (83L x 51.5W x 143H cm)
  • Product weight: 62.5 lbs (28.3 kg)
  • Supported weight: 250 lbs (113 kg)
  • Handlebar: Fixed, with EKG grips
  • Seat: Adjustable
  • Pedals: With straps
  • Brakes: Magnetic
  • Resistance: Adjustable, 8 levels
  • Bottle holder: Yes
  • Performance computer: Yes, 6 Workout Apps
  • Warranty: 90 days

The frame of this bike is made of steel tubing, while the shields of the drive and brake mechanisms are made of thick, hard plastic. Even though it would appear that the back base connects to the plastic case of the main body, it actually inserts into the main steel tubing of the weslo r 2.2 seatframe. The same goes for the front base.

The bike does not have leveling, rubber feet, but does have leveling caps at the ends of the rear base. Therefore in case the bike is not completely stable on the floor, you can adjust one of the caps. The front base has simple protective caps on its ends. There are no transport wheels for this bike, however it’s a pretty light machine. The 62.5 lbs (28.3 kg) weight, is actually the shipping weight. The unpacked and assembled bike is lighter and quite easy to handle and transport.

The assembled bike doesn’t occupy too much floor space. At 20.3″W x 32.7″L (51.5 x 83 cm), it’s safe to say it’s a good choice for anyone who lacks space.

When it comes to the seat, the Weslo Pursuit R 2.2 is equipped with a rather spacious one, not thin and elongated as in race bikes. It’s consistently padded to offer the right amount of comfort. It doesn’t offer adjustability fore-to-aft., but it’s height-wise adjustable, being able to accommodate users up to 6’4″ (193 cm). On the lowest setting, it goes pretty close to the frame, fitting short users, beginning with 4’8″ (142 cm).

The handlebar post, or the handlebar itself do not offer any adjustment possibilities. However, the handlebar has an ergonomic design, offering multiple grips, supporting various workout postures. The handlebar also features integrated pulse sensors, great function for anyone who needs to keep an eye on their pulse, or keep a good track on their cardio workout. The whole handlebar is covered in rubber-foam padding, for a comfortable grip.

The Weslo WLEX81312 is a belt-driven bike, featuring a solid drive belt, resistant to stretching and made to last for years of use. It sets into motion a perimeter-weighted flywheel, for a smooth pedaling motion, reducing the stairmaster effect. The flywheel is slightly smaller in diameter than the pulley. And speaking of the pulley, the whole crank assembly of the bike is pretty solid, finished with two steel-made crank arms. However, even though the crank assembly is pretty sturdy, it’s not indicated to pedal while standing. This is not a spin bike. It’s an upright bike, designed for light or medium exercising, with the user in the seated position. The bike features weighted, self-righting pedals, with straps for keeping feet in place. You can also pedal backwards without losing resistance. However, the bike does not have a freewheel, and the pedals will continue to move until the flywheel stops. In other words, you cannot “coast” on this bike.

The resistance of this bike is magnetic, and the adjustment is done manually, via the adjustment knob on the handlebar post. There are 8 resistance levels on the knob, from light, to a fairly weslo r 2.2 consoledecent resistance level. The 7-8 levels simulate a rather steep climb. These levels of resistance can surely put to work your leg muscles, supplying a consistent workout.

Finally, the console equipped on this Weslo upright bike model, has quite a bit more to offer than a basic one. To begin with, it can track RPM, speed, distance, calories, time and pulse. There are 6 workout apps on the console, each one having a direct digit. Now, since the resistance of this bike is manual, you’re probably wondering how do the program work. Evidently the programs on the console do not automatically adjust the tension. However, they offer a RPM or speed target. An arrow will pop on the screen, letting you know if you should increase your pedaling rate, or drop it. This way, you can maintain within a specific fitness interval, monitor your workout on a better level, and of course, keep yourself motivated.

The console is battery powered. It uses 4 AA batteries, alkaline type being recommended.

Assembly and Maintenance

This Weslo bike is not difficult to assemble, the whole process shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. The bike’s drive system comes already assembled and connected to the main bar of the frame. The parts that you must add are the rear and front base, pedals, seat with its post, handlebar with its post, connect the tension and console wires, and finally add the console. The manual that comes with the box is quite comprehensive and guides you step-by-step through the whole thing. Some of the tools for the assembly are included, but you might also need an adjustable wrench, a pair of pliers and a Phillips screwdriver.

An important aspect to be mentioned here though, is that you have to register the product with within 30 days of the purchase, in order to benefit from the warranty. The warranty applies both to parts and labor.

Since the bike is belt-driven, with magnetic resistance, it doesn’t require too much maintenance. All you have to do in terms of maintenance is check the knobs and screws from time to time, to make sure they hold tight, keep the bike clean, and don’t allow any liquids to reach the console, if possible.

The Pros

  • Decent quality bike, for a decent price.
  • Belt-driven for quiet and smooth pedaling.
  • Solid frame, being able to support users up to 250 lbs.
  • Well-padded seat, providing enough comfort.
  • Handlebar with integrated pulse sensors.
  • Magnetic resistance, offering 8 levels of resistance.
  • Performance monitor included, offering 6 workout programs.
  • Bottle holder.
  • Basically maintenance free.

The Cons

  • Although the bike is well-built, actually sturdy enough to last for several years of daily use, the warranty package isn’t exactly the best. You can opt however, for extra warranty.weslo r 2.2 exercise bike
  • The bike’s levelers aren’t exactly great, so for maximum stability it’s best to place it on a mat.
  • Pulse sensors are a bit awkwardly placed, especially for short users.

Final Conclusion

The Weslo R 2.2 upright bike isn’t the best out there, but it’s far from being the worst. The price/quality ratio is actually pretty decent, this being a well-made bike. It’s not an bike for heavy spinning, but it does supply the training setting for a light and medium workout. Differently put, it’s one of the bikes for cardio training, stamina building and muscle toning. Of course, depending on how long you exercise, and what resistance settings you use, you can also lose weight on this bike.

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