WaterRower Club Rowing Machine in Ash Wood

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WaterRower Club
waterrower club model - ash wood with S4 console
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700 lbs66.5 lbs,
(103.5 lbs with
water in tank)
WaterFrame: 5 years
Parts: 3 years

The WaterRower Club rowing machine is not much different than the Natural and Oxbridge model. However, for this model the wood in the frame is treated to prevent scuffing, also the main rails being covered by a sheet of urethane for extra protection. In other words, as its name suggests, this WaterRower model is designed for club use, not just residential.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 82.25L x 22.25W x 20H inches (209L x 57W x 51H cm)
  • Product weight: 66.5 lbs (30.5 kg) w/o water; 103.5 lb (47 kg) w/ water
  • Supported weight: 700 lbs (317 kg)
  • Frame: Wood (Ash)
  • Footrests: With straps
  • Resistance type: Water
  • Progress tracking computer: S4
  • Warranty: Frame 5 years / Parts 3 years

Fitness computer

Just as the Natural and Oxbridge models, the WaterRower Club rowing machine comes with the S4 fitness computer. This particular unit offers quite a bit more than a basic unit. First of waterrower s4 consoleall, it can track intensity (or speed), watts, KCalories per hour, stroke rate, heart rate, and distance traveled. It also features Interval Workout Settings for distance and intensity, as well as 9 Advanced Workout Programs.

The S4 fitness monitor is telemetry enabled. Differently put, in order to track your heart rate, you ill have to use an ANT+ or Polar HR chest strap transmitter. It’s PC interface capable, via a monitor cable. Also, this type of performance monitor has built-in PC interface capability. In other words, you can connect it to your PC via cable, and use several apps such as WaterRower’s Online Rowing Community, WebRacing, and WaterCoach FIT.

The S4 unit does not require to be connected to a power source. It requires 4 AA batteries.

Water tank and resistance system

As the name of the product suggests, it’s a rowing machine featuring water resistance. As opposed to other types of rowing machines, the WaterRower Club model offers a smooth and natural rowing feel, similar to the rowing of a real boat. Its resistance system is given by its water tank, which is equipped with a 2-paddle water flywheel, connected a system of waterrower club - tank viewheavy-duty bungee cords and pulleys. As you pull the handle, the flywheel begins to spin into the water tank, generating resistance.

The water tank has a 5 gal (19 liter) capacity. It’s made of heavy-duty polycarbonate material. The tank itself is colored gray, and there aren’t any colors available. However, the water in the tank can be colored. WaterRower actually supplies various colorants for it, including the blue variety which you may have seen in various displays of the rower.

Although the tank’s maximum capacity is 5 gal (19 l), the maximum amount of water to be introduced within the tank is 4.5 gal (17 liters). There are markings on the tank which indicate the water level. Also, the box should come with a siphon which facilitates the filling / emptying of the tank.

The tank is not equipped to a water level quick-adjustment mechanism, or quick resistance adjusting mechanism. In other words, in order to adjust the overall resistance of the machine, you will have to add or remove water in the tank; the more water, the higher the overall resistance. However, keep in mind that since it’s a water rowing machine, resistance is given by the strength you put behind each stroke. In other words, the harder you pull, the more intense your workout will be. This is quite similar to rowing a real boat, an effect that cannot be supplied by a magnetic rower, such as the Stamina X, or hydraulic rower such as the Stamina 1215 Orbital.

Frame construction

The frame on the WaterRower Club rower is made of Ash wood, stained with a rosewood tint, which makes it more resistant to soiling than the Natural model. It’s also finished with Danish oil, while the rails feature an urethane cover for extra protection. Its construction is extremely durable, with a maximum user capacity of 700 lbs (317 kg).

The rower rests on a set of four rubber stabilizers. These not only maximize the grip of the frame onto the floors, they also protect them from damage. The front base also integrates a set of wheels, providing ease of transportation.

waterrower club model - frame side view

Although the frame does not have a folding design, it can be stored vertically, in order to save space. In vertical position, the rower is meant to stand on its front wheels and the small stabilizers mounted on the water tank cage. In case you’re wondering, it’s not necessary to remove the water from the tank if you want to store the rower vertically.

The machine has a rather large assembled footprint, especially lengthwise. It’s 82.25″L x 22.25″W (209 x 57 cm), and for proper and safe usage it requires at least 2′ (61 cm) of clearance on each side. Also, with the filled tank, the machine weighs approx 104 lbs (47 kg), however, by leaning it onto its wheels for transport or storage, you will be handling less than 1/3 of its weight.

Last but not least, the standard rails equipped on this rower enable it to accommodate users with an inseam up to 38″ (96.5 cm). In other words, users up to 6’4″ – 6’5″ (193 – 196 cm) should be able to benefit from a complete leg extension during rowing. However, there’s also the option of XL rails, which are approx. 4″ (10 cm) longer, for extra tall users, with an inseam up to 42″ (107 cm).

Other parts

The seat equipped on this rowing machine features a simple construction. It’s made of the same Ash wood as the rest of the frame, but does not have any urethane coating on it as the rails. It’s approx. 12″ (31 cm) wide, and 9″ (23 cm) deep, with a 2″ (5 cm) top padding. Its waterrower club - padded and contoured seattop part is also contoured offering the optimal comfort and grip during rowing.

The seat rollers use high-grade, stainless steel ball bearings, but they have PVC material on the outside. The extrusions of the rails, on which the seat glides, are also PVC made. Now, the fact that the rollers and seat glides are not metallic, offers the advantage of a much smoother and quieter drive. The gliding surface is also much tolerating with any small particles that may fall on it. As opposed to that, if the glides of a rower are metallic, even the slightest dirt particle fallen on it will result in bumps and clicks during rowing.

The rower’s footrests feature a simple design. They’re not angle-adjustable, and the board on which they’re mounted is set at an angle of approx. 45°. They also have a heel guard in order to provide superior stability.

Lastly, the pulling handle is a simple, straight bar, with an ovalized design, covered by a sheet of rubber foam material, in order to provide maximum comfort. It’s attached to a heavy-duty nylon strap.

Assembly and Maintenance

The rower’s water tank comes readily assembled, however the frame does require some assembly. However the whole process is far from being difficult, and shouldn’t last longer than 25-30 min. There are actually 11 assembly steps covered by the manual, which include attaching the main rails together, the seat, the water tank, the foot pad and the footrests, wheels of the frame, cords connections, the monitor, and finally filling the tank.

Maintenance requires the treating of the water in the tank with a chlorine pill every six months as the manual instructs. Chlorine pills are supplied with the package. The only important aspect regarding the maintenance of the unit that you should really consider, is cleaning the rails thoroughly before each use. Any dirt or other particles can lead to damage to the seat wheels or rails.

One last important aspect that we should mention here regards the unit’s warranty. The WaterRower Oxbridge rowing machine has 1 year warranty by default. But if you register it with WaterRower as you receive it, you will get 5 years of warranty for the frame, and 3 years for parts.

The Pros

  • Extreme user capacity, being able to hold up users up to 700 lbs;
  • Superior aesthetics, Ash wood frame, urethane sheet covers;
  • Storable in upright position;
  • Easy to handle and transport;
  • Water resistance system, providing the most natural rowing feel that you can get;
  • Contoured, ergonomically designed seat, with 2″ padding;
  • Advanced performance monitor, PC compatible and HR strap compatible;
  • Smooth and quiet operation;
  • Rower for users of all levels;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Easy to put together;
  • Excellent warranty package.

The Cons

  • Chest strap transmitter for heart rate tracking is not included;waterrower club - rowing machine
  • Footrests are not angle-adjustable, which may be an inconvenience for some users.

Bottom Line

The WaterRower Club is a rowing machine quite similar to the Oxbridge and Natural models, but features a frame slightly more durable than these models, as the wood rosewood stained and styled to prevent scuffing. It’s a rower with a high user capacity, integrating highly-durable components, which puts it within the gym grade category, as its name suggests. It supplies a natural rowing feel, being an excellent model for users of all levels, from beginner to professional. It’s an excellent machine for a full body workout, as it engages more than 80% of the user’s muscle mass. It’s not exactly the cheapest rower that you can find at the moment, but due to its quality, durability, effectiveness, and aesthetic design, its value definitely matches its price.

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