Valor Fitness BD-62 Wall Mount Cable Station

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Valor BD-62

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15+250 lbs

Frame: 3 years
Cables: 2 years
Pulleys: 1 year

Wall mount cable stations are some of the most affordable home gyms that you can find. And if you’re looking for one of the best fitness equipment of this sort, the Valor Fitness BD-62 is definitely one to put on your list.

This cable station machine offers plenty of adjustability, a durable construction, and the possibility to perform more than 15 exercises on it. It’s a perfect addition to a dumbbell set and can considerably improve your exercise range.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 25″D x 26″W x 80″H (63.5D x 66W x 203H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 62 lbs (28 kg)
  • Weight capacity: 250 lbs (113.3 kg)
  • Possible exercises: 15+
  • Accessories: 2x adjustable hand strap handle
  • Warranty: Frame 3 years / Cables 2 years / Pulleys 1 year

Frame construction and parts

Since it’s a minimalistic fitness machine, the Valor Fitness BD-62 cable station doesn’t take a lot of usage space. Its total length (from the wall attachment point and all the way to the front) is 25″ (63.5 cm) while its width, given by the total length of the weight plate pegs, is approx. 26″ (66 cm). Evidently, in order to properly use the unit, it’s recommended to leave at least one foot of clearance on each side, and at least a few feet of clearance at the front.

The unit’s assembled height reaches 80″ (203 m) above floor level. This being said, it can fit in a room with a 7′ (213 cm) ceiling with no problem.

Since this Valor Fitness home gym doesn’t include a weight stack, it is not extremely heavy. Its total weight is approx. 62 lbs (28 kg). Therefore, its unboxing and assembly shouldn’t be a problem for one user.

Needless to say, the unit’s frame is made of steel tubing. The base and the top parts feature a non-corrosive and scratch-resistant paint finish, black in color. However, the adjustment bar of the mobile pulleys and the guide bars of the plate holder feature a chrome finish.

The unit’s base is equipped with plastic caps in order to provide some protection to the floor. They don’t have adjustable stabilizers, though. They don’t have anchor points, so in case you want to anchor it to the floor, you will have to improvise. Also, in case you’re wondering, the machine needs to be attached to a wall from the top part, otherwise it will wobble or move during exercises.

The Valor BD-62 wall mount cable station integrates 12 pulleys. They’re made of heavy-duty nylon material and they integrate stainless steel ball bearings in order to provide a smooth operation. The cables are steel-made; they have a tensile strength of 2,000 lbs and they’re covered by a layer of PVC material which also adds to the smoothness of the unit’s operation.

The front bar of the unit features 17 adjustment positions for the mobile pulley assembly. The lowest adjustment setting is situated at approx. 8″ (20 cm) above floor level, while the top adjustment position is at approx. 72″ (183 cm) above floor level. The 2-pulley housing on each side of the adjuster can swivel 180° from front to back, allowing plenty of movement flexibility.

Last but not least, the only included accessories with this fitness machine are the two adjustable D-handles. However, you can always opt for an ab harness, short bar, ankle cuff, or even a lat pulldown bar, in order to diversify the exercise repertoire.

Weight Resistance

Just as the PowerLine PLM180X, this Valor Fitness home gym does not include weight plates. Its weight carriage is equipped with two Standard (1″ – 2.5 cm) pegs of approx. 8″ (20 cm) each. Therefore, it’s recommended to use Standard, 1″ weight plates on it. However, you can also opt for a set of 2″ adapter pegs, in case you want to use Olympic plates. A set of two 1″ spring stoppers for the plates is also included.

The unit’s weight capacity is 250 lbs (113.3 kg). However, users have reported that they have loaded the weight carriage with more than 300 lbs (136 kg) with no problem.

In terms of weight ratios, the unit offers 2:1 for each arm. Differently put, if you load up the carriage with 50 lbs (22.6 kg), when pulling with one arm it will feel like 25 lbs (11.3 kg), and when pulling with both arms it will feel like 50 lbs (22.6 kg).

Possible Exercises

The Valor Fitness BD-62 wall mount cable machine offers the possibility to perform more than 15 exercises. Among them we can count:

  • Bicep curl
  • Tricep pushdown
  • Cable fly
  • Cable punch
  • Cross tricep extension
  • Hammer curl
  • Tricep kickback
  • Lat pulldown
  • Standing ab crunch
  • Standing oblique crunch
  • Standing trunk rotation
  • Woodchop
  • Reverse wood chop
  • Shoulder press
  • Shrug
  • Standing row
  • Seated row
  • Cable deadlift
  • Kickback
  • Leg adduction
  • Leg abduction
  • And more…

Of course, some of these exercises require extra accessories, such as a triceps rope, ankle cuff, or short row bar. Also, it’s important to mention that you can always opt for a second wall station, attach it in parallel to the first one in order to perform all kinds of crossover exercises. Fly press exercises or cable press exercises are much better this way. However, if you only have one cable machine, you can still perform complete fly exercises for one arm each.

Assembly and Maintenance

The Valor BD-62 wall cable station is fairly easy to put together compared to other fitness machines. Basically, you’ll need to start with the base, connect all the bars together than install the pulleys and cables. The whole task shouldn’t take more than one hour. The included manual provides very clear, step-by-step assembly instructions.

For maintenance, it’s recommended to periodically lubricate the guide bars of the weight carriage for a smoother operation. The pulleys may also require some lubrication after a while.

The Pros

  • Sturdy frame construction;
  • Small footprint;
  • 17 adjustment positions for the mobile pulley assembly;
  • The mobile pulley housings can swivel 180° on their vertical axis;
  • Durable cables and pulleys;
  • Can support loads up to 250 lbs;
  • Can work with both Standard or Olympic plates;
  • 2:1 ratio per arm;
  • Offers the possibility to perform more than 15 exercises;
  • Adjustable D-handles included;
  • Standard spring collars included;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Little maintenance required.

The Cons

  • Olympic plate adapters not included;
  • Short row bar not included;
  • Ankle cuff(s) not included.


The Valor Fitness BD-62 is a wall mount cable station featuring 17 adjustment positions for its mobile pulleys. It has a durable construction and can support loads up to 250 lbs. It can be used with both Standard and Olympic weight plates and offers the possibility to perform more than 15, gym-quality exercises. It’s a highly-versatile fitness machine which doesn’t take a lot of usage space. And finally, it’s one of the most affordable home gyms available, offering excellent quality and value for the price.

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