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Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 Motorized Treadmill

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Sunny SF-T7603
sunny health and fitness sf-t7603 treadmill
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220 lbs2.20 HP,
0.5-9 MPH
9Frame: 1 year
Parts: 90 days

The SF-T7603 is one of the newest treadmill models from Sunny Health & Fitness for 2016. It’s actually not far different from the older model, the Sunny SF-T4400. However, it does have a different layout for the console and dashboard.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 62.2L x 27W x 47.3H inches (158L x 68W x 120H cm)
  • Tread belt dimensions: 49L x 16W inches (124 x 41 cm)
  • Product weight: 103 lbs (46.7 kg)
  • Supported weight: 220 lbs (100 kg)
  • Motor: 2.20 HP
  • Incline: Manual, 3 levels, 0-8%
  • Speed levels: 9 MPH
  • Training programs: 9
  • Pulse sensors: Built-in handlebars
  • Performance monitor: Yes
  • Warranty: Frame 1 year / Parts 90 days

Frame construction

This treadmill features a steel frame, coated with a gray, corrosion resistant finish. There are however several hard plastic parts on it, such as the joints of the main arms of the machine, the casing of the motor, the treadmill’s dashboard, and the incline feet. sunny health and fitness sf-t7603 - folding treadmill

The frame features a folding design. Its folding mechanism consists of a a soft-drop hydraulic folding system. The deck can be lifted up, to the point where it almost touches the dashboard, in order to occupy less space, length-wise. When folded, the length of the machine is reduced to approx. 1/3. When unfolded, this treadmill takes approx. 62″L x 27″W (158 x 69 cm) of floor space. In other words, it’s not extremely large, but does take a bit of space. On top of that, for the safe usage, you should keep at least 3′ of clearance at the rear, and at least 1′ on each side.

Although the Sunny SF-T7603 is a light treadmill, it’s not exactly a light machine. It weighs 103 lbs (46.7 kg), and may require two people to carry and unpack. But when lifting the deck for folding and storage, you’ll actually have to lift less than half its weight. Thus, folding shouldn’t be a problem. Plus, when unfolding the deck, its lowering is assisted by the hydraulic leg.

The bases of the frame are finished with leveling, rubber feet, to supply maximum stability. Also, the rear base of the frame (not of the deck), is equipped with transport wheels, to ease the moving of the folded machine.

Deck and running surface

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T7603 treadmill offers a workout surface of 49″L x 16″W sunny sf-t7603 - deck cushioning(124 x 41 cm. This means it can support running, for users up to 6’2″ (188 cm). Taller users may require a longer running area. The running surface features a heavy-duty, stretch resistant, 1-ply belt.

The deck is durable enough to support users up to 220 lbs (100 kg), for walking, jogging and running sessions. It integrates a cushioning system which consists of two shock absorbers on each side of the deck. These elements along with the slight flexibility of the deck, eliminate approx. 10% of the workout related shock. In other words, a run or jog on this treadmill is more forgiving for your knees and ankles than a run on concrete or asphalt.

Incline and step-up height

This Sunny Health & Fitness treadmill features a manual incline. The incline system consistssunny health and fitness sf-t7603 treadmill - manual incline of two foldable “feet” at the rear of the deck. These feet have 3 adjustment positions, and lock into each position with a solid steel pin.

When they’re fully folded, the rear of the deck basically rests on the floor, and the running surface benefits of an incline of approx. 8%. In order to have the deck at 0% incline, the feet must be locked in fully unfolded position.

With the deck at 0%, the treadmill’s step-up height is approx. 8″. Thus, in order to avoid any inconveniences, you’ll have to make sure that the ceiling height in the room where the treadmill will be in use is higher than your own height, plus about 15″ (38 cm).


This Sunny treadmill model is a motorized one, being equipped with a 2.20 HP motor. Now, this isn’t exactly the type of motor that the commercial treadmills have. But still, it can withstand long jogging sessions without a problem.

The motor offers speed settings up to 9 MPH, with adjustment increments of 0.5 MPH. Also, since it’s a 2.20 HP motor, its power consumption shouldn’t exceed 1.5 KWHrs. Therefore, in case you’ve been wondering, even if you’re going to use it daily for at least one hour, the addition to your energy bill will still be negligible.

This treadmill comes with a power cord not an adapter. It requires to be plugged into a standard 110v power circuit. Also, the motor does have an ON / OFF power switch.

Dashboard and fitness computer

Since this is one of the most affordable electric treadmill models that you can find at the moment, it’s pretty obvious that its console doesn’t integrate high end features and functions. Differently put, the console does not have a fan, sound system or online sunny sf-t7603 - consoleconnectivity. However, its dashboard does feature two molded accessory holders for your water bottle, phone, earplugs or remote control.

The hand rails attached to the dashboard integrate stainless steel pulse sensors, and quick speed controls.

The fitness computer is not entirely a basic unit. First of all, the display features blue backlight, which offers better readability. The digits displayed are also fairly large. The unit displays the current speed setting, time, distance, calories burned and pulse. It also has 9 preloaded workout programs, which automatically adjust the speed of the running belt.

The computer unit is easy to operate. It features +/- controls for gradual speed adjustment, but there are also quick adjustment keys for the 2 MPH, 4 MPH and 6 MPH speed settings. The Start / Stop keys offer the possibility to pause and resume your workout, which is a great feature to have in case you want to alternate treadmill sessions with other exercises. The programs have their own key, and you navigate through them by pressing the Prog key multiple times.

The console draws power from the wall socket along with the motor, thus you won’t have to bother changing batteries. Also, like most treadmills, it features the magnetic safety key.

Assembly and Maintenance

One of the best aspects regarding this treadmill is that it comes almost completely assembled. The upright posts and the console are assembled and attached to the deck, but not secured in place. As you receive the treadmill, you need to unfold it, then add several bolts and covers for its joints in order to be fully assembled. Tools for the assembly of the few pieces are supplied. Also, a manual that provides directions for it is included. Therefore, the unboxing and assembly of this machine shouldn’t take more than 30 min.

Maintenance requires the periodic lubrication of the belt. A bottle of lubricant is included with the treadmill. Lubrication is required before the first use, then every 188 miles.

The Pros

  • Durable, steel frame;
  • Small footprint, great fit for apartment use, or small rooms;
  • Foldable deck, with safe-drop hydraulic mechanism;
  • Deck integrates 4 shock absorbing elements, which reduce up to 10% of the running impact;
  • Motorized treadmill, 2.20 HP;
  • Speeds up to 9 MPH, with increments of 0.5 MPH;
  • Low consumption;
  • 3 levels of (manual) incline;
  • Handrails with built-in heart rate sensors, start, stop and speed controls;
  • Accessory holders built-in the dashboard;
  • Fitness monitor with 9 preloaded training programs;sunny sf-t7603 - running treadmill
  • Little assembly required;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Excellent price/quality ratio.

The Cons

  • No tablet holder.


The Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7603 treadmill is most definitely a great exercising machine for cardio exercising, a great full-body workout, toning leg muscles, and evidently for losing weight. Actually, running at a moderate speed on this treadmill for an hour daily, can help you burn up to 5-600 calories, easily. Although it’s not a gym-grade treadmill, and not exactly the best choice for professional runners, it makes a perfect choice for just about any home user who wants to undergo a daily cardio training regimen. All in all, it offers excellent value for the price.

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