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SOLE LCR Light Commercial Recumbent Bike

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Sole LCR
sole LCR light commercial recumbent bike
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350 lbsEddy
10Frame: lifetime
Parts: 3 years
Electronics: 3 years
Labor: 1 year

The LCR Light Commercial bike is currently the highest quality and most inclusive recumbent bike model from SOLE Fitness. It features a similar construction to the Sole R92, but offers more resistance, superior ergonomics, and a self-powered drive and brake mechanism.

Evidently, like any recumbent bike, the Sole LCR is great for users of all ages and levels of fitness. It’s a bike for light and medium cardio, promoting a comfortable workout posture. It eliminates the workout impact on the lumbar area, and considerably reduces the impact on the leg joints, thus being an excellent choice for elderly users, or users who require a low impact training, physiotherapy etc.

Therefore, in case you’re looking for a superior quality recumbent bike, the LCR model from Sole is definitely one to have a look at. And this post will put into view all the important aspects that you should know about it.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 57L x 30W x 50H inches (144.7L x 76W x 127H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 157 lbs (71.2 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 30 lbs (13.6 kg)
  • Supported weight: 350 lbs (158.7 kg)
  • Handlebars: With pulse sensors
  • Seat: Foam cushioning, contoured, adjustable
  • Pedals: With straps
  • Resistance: Eddy current, self-powered, 40 levels
  • Console: 10 workout apps
  • Bottle/accessory holder: Yes
  • Speakers: Built-in console
  • Fan: Built-in console
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts 3 years / Electronics 3 years / Labor 1 year


Since it’s a commercial grade bike, it goes without saying that it features a really solid, one-pice, steel frame, made of thick tubing. Several sections of the whole body of the bike, such as the drive and resistance systems part, are covered by aluminum and hard plastic shrouds. These elements not only that add elegance to the bike’s body, they also contribute to the overall compactness of this fitness machine.

The SOLE LCR is not an extremely bulky machine, such as the ProForm Pro 2000 treadmill, or the Sole E95 elliptical trainer. It’s only 57″ (cca 145 cm) long, as opposed to other machines which can have a length of 85″ (216 cm). Also, the widest part of this machine is given by its handgrip assembly, which is 30″ (76 cm). The bases of the frame are actually less wide; the rear base measures 24″ (61 cm), while the front base is approx. 16″ (40.6 cm). Both bases feature hard plastic shrouds for a more stylish appearance. They’re equipped with metallic, adjustable feet, with rubber caps, making it easy to stabilize the machine on just about any flooring.

This recumbent bike is actually rather heavy, with a weight of 157 lbs (71 kg). However, the front base is equipped with small transport wheels, while the rear base features a handle, which makes it easy to tilt the bike on its front wheels and transport it to its desired place.

Last but not least, the frame is double-coated with anti-corrosive and scratch resistant paint, the dominant color being black.

Seat and comfort

The seat equipped on the SOLE LCR recumbent bike features superior ergonomics to the seat of the Sole R92 model. Both the seat and the backrest feature foam cushioning and a contoured design, to sole lcr light seatadapt perfectly to your body. The fabric on the backrest and seat is an extremely durable synthetic leather, highly resistant to wear and tear.

The backrest of the seat is angled at cca 110°, in order to supply a comfortable back support, removing an important part of the upper body weight from the pelvic area. It’s actually pretty close to the comfort of an armchair. And speaking of bodyweight, this bike can support users up to 350 lbs (158.7 kg). It could actually take even heavier users, as it’s an extremely sturdy machine, but in this case there might be an issue with the seat not being wide enough to supply maximum comfort.

The seat’s distance from the pedals is adjustable, featuring 14 position locks. It adjusts in increments of approximately 1″. Overall, this bike can supply the correct workout setting and maximum comfort to users between 5′ and 6’5″ (152.4 – 195.6 cm). If you’re shorter than 5′, you may not reach both the backrest and pedals to benefit from a comfortable position; conversely, if you’re taller, comfort won’t be an issue, but you may not benefit from the complete stretching of your legs when pedaling.

One last aspect that we should mention here, regards the recumbent handlebar assembly. The handgrips offer an angle of cca 45°, being covered with rubber foam material, to supply a comfortable grip. In case you’re wondering, the distance between them is approximately 26″ (66 cm). The grips incorporate pulse sensors, therefore the console can track your heart rate. Also, the rear part of the handlebar assembly features two bottle holders.

Resistance and drive systems

First of all, the Sole LCR runs on self-generated power. In other words, it incorporates a small power generator that creates sufficient power as you pedal, in order to operate the console and the bike’s brake system. The resistance system involves an eddy current brake, consisting of a magnetic flywheel and an electromagnetic brake pad. To adjust the resistance, you actually adjust the brake pad’s pull onto the flywheel. The resistance generating elements do not touch, therefore you shouldn’t experience any knocks, ticks, dragging or jarring when pedaling. Also, due to this fact, the wear and tear of the resistance elements is minimal.

Needless to say, since it’s an eddy current machine, the resistance is adjusted from its console, which actually makes available 40 levels of resistance. This is quite an impressive range, giving you the possibility to select the exact resistance level that you feel comfortable with. Also, when it comes to the highest levels of resistance, these simulate quite a climb, therefore offering the chance to engage in a more challenging workout.

The bike features a rather heavy flywheel for a recumbent bike, weighing 30 lbs (13.6 kg). Thus, pedaling is really smooth, the momentum is quite consistent, the pedals will actually spin a couple of times more once you stop pedaling. The crankset is a 3-piece element, with really solid, steel arms, finished with weighted, self-adjusting pedals. Each pedal has a toe strap, with 5 adjustment settings. The transmission between the crank and flywheel is done via a heavy-duty v-belt, resistant to stretching, an element that doesn’t require maintenance as a chain would, and also contributes to the overall quietness of the machine.

Console and amenities

The console equipped on the Sole LCR exercise bike is quite a multifunctional unit. Apart from a wide array of fitness functions, it also offers quite a few comfort factors, so we’ll start with those. The top part incorporates a cooling fan and a 2-speaker sound system. Therefore, in case you don’t like sole lcr multifunction consoleworking out using earbuds, you can listen to your music via the bike’s sound system. It’s actually compatible with most MP3 players, smartphones or tablets. A tablet tray and an accessory compartment are also part of the console’s design.

The console’s angle is adjustable. It features a 9″ LCD display, which is also backlit, offering enhanced readability. It displays and tracks all the values that you require to know when working out on an exercise bike, such as speed, time, distance, watts, calories, heart rate, and of course, the current resistance setting. It also has a laps function.

There are 10 workout programs built-in the console unit, including Manual, Hill, Cardio, Farburn, Interval, Strength, Custom, Fitness Test, and 2x Heart Rate. The Manual program gives you the possibility to adjust the machine’s resistance as you like, with the levels that you feel more comfortable. The other programs will automatically adjust resistance. The Custom program allows you to personalize your workout, inserting your weight and age, and create the exercising routine that you like. The Fitness Test program is meant to determine your fitness level, depending on your cardiovascular performance. And finally, the HR programs give you the possibility to maintain into a given heart rate interval.

There are 12 direct keys for resistance adjustment, for the 1,4,8,12,16,20,21,24,28,32,36,40 settings. However, resistance can also be adjusted in increments of 1 when using Manual mode, via the Up/Down keys. Each program has its on key on the dashboard. Also, there’s a Stop key, which allows you to pause your workout in case you have to.

The console is powered on as you begin to pedal, and it enters sleep mode several seconds after the flywheel stops. Of course, it has an internal battery, and your workout data won’t be lost when it stops. But in order for it to function, you must pedal, as it’s a sel-powered bike, and does not feature any AC connector.

The last aspect to mention here, the console is also telemetry enabled, being able to track pulse via a heart rate strap transmitter. The HR strap is not included though.

Assembly and Maintenance

This fitness machine is fairly easy to assemble, but it might take a while due to the consistent amount of bolts and nuts you’ll have to tighten. The drive and seat mechanisms come already assembled, connected to the frame. You only have to add the backrest, the saddle, frame’s bases and their covers, console mast, handlebars, console and connect all the wiring. It’s a pretty straightforward process, the manual provides explicit instruction, however it might take up to an hour and a half to fully assemble the bike. The tools for assembly that come with the box are a Phillips screwdriver, and two wrenches 12/14 mm and 13/15 mm.

Since it’s an eddy current machine, and belt-driven, its internal components don’t require maintenance. They’re all pre-lubricated with industrial grade lubricants, mean to last a very long time. As for its external maintenance, all you have to do is remove the dust from time to time, and periodically check the bolts and joints of the machine, to make sure everything holds tight in its place.

The Pros

Here’s a complete summary of the positive aspects regarding this bike. Even though we’ve pretty much covered them so far, you may have missed one or two, so here’s the chance to review them all:

  • Extremely sturdy frame, able to support users up to 350 lbs;
  • Compact, elegant design;
  • Superior ergonomics – cushioned and contoured seat and backrest;
  • Adjustable seat;
  • Self-powered machine;
  • Eddy current break, with 40 levels of resistance;
  • 30 lbs flywheel for a consistent momentum;
  • 10 on-board workout programs;
  • Offers the possibility to configure your own workout;
  • Quiet belt drive system, making this bike a great choice for apartment use;
  • Self-leveling pedals with adjustable straps;
  • Multiple accessories, including bottle holders, accessory holders, speakers compatible with most MP3 players/smartphones/tablets, cooling fan, tablet holder;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Basically no maintenance;
  • Excellent warranty plan.

The Cons

Although the Sole LCR is an excellent fitness machine, it’s not perfect. So, here’s its share of sole lcr exercise machinedownsides:

  • Backrest is non-adjustable – other models such as the Diamondback 510sr offer this feature;
  • A tablet (or magazine) placed on the media tray will partially cover the console’s display;
  • HR chest strap not included;
  • No online connectivity;

Final Conclusions

Although it’s not exactly the most affordable fitness machine, almost anyone that has ever bought the SOLE LCR recumbent exercise bike has given it a rating between 4 and 5 stars. That’s because its construction, comfort and overall quality simply stand up to its price. It’s actually a bike with pretty high price / quality score compared to other models. And when it comes to the fitness potential that it can offer, it’s an excellent machine for light, medium and even more challenging workouts, a great choice for keeping a healthy cardiovascular system, building stamina and losing weight.

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