LifeSpan E2i Elliptical Cross Trainer

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LifeSpan E2i
lifespan e2i - elliptical trainer
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Parts: 3 years
Labor: 1year

The LifeSpan E2i elliptical trainer is not specified to be a model designed for commercial use, but definitely has the construction of a gym grade machine. Its frame is heavy, built like a tank, and its front drive system delivers a smooth and natural elliptical motion. Although it doesn’t have the full range of features of a commercial model, it does have automatic incline, a decent array of on-board workouts, and Bluetooth capabilities.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 80L x 24W x 69H inches (203L x 61W x 175H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 207 lbs (94 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 25 lbs (11.3 kg)
  • Supported weight: 350 lbs (158.7 kg)
  • Stride: 20 inches (51 cm)
  • Incline: Automatic, 20 levels
  • Resistance: Magnetic, motor-assisted
  • Pedals: CoreBalance technology
  • Handlebars: Mobile and fixed
  • Console: 17 pre-set programs, 2 HR, 2 custom user programs, Bluetooth capable, USB port
  • Amenities: Sound system, bottle holder, tablet holder,
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts 3 years / Labor 1 year

Frame construction

This LifeSpan elliptical trainer features an extremely solid construction. Its frame is all-steel, robotically welded, with very few joints connected via bolts and nuts. On top of that, the machine is really heavy, with a net weight of 207 lbs (94 kg). This means its transport, lifespan e2i elliptical machineunboxing and assembly require at least two people. All the steel parts in its construction are double coated with corrosion resistant paint, mostly black.

The frame not only has a heavy construction, it also has an aesthetic design. It integrates several PVC covers for some of the parts to improve its overall aspect, but also to add extra protection to those parts. For example, both bases have covers, while the console mast integrates a bottle holder.

Although the machine’s weight plays an important role in its overall stability, the frame still is equipped with several adjustable stabilizers, with rubber caps. It’s still recommended though to place the machine on a mat, to prevent any damage to the floor, due to its weight.

The machine’s frame isn’t foldable. However, once assembled its relocation is facilitated by its front wheels. You only need to be able to lift approx. 40 lbs in order to lean it on its wheels. The rear base also integrates a handle for this purpose.

Incline, stride and step-up height

The LifeSpan E2i elliptical cross trainer features a motorized incline system, which means it can only be adjusted from the console. It also means that you can put a lot of diversity in your workouts, putting more focus on your calves, hamstrings, glutes or quads. lifespan e2i - automatic incline

The incline motor is placed at the rear of the machine, and lifts up the two rail bars of the pedals, changing the disposition of the elliptical motion. The incline has 20 distinctive settings; at maximum incline, the ramp offered by the two bars is approx. 30°.

The pedal step-up height, at 0° incline is 12″ (30.4 cm). Adjusting the incline to maximum will add approx. 10″ (25.4 cm) more to your height. Therefore, in order to avoid any inconveniences, add at least 25-26 inches to your own height and make sure the result won’t exceed the ceiling height of the room where the machine will be used.

Last but not least, this machine offers a fixed, 20″ (51 cm) stride. This means it can accommodate comfortably users up to 6’2″ – 6’3″ (188-190 cm.

Drive and resistance

The LifeSpan E2i trainer features a motor-assisted magnetic resistance system. This means it requires to be connected to a power source, so that you can benefit from resistance adjustment. Also, it means that resistance is exclusively controlled from the machine’s console.

The resistance system consists of a servo motor which takes the commands given from the console and changes the pull of the magnetic elements, in order to increase the drag on the flywheel. Since the resistance is frictionless, the pedaling motion is extremely smooth and quiet. Also, there’s virtually no wear and tear in the resistance elements.

The machine’s console makes available 20 resistance settings. There are keys on it for gradual resistance adjustment and quick resistance adjustment. If you’re going to use one of the on-board exercise programs, resistance will adjust automatically. This also goes for the incline, if the program in use involves incline.

The lowest resistance levels deliver light workouts, perfect for warm-ups or recovery training, while the top resistance levels can definitely make you sweat.

This LifeSpan elliptical trainer is equipped with a perimeter weighted, 25 lbs (11.3 kg) flywheel, which supplies a very smooth pedaling motion, and a consistent momentum. The transmission between the pulley and the flywheel is made available by a heavy-duty v-belt. As a general idea, a belt drive system is much quieter than a chain drive, and also does not require any maintenance.

The machine’s pedals are mounted on extremely solid, steel bars. They’re actually designed to support users up to 350 lbs (158.7 kg). They glide on large rollers with integrated ball bearings for a smooth motion. As opposed to the LifeSpan E3i, this model only has one rail bar for each pedal. However, this aspect doesn’t really affect the overall feel of the elliptical motion.

LifeSpan ellipticals, including the E2i model, feature CoreBalance technology. In other words, lifespan e2i - corebalancethe pedals are equipped with sensors which detect the precise amount of pressure you apply on each pedal, displaying the data on the console screen. This way, you can adapt your pedaling motion in order to achieve perfect balance and an even workout for both legs.

The pedals are spacious enough to accommodate sports shoes of all sizes. They have an adherent surface, providing excellent stability for the feet. The machine’s Q-Factor (the distance between the pedals) is natural, 3.9″ wide (99 mm). This results in a comfortable stride, without any lateral impact on the knees.

This elliptical machine features two sets of handlebars: fixed and mobile. The fixed handlebars integrate stainless steel pulse sensors for heart rate monitoring. The mobile handlebars have a multi-grip design, with removable upper arms to provide an additional workout option. Their grips are covered by a sheet of rubber foam material, supplying excellent comfort.


The E2i LifeSpan elliptical cross trainer comes with a mid range console, with a 6″, multi-panel LCD display, with blue backlight. Its readouts include speed, time, stride count, watts, calories burned, heart rate, date and clock, and the CoreBalance. Of course, the selected resistance and lifespan e2i - consoleincline levels are also displayed.

The console unit has 21 workout programs, plus the free stride mode. The 21 programs include 2 for heart rate, 2 custom user workouts, and 17 preset workouts. The preset workouts are divided in three categories: weight management (5), healthy living (5) and sports training (7). The custom user programs give you the possibility to design your own workouts. Evidently, in order to track your pulse and use the HR programs, you will have to hold onto the stainless steel pulse sensors mounted on the fixed handlebars. However, the console unit has a built-in HR receiver, and can read your pulse wirelessly via a chest strap transmitter. This accessory is not included though.

The E2i console is also Bluetooth capable. In other words it can sync with your OS or Android device, in order to wirelessly access your LifeSpan Club account for workout data transfer, tracking your weight and progress, or get more info about health and fitness. However, the Bluetooth adapter is an optional purchase, not included with the machine, and costs approx. $29. The LifeSpan Club membership if free though, included with every elliptical, and you can still upload your workout data into your account via USB, as the console features a USB port. The USB port works as a charging port for your device as well. The Active Trac app for your OS or Android device is also free.

Two other features to mention here are the tablet holder and the sound system. The tablet holder is given by a small edge right under the console display, long enough to support any tablet or smartphone. The sound system consists of two speakers placed at the top of the console. This sound system is compatible with most smartphones, tablets and MP3 devices. The sound rendered by it, although not top-notch quality, it still is considerably superior to any phone or tablet speakers.

Assembly and Maintenance

As we’ve mentioned above, this elliptical cross trainer is quite heavy. Thus, the receiving of the package, unboxing and assembly should be done by at least two people. The assembly process is not rocket science, but due to the many parts that require assembly, it may take up to three hours. As a general idea, the motors and internal parts are ready assembled and attached to the frame. The only parts that requires assembly are the bases, pedals, lateral and upright bars, console and wire connections. The supplied manual provides clear and concise step-by-step assembly instructions. Tools are also included.

Maintenance requires keeping the machine’s rails clean, to protect the pedal wheels. The bar joints may require periodic lubrication. Other than this, there isn’t anything much to be done in terms of maintenance.

The Pros

  • Sturdy frame and overall construction, machine able to support users up to 350 lbs;
  • Elegant design lines;
  • Rubberized, adjustable foot stabilizers on all bases;
  • Ergonomic pedals with CoreBalance technology;
  • Automatic incline, with up to 30° slope, with 20 levels;
  • 20 levels of magnetic, motor-assisted resistance;
  • Smooth and quiet drive;
  • Fixed and mobile handlebars;
  • Pulse sensors incorporated within the fixed handlebars;
  • HR receiver built-in console (can read pulse via wireless HR chest strap);
  • Mid-range console with a multi-panel, LED backlit display;
  • 21 built-in workout programs;
  • Bluetooth capable console;
  • USB port for workout data transfer;
  • Free online LifeSpan membership for uploading your workout data, and tracking your progress;
  • Sound system included;
  • Tablet holder included;
  • Bottle holder included;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Excellent warranty package.

The Cons

  • No cooling fan; lifespan e2i - elliptical trainer
  • A tablet placed on the media holder may block the view of the workout display;
  • Bluetooth adapter not included.


The LifeSpan E2i is a heavy-duty elliptical trainer, with a construction similar to gym grade models. It offers 20 levels of eddy current resistance, rear motorized incline with 20 ramp levels, and a training range for all users, from beginner to pro. Its console has 21 workout programs, being also Bluetooth capable. It’s an excellent machine for stamina building, interval training, weight loss, and of course, cardio training. In all, it’s a cross trainer with an excellent price / value ratio, as it costs less than $1,300, while offering a construction and specs range close to a commercial machine.

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