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Innova Health and Fitness Folding Upright Bike XB350

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Innova XB350
innova fitness xb350 upright folding bike
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250 lbsMagneticNo1 year

If you’re short on space but would still love to use an exercise bike within the comfort of your home, the Innova Fitness XB350 might just fit your needs perfectly. It’s a pretty simple upright bike, won’t break the bank, and it offers several accessories that other bikes in the same price range don’t offer. So, without wasting anymore of your time, here’s what this bike has to offer.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 44L x 22W x 63H inches (112L x 56W x 160H cm)
  • Product weight: 42 lbs (19 kg)
  • Supported weight: 250 lbs (113 kg)
  • Handlebar: Non-adjustable
  • Seat: Adjustable
  • Pedals: With straps
  • Brakes: Magnetic
  • Resistance: Adjustable, 8 levels
  • Tablet holder: Yes
  • Performance monitor: Yes
  • Warranty: 1 year

The resistance mechanism of this upright bike is pretty basic. It’s magnet-based, featuring a innova xb350 adjustable seattension knob with 8 levels of resistance. To adjust resistance you simply turn the knob, which moves the magnet farther or closer to the flywheel. The bike does have a small flywheel, connected by a solid belt to the crank assembly, but the whole mechanism is closed within the protective case, out of sight. The flywheel is far from being as big or heavy as in spin bikes.

These being said, the highest level of resistance is not very tough. It simulates a ride on a very low slope. It won’t give you a consistent burn after 1-2 minutes of pedaling, like a spin bike is able to supply. However, after about 10 minutes of working out on one of the highest resistance settings, you should feel the burn, and feel your heart pumping.

The crank assembly of the bike excels in sturdiness. It’s steel-made, built to last for many years of use. It can support the whole user’s weight while standing up. However, due to the frame’s design, pedaling while standing up is pretty awkward. Again, this is not a spin bike. It’s made for light cardio exercising, in seated position. The crank arms are finished with spacious pedals with straps, for maximum foot stability. The treads on the pedals are standard, and in case you would like pedals with cleats, you should easily be able to find a pair to fit.

The bike is pretty quiet. It hardly makes any noise, so given this fact, it’s a safe choice for apartment use. You can be sure you won’t disturb the neighbors, or other family members.innova xb350 handlebar and tablet holder

The Innova XB350 features a steel frame, with an anti-corrosive powder coating finish. So far, this upright bike is available only in gray color. The bases of the frame feature leveling caps, to enhance the bike’s stability. None of the bases have transport wheels, however the bike isn’t that heavy, weighing about 42 lbs (19 kg), and its moving for storage shouldn’t be a problem. Even if it has a rather small footprint, of 20″W X 44″L (51 X 112 cm), the bike is pretty stable, and shouldn’t wobble or move while you pedal.

The frame is foldable, rendering this bike easy to store. When in folded position the bike occupies 20″W X 14″L (51 X 35.5 cm). It can fit under the bed or in a small closet. Height wise, the handlebar, with the tablet holder attached, reaches 63″ (160 cm). Folding it should add about 5″ (13 cm) more to its height. Without the tablet holder, the bike stands about 58″ (147 cm) tall (when unfold).

The seat equipped on the Innova XB350 is pretty spacious, with a slightly molded design. Even though it’s only rubber-padded and not cushioned, it’s a pretty comfortable seat, supplying much more comfort than the seats on spin cycles. Evidently, the seat is adjustable height-wise, offering 5 levels of adjustment. However, the bike is not designed for users taller than 6’0″ (183 cm). Users this tall may find the highest seat setting still to low, depending on the length of their inseam.

The bike’s handlebar is non-adjustable. However, it does offer several grip possibilities, which can diversify the amount of workout postures. It’s nicely padded with rubber-foam material, to secure a comfortable grip and prevent hands from blistering. A great feature for such an inexpensive bike are the handlebar integrated pulse sensors. This feature is great to have in case you need to monitor your heart rate, to maintain within a specific interval.

innova xb350 consoleAnother accessory that many other upright bikes similar to this particular model do not offer, is the tablet / book holder. This support is plastic-made, and pretty wide, being able to accommodate tablets of just about any size. It can also be tilted, giving you the possibility to get just the right angle for the best view.

The console included with the bike is a rather basic one. However, it does supply information regarding just about all the values that any user would like to know during their workout. It tracks speed, distance, time, pulse, and calories burned. It also has an odometer function which will tell you how many miles you’ve put onto the bike up to the current moment. The console is easy to operate. It has only one button which allows you to scan through the values. It requires one battery, AAA-type (which is included).

Assembly and Maintenance

The bike is far from being difficult to assemble. The two frame pieces come already connected together, and the drive mechanism enclosed in its case and attached to the frame. You basically have to attach the bases, the seat, the handlebars, console and tablet holder. The whole operation shouldn’t take more than 20 minutes even if you’re not exactly handy with tools. The box also includes the user’s manual and all the tools needed for the assembly.

For maintenance, there isn’t much to be done, really. Since it’s a magnetic bike, there’s no wear and tear with the resistance system. Basically, all you have to do is keep the bike clean.

What’s Best About This Bike

We’re going to state the obvious once more, in case you haven’t been paying attention so far. Therefore, here’s a summary of the pros regarding the Innova Fitness Folding Upright Bike.

  • Steel frame, with a sturdy build and design.
  • Foldability.
  • Small footprint.
  • Light exercising machine, easy to handle, and carry.
  • 8 levels of magnetic resistance.
  • EKG grip sensors built-in the handlebars.
  • Performance monitor, with battery included.
  • Tablet / book holder.
  • Quiet bike, great for apartment building use.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Excellent price / quality ratio.


There are of course several aspects that can be considered drawbacks. Therefore, if you’re considering the purchase of this bike, you deserve to be informed about them. So, here they are.

  • The bike isn’t designed for tall users. At a 6’0″ height you may not benefit from a full leg stretch.
  • Although it offers 8 levels of resistance, the highest settings are not exactly a challenge. innova fitness xb350 upright folding bikeHowever, keep in mind that this is not a bike for heavy spinning.
  • No water bottle holder.
  • Seat is not cushioned. However, this can easily be fixed with a “sheepskin” seat padding, or a gel seat cover.


Even though the Innova XB350 is far from being an exercising machine with all the belts and whistles, it’s nonetheless a decent upright foldable bike. Along with the setting for a light to medium cardio workout, it offers several accessories that other bikes of this type do not, such as tablet holder and EKG pulse grips. It’s not exactly a bike made for losing weight, but you can still knock off up to 300 calories per workout session on this bike. On top of all this, it’s a pretty inexpensive bike.

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