Fitness Reality X Class 310SX Recumbent Bike

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X-Class 310SX

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325 lbsMagnetic,
24 levels
20 preset,
3 HR,
2 custom,
4 user
Frame: 5 years
Parts: 1 year

The Fitness Reality X-Class 310SX is a heavy-duty recumbent exercise bike which offers a wide array of workout programs and simply excels in comfort factors. In terms of features, it can be compared to the Exerpeutic 4000 but does offer a few extra features such as an integrated sound system, a large accessory tray, and superior adjustability. For reference, this is the Fitness Reality bike part number 2161.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 60.5L x 34.5W x 47.5H inches (154L x 88W x 121H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 108 lbs (49 kg)
  • Supported weight: 325 lbs (147.4 kg)
  • Handlebars: Non-adjustable
  • Seat: 2-way adjustable
  • Pedals: Weighted, with straps
  • Resistance: Eddy current, 24 levels
  • Console: 20 preset programs, 3 HRC programs, 4 user profiles, recovery test, Bluetooth enabled
  • Amenities: Sound system, tablet holder, bottle holder, under-seat storage tray
  • Warranty: Frame 5 years / Parts 1 year

Frame construction

The Fitness Reality X Class 310SX recumbent bike features a pretty solid steel frame, with a step-through design, which offers a better access to the seat. Most of the steel parts within the unit’s construction are double coated with a rust-resistant, and abrasion-resistant paint finish, the color used being gray. The only exception is the seat adjustment rail which is stainless steel and has its natural polish.

There are a few ABS parts in the bike’s construction as well. Among them, we can count the covers of the flywheel, several other joint covers, and the accessory tray under the seat. These don’t affect the unit’s sturdiness.

Speaking of sturdiness, this recumbent exercise bike is designed to support users up to 325 lbs (147.4 kg), which is similar to light-commercial models. It’s also fairly heavy; with the frame fully set up, it weighs approx. 108 lbs (49 kg), a weight which adds to its stability. Plus, the rear base and the middle of the main chassis are equipped with adjustable, rubberized stabilizers, and therefore, you can perfectly level the bike on any type of floor.

Despite its weight, the bike shouldn’t be too difficult to transport once it is assembled. The rear base features a lifting handle, while the front base integrates two transport wheels.

The bike doesn’t fold, and it’s not exactly space-saving. It’s a fairly large unit, its assembled footprint being 60.5″L x 34.5″W (154 x 88 cm). On top of that, it is recommended to assign a usage area for the unit of approx. two feet all around it, for easy access and safe operation.

Last but not least, the X-Class 310SX bike is equipped with an accessory tray with two large compartments, attached to the frame under the seat. It also included a bottle holder which attaches to the front console mast.

Seat and handlebars

The Fitness Reality X-Class 310SX exercise bike simply excels in ergonomic factors. To begin with, its seat is three inches thick, featuring “Air Soft” technology. Not only that it’s cushioning has foam material, it also has several air cells which enable it to adapt perfectly to your body, providing superior comfort. It’s also fairly large (approx. 16″ wide), and its upholstery combines vinyl with synthetic fabric elements for a durable construction.

Needless to say, the seat is adjustable. It is attached to an oblique rail and can move closer or farther from the pedals. It has a fairly long adjustment span, so the bike can accommodate users between 5’0″ and 6’3″ (153 – 190 cm), promoting a complete leg extension.

The seat adjustment mechanism involves a small lever placed under the seat on the right side. By pressing the lever forward, the seat unlocks and can be moved on its rail. Therefore, you can easily adjust its position while seated, in a similar way to an office chair.

The seat is equipped with a mesh-type, contoured backrest which provides an excellent lumbar support. Its mesh structure offers maximum breathability, so you won’t overheat during exercising. The backrest is directly attached to the seat assembly; it cannot be adjusted independently from the seat.

The bike doesn’t have front handlebars like other recumbent bikes, such as the NordicTrack VR21, for example. But nonetheless, the seat armrests provide all the comfort you need. Not only that they have elbow pads with the same air soft cushioning, they also have oblique grips with top ball grips in order to provide different arm positions. They’re also equipped with pulse sensors so that the console can track your pulse and run its Recovery test if needed.

Drive system

This Fitness Reality exercise bike features a belt drive system, using a heavy-duty poly-v belt which delivers a very smooth operation and almost zero noise. Also, as opposed to a chain drive, you don’t have to lubricate it and produces considerably less vibration during pedaling.

The bike is equipped with a balanced internal flywheel. Its weight is not specified, but considering the size of the bike, it’s probably between 14 and 20 lbs (6.3 – 9 kg). It’s designed to provide a steady momentum and a smooth pedaling motion. It also offers the possibility to pedal in reverse.

The bike’s crankset integrates a fairly large pulley (actually slightly larger than the flywheel). It has two steel crank arms, and weighted pedals. The surface of the pedals is anti-slip and they’re also equipped with adjustable straps to perfectly secure your feet on them.

Resistance system

The Fitness Reality X-Class 310SX uses an eddy current resistance system with digital control. In other words, it needs to be connected to a power source, and the resistance control can only be done from the console. A power adapter is included with the unit.

The resistance system consists of a small servo motor and a magnetic brake mechanism. As you select a certain level of resistance from the console, the motor will adjust the position of the brake and therefore, increase or decrease the pedal tension. Also, it’s important to mention that when you’re using one of the preset programs or heart rate programs built-in the console, the bike will auto-adjust its resistance, depending on the segment of the workout, or the selected heart rate interval.

The bike offers 24 resistance levels, offering the possibility to perform a wide array of workouts. The first 1-3 resistance levels deliver a very light resistance, great for users with disabilities. The top 20-24 programs, on the other hand, offer the possibility to train on a higher level, in order to achieve a greater muscle burn and an elevated heart rate.


The X-Class 310SX bike is equipped with an acrylic console featuring an LCD display with blue LED backlight for a better readability. The display is split into several sub-sections and shows multiple workout metrics at once, so you won’t have to use a scan function to alternate them. The display indicates time, distance, RPM, calories, speed, pulse, and watts. Also, the large mid-section shows the profiles of the program in use.

The console offers the possibility to select English or metric units for the display of speed and distance. It is not telemetric, though; it cannot read your pulse from an HR chest strap, so in order to use an HRC program or run the recovery test, you will have to use the sensors incorporated into the armrest grips.

There is an impressive array of programs built-in the console. To begin with, there are 20 preset programs, which cover a variety of workouts, some focusing on calorie burning, others offering an interval setup, etc. There are 3 Heart Rate programs with intervals of 65%, 75%, and 85%; during one of these programs, you will have to use the EKG sensors, and the bike will auto-adjust the resistance in order to keep you within the selected HR interval. There also are two custom programs which allow you to create a workout of your own liking. And finally, there’s the classic, manual program which allows you to freely pedal and manually adjust the resistance during the workout.

There are four user profile settings on the console. Each user can input their own data such as weight, height, gender, and age, for a custom and more accurate calorie reading. Various other settings are available for each user profile, such as metric or English units, language (French, Spanish or English), and of course, the workout program choices.

A Recovery function is also available. It can be run at the end of the workout so that the console will monitor the amount of time that your heart rate takes to return to normal. At the end of the test, the console will provide you with a fitness rating between F1 and F6, F1 being “excellent”, while F6 being “very poor”.

The bike’s console is also Bluetooth enabled, and compatible with the free MyFitQuest fitness app. Therefore, you can track your progress online.

As extra features, the console is equipped with a sound system and a tablet holder. The sound system consists of two small speakers placed at the bottom of the console. It’s compatible with most MP3 players and smartphones, and you can listen to your music through it during exercising. The tablet holder is placed at the top of the console, being large enough to accommodate any type of tablet.

Assembly and Maintenance

This Fitness Reality recumbent bike comes only partially assembled. Its base frame with the drive and resistance elements is already assembled. However, you will still have to add the bike’s base stabilizers, the seat with its backrest and armrests, the console mast, the console, the pedals, and various other small parts. This may take more than an hour. The manual provides clear assembly instructions, though, and all the tools needed are included.

Since it’s a belt drive bike with a magnetic resistance system internal maintenance is almost inexistent. Unless an internal part sustains damage and requires replacement, you won’t ever need to remove the flywheel or pulley guards. As for the external maintenance, you should keep the unit clean, periodically check the bolts and other parts.

The Pros

  • Light-commercial construction – can hold users up to 325 lbs;
  • Adjustable stabilizers on the rear base and middle;
  • Transport wheels on the front base;
  • Air Soft cushioned seat;
  • Cushioned armrests;
  • Mesh backrest offering superior airflow, ideal for prolonged workouts;
  • Ball grips;
  • Pulse sensors integrated into the handgrips;
  • 2-way adjustable seat;
  • Weighted pedals, with adjustable straps;
  • Smooth and quiet belt drive system, an excellent machine for apartment use;
  • Console-assisted magnetic resistance;
  • 24 distinct resistance levels;
  • 20 pre-set workouts;
  • 3 heart rate programs;
  • 2 custom programs;
  • 4 user profiles;
  • Bluetooth enabled console, compatible with MyFitQuestApp;
  • Goal setting functions; 
  • Recovery test function;
  • Tablet holder included;
  • Under-seat accessory tray included;
  • Bottle holder included;
  • Sound system included;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Fairly easy to assemble.

The Cons

  • No front handlebars;
  • No cooling fan.


The Fitness Reality X Class 310SX is a mid-range recumbent bike, with a light-commercial construction. It’s equipped with a 24-level eddy current resistance system and its console offers 26 programs and a recovery test. It’s also Bluetooth enabled. Compared to other bikes, it excels in comfort factors, its seat being Air Soft cushioned. It’s a great bike for users of all levels, excellent for recovery training but also for intervals, stamina, and weight loss. In all, it’s an excellent bike for the price.

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