FitLeader UF1 Upright Bike Exercise Bike

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FitLeader UF1
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290 lbsMagnetic,
8 levels
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FitLeader offers quite a few exercise bikes for various types of workouts, including spinning, recumbent and upright. The UF1 model is almost identical with the UF2 which we’ve recently covered here. There are a few differences between these upright bike models. And in this review we’ll point them all out, also offering as much info as possible about this particular model’s features and functions.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 41L x 20W x 59H inches (104L x 51W x 150H cm)
  • Shipping weight: 68 lbs (31 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 15.4 lbs (7 kg)
  • Supported weight: 290 lbs (131.5 kg)
  • Handlebars: 2-way adjustable
  • Seat: 4-way adjustable
  • Pedals: With adjustable straps
  • Drive: Belt
  • Resistance: Magnetic, 8 levels
  • Fitness meter: Included
  • Amenities: Bottle holder, tablet holder
  • Warranty: 1 year limited

Frame and parts

This upright bike features a one-piece, steel-made frame, durable enough to support users up to 290 lbs (131.5 kg). There are though, several plastic parts in its construction, such as the covers of the flywheel and crank assembly, the caps of the bases, joint cover of the handlebars and the tablet holder. Evidently, these have no direct role in the user’s support, and do not affect the bike’s overall sturdiness. Plus, the shroud covers of the flywheel fitleader upright bike uf1 - side viewfeature an aesthetic design, rendering the overall aspect of the bike quite good-looking.

The bike’s bases integrate adjustable stabilizers, with rubber covers, in order to provide protection for your floors, and of course, to maximize its stability. This upright bike is not foldable such as the Exerpeutic 500 XLS. However, its front base features a pair of caster wheels to facilitate its transport. Even though it’s not too heavy, with an assembled weight of approx. 65 lbs (29.5 kg), by leaning it forward on its wheels, you will basically handle less than half of its weight during transport. Thus, its transport for storage shouldn’t be a problem for most users.

Like most upright exercise bikes, the FitLeader UF1 does not occupy too much space. It has a footprint of 41″L x 20″W (104L x 51W cm), which makes it pretty safe to say that it’s an easy fit even for small rooms.

The seat supplied with this bike, is pretty much the same model as the one for the UF2. It’s a standard seat. It features a standard connection system to its post, which makes it easy to find a replacement for it, just in case you want a more comfortable model. The saddle is contoured, features a bit of padding, and it’s considerably wider than an indoor cycling bike seat, evidently offering much more comfort.fitleader upright bike uf1 - seat

The seat is 4-way adjustable, meaning it can be adjusted up, down, forward and backward. It has several adjustment positions, over a span of 13″ (33 cm). Its lowest position places it 30″ (76 cm) above the floor level, while its highest position sets it at approx. 43″ (110 cm). In other words, the bike can accommodate users between 5′ – 6’5″ (152 – 196 cm).

The handlebar is also adjustable. Its angle can be changed, and secured into position via a knob. It features a multi-grip design, and it’s covered by a thin sheet of rubber foam material, in order to supply the adequate comfort, and prevent any damage to the hands. It also integrates stainless steel pulse sensors, thus the console can keep the track of your heart rate.

Drive and resistance

This exercise bike is equipped with a medium-sized flywheel, with a weight of 15.4 lbs (7 kg). It’s a perimeter weighted flywheel, which means the pedaling motion is pretty smooth and stable. It’s also a belt-driven bike, aspect that comes with two advantages. First of all, it’s extremely quiet; second of all, the belt does not require periodical lubrication as a bike chain normally does.

The bike uses a very solid crank assembly, with steel crank arms, and weighted pedals with adjustable straps. However, keep in mind that this is an upright bike. It’s designed for fitleader exercise bike uf1 - pedalsseated workouts. So, even though it would probably support you in stand-up workout routine, it’s definitely not made for this type of workouts.

Reverse pedaling is also possible on this bike. Thus, you can put a little bit of diversity into exercising routines. Also, when pedaling backwards the meter will continue to count your statistics.

Just like the FitLeader UF2, this bike uses a manual magnetic resistance system. It consists of a magnetic element, connected to the resistance knob via a steel wire. By turning the knob, you change the position of the magnetic brake pad in relation to the flywheel, reducing or increasing drag. Needless to say, since the resistance system is manual, this fitness machine does not require to be connected to a power source.

There are 8 distinctive resistance levels specified on the tension knob. The first two levels offer only little tension, which means they’re great for anyone with a reduced fitness level, or users who require physiotherapy. Conversely, the 7-8 resistance levels will definitely help you break a sweat.

Fitness meter

The meter is easy to operate. It features only one button which covers all of its functions. It has a SCAN function which cycles through all the metrics, indicating each one for several seconds. However, you can select any of these values to be the only one displayed on screen. To reset all the values, simply press and hold it for several seconds.fitleader exercise bike uf1 - console with tablet holder

The meter starts when the sensor detects activity on the pedals or when you press the button. It automatically shuts off after several minutes of inactivity. It requires 4-AA type batteries, which are included.

The meter can track 6 statistics, including: distance, time, speed, RPM, calories and pulse. It also has an Odometer function, which keeps track of the total distance traveled. The meter is not telemetry enabled. But it can read your pulse and keep track of your heart rate via the sensors integrated in the handlebars.

In terms of accessories, there are two to be mentioned. First of all, the whole console assembly integrates a tablet holder, which can also serve as a reading rack, for a book or magazine. And second of all, the bike comes with a bottle holder, which attaches to the main post of the handlebar.

Assembly and Maintenance

The main body of the bike comes ready-assembled. In other words, its flywheel, crankset, belt, and the other internal parts come already in their place, and covered by the plastic shrouds. Thus, in terms of assembly, you only need to add the bases to the main body, the seat post, the seat, the handlebar post (connecting the tension wire), the handlebars, and finally the meter with the tablet holder. Tools for assembly are supplied, as well as a very comprehensive manual.

Maintenance doesn’t require much. All you have to do is check the machine’s joints from time to time and re-tighten them if it’s the case.

The Pros

  • Sturdy construction, elegant design;
  • Small footprint;
  • Ergonomic seat, 4-way adjustable;
  • Magnetic resistance, with 8 distinctive settings, for light to medium cardio;
  • Handlebars with pulse sensors;
  • Angle-adjustable tablet holder;
  • Fitness meter included;
  • Tablet holder and bottle holder included;
  • Quiet and smooth drive;
  • Easy to put together;
  • Little maintenance required.fitleader upright exercise bike uf1

The Cons

  • The handlebars need to be tighten well in position, otherwise they will wiggle a bit. This is pretty much common for all bikes with an angle-adjustable handlebar;
  • A tablet placed on the holder will cover the display of the meter.

Final Word

The FitLeader UF1 is an upright exercise bike, made for light to medium cardio workouts. It features a manual magnetic resistance system, with 8 distinctive levels of resistance. It offers excellent comfort, and the possibility to tone your muscles, regain or maintain your cardiovascular fitness, build stamina, and even lose weight. You can burn up to 250 calories over 25-30 minutes of pedaling on it. It’s definitely not a commercial upright bike like the SOLE LCB, but for home use it’s perfect as it features a pretty solid construction. And finally, it costs less than $300 which is not bad for the range of features that it offers.

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