Efitment IC031 Indoor Cycling Bike

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Efitment IC031

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The Efitment IC031 offers more adjustability than the Efitment IC014 model that we’ve previously reviewed here. However, it has a slightly lower user weight capacity and its exercise meter has a SCAN-type display. Its resistance system is similar to the one on the ASUNA Sabre; it’s a manual magnetic resistance bike, a feature that comes with several advantages which we’re going to cover in this post.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 50L x 22W x 50H inches (127L x 56W x 127H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 104 lbs (47 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 40 lbs (18 kg)
  • Supported weight: 275 lbs (125 kg)
  • Handlebars: 4-way adjustable
  • Seat: 4-way adjustable
  • Drive mechanism: Belt
  • Resistance: Magnetic
  • Fitness meter: Time, speed, distance, odometer, calories, pulse, goals
  • Warranty: 3 years

Frame construction

The Efitment IC031 is an exercise bike designed for spinning. Although it’s not an authentic Mad Dogg Athletics spinning bike, it can support just about any type of spin workout. Its frame is built entirely out of steel bars. Its construction is rather heavy, the bike weighs approx. 104 lbs (47 kg) with the frame fully assembled, which is more than twice the weight of the average road bike. All this weight is reflected in the bike’s stability. Also, its stability is enhanced by the adjustable stabilizers present on both its bases, which offer the possibility to perfectly level it on any type of surface.

The bike’s frame features a durable, double powder coating which is rust resistant and scratch resistant. The color used for the main frame is black, with the white-blue printed Efitment logo on the main tube. However, the seat and handlebar posts, as well as the peripheral section of the flywheel have a chrome finish.

There are several parts in the bike’s construction which are not metallic. One of them is the belt guard, the other is the casing of the resistance pad. But nonetheless, these do not influence the bike’s overall sturdiness.

Although the mid-section of the frame above the crank does not integrate a conventional stepping pad, such as the for the AFG 7.3AIC bike, this part of the frame can still be used in spin workouts that require stepping on/off the frame. Also, the paint finish is highly resistant to abrasion and shouldn’t wear out even if this section of the bike is put to use on a daily basis.

The bike’s frame does not fold. However, the front base is equipped with two large silicone-coated and ball-beared wheels. Thus, the bike’s relocation shouldn’t be too difficult.

Compared to other cardio fitness machines such as ellipticals or treadmills, the Efitment IC031 indoor cycling bike is far from being large. Its maximum length is 50″ (127 cm), with the base footprint a few inches shorter. Its width is 22″ (56 cm), and these being said, a usage area of 7′ x 4′ (213 x 122 cm) for it should suffice.

Seat and handlebars

The seat supplied with the Efitment IC031 exercise bike is quite different than for most spin bikes. Although it’s not a large seat, it’s also not the average slim spin seat. It integrates a generous layer of padding and has two springs at the rear which considerably improve its overall cushioning and comfort.

The seat is 4-way adjustable. Its vertical post features 9 adjustment positions, the spacing between the adjustment holes being approx. 1 inch. The total adjustment span offered by the upright seat post is approx. 7.5″ (19 cm). However, the seat can also be adjusted horizontally, and its horizontal slider offers a few inches as well. So, these being said, the bike can accommodate users between 5’0″ and 6’5″ (153 – 196 cm) with no problem.

The handlebar assembly is also 4-way adjustable (up, down, front, back). It doesn’t offer as many positions as the seat, but this feature can help a lot in obtaining the perfect fit for any user within the aforementioned height range.

The handlebar assembly offers a multi-grip design. It’s urethane dipped in order to provide a secure and comfortable grip. It has a large loop aero bar which adds several grip possibilities. Also, the lateral handlebars incorporate stainless steel pulse sensors, so the bike’s meter can monitor your pulse if you hold on to them.

Drive elements

The first aspect to mention here is that the Efitment IC031 indoor cycling trainer is equipped with a belt drive, using a 5pk1340 heavy-duty, poly v-belt. A belt drive comes with several advantages. For example, it doesn’t generate as much vibration as a chain, it doesn’t require lubrication, and it’s extremely quiet.

The flywheel is a fairly heavy one, weighing 40 lbs (~18 kg), designed for a consistent momentum. It’s bi-directional, which means you can pedal in reverse, and this being said, you can basically double the number of workouts that you can perform on this bike. The flywheel is also perimeter-weighted, which results in extra stability and smoothness for the pedaling motion.

Since the bike is designed for spin workouts, its crank is extremely durable, equipped with two solid steel crank arms. It can withstand the user in full standing up pedaling routines with no problem, as long as the bike’s weight capacity of 275 lbs (125 kg) is not exceeded. The pedals are also very durable; they’re made of metallic alloy and integrate toe cages for extra thrust. However, they do not have SPD clips for spin shoes, but they do have standard 9/16″ threads so you can easily find replacements for them.

The bike’s Q-Factor (spacing between the pedals) is quite narrow compared to other spin bikes. For this Efitment bike, it is 5.75″ (146 mm), which means that your feet are positioned naturally on the pedals, which results in a healthy pedaling motion with zero lateral stress on the knees.

Resistance system

The Efitment IC031 indoor cycling bike is equipped with a manual magnetic resistance system which consists of a magnetic brake pad connected to the knob on top of the frame, and a spring for stability in-between. As you turn the knob clockwise, the magnetic brake pad comes closer to the bike’s metallic flywheel increasing the resistance. Conversely, by turning the knob counter-clockwise the space between the resistance pad and the flywheel increases, and the drag is reduced.

The bike’s resistance system is manual. You don’t have to connect the bike to a power circuit for the resistance system to become functional. Also, in case you’re wondering, the console doesn’t have anything to do with the bike’s resistance. You can only adjust the resistance from the bike’s knob.

As opposed to bikes with friction resistance, such as ActionLine A84016 Pro for example, the resistance pad and the flywheel do not touch. Therefore, there is no wear-and-tear and you won’t have to go through the hassle of changing the brake pad due to wear. Plus, since there is no contact between the pad and flywheel, the brake doesn’t generate any noise.

The resistance knob doesn’t have any levels specified on it. You simply turn it until you find the generated resistance adequate to your training. Also, it serves as an emergency brake; by pressing it down you can immediately stop the flywheel, which may be necessary especially if you alternate normal with reverse pedaling sessions.

Exercise meter

The fitness meter included with this Efitment exercise bike is not an advanced unit but does offer several extra features over the average basic meter. To begin with, it has a media shelf which can serve as a tablet holder or magazine holder. It can track your heart rate via the sensors integrated into the handlebars. It also has countdown functions for time, distance and calories.

The meter unit features an LCD display with large, easy-to-read digits. It monitors your workout time, speed, distance, total distance (odometer), calories burned and heart rate. It has a SCAN function which alternates all these values showing each one for 6 seconds. The SCAN function can be toggled off, though, via the MODE button, and by pressing MODE repeatedly afterward, you can cycle through the workout metrics and select the one that interests you.

The SET button allows you to set up countdown values for time, distance, and calories, and work your way down from the selected values. And finally, via the RESET button, you can clear all the values on the meter to zero, except the odometer, which is only reset if you remove the batteries.

The unit has a sleep mode to which will enter after several seconds of inactivity. It requires 2 AAA batteries which are included.

Assembly and Maintenance

Most of the bike comes already assembled. The flywheel, the drive belt, the crank assembly and the brake mechanism are already attached to the main frame. So, in terms of assembly, all you need to do is attach the base bars to the main frame, add the seat and handlebar posts, then the seat and the handlebar, and finally the console and the pedals. This shouldn’t take more than 30 minutes. The manual will guide you through the assembly steps and the tools required for it are all included.

Maintenance requires lubricating the seat and handlebar posts so they can slide easier. A periodic check for loose bolts and parts is recommended. The transmission does not require any lubrication as it’s a belt, not a chain. Other than this, you should keep the bike clean and liquids away from the console unit.

The Pros

  • Durable frame, sturdy construction for a home use bike;
  • Can support users up to 275 lbs;
  • Adjustable stabilizers included;
  • Transport wheels included;
  • 4-way adjustable seat;
  • 4-way adjustable handlebar;
  • Thick cushioning and spring suspension on the seat;
  • Multi-grip handlebar; 
  • Pulse sensors integrated into the handlebar;
  • Smooth, almost silent belt drive;
  • Bi-directional, 40-lbs flywheel for a consistent momentum;
  • Manual magnetic resistance, with zero friction;
  • Exercise meter included – it can track time, distance, total distance, speed, calories, and pulse;
  • Goal settings for time, distance, and calories;
  • Tablet holder included;
  • Bottle holder included;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Little maintenance required.

The Cons

  • No SPD elements on the pedals;
  • No backlight on the fitness meter;
  • A tablet placed on the tablet holder will cover the meter’s display.

Bottom Line

The Efitment IC031 is a well-built indoor cycling trainer, designed for spin workouts, with a weight capacity of 275 lbs and manual magnetic resistance. It excels in micro-adjustability; both its seat and handlebars are 4-way adjustable. It has a cushioned, comfortable seat, a multi-grip handlebar, and also includes a fitness meter. It’s an excellent bike for light to intense cardio workouts, endurance training, interval training, and weight loss. Although it’s not the most affrodable indoor cycling bike, it’s still a few $100 cheaper than most authentic spin bikes. In all, it offers excellent value for the price.

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6 thoughts on “Efitment IC031 Indoor Cycling Bike”

    1. The Efitment IC031 is not a commercial bike. Its weight capacity is only 275 lbs, while most light-commercial bikes start at 300 lbs.

  1. mine arrived today. good assembly instructions. you need a real 14mm wrench though to make the seat tight enough. the heart beat sensor on the left handlebar was never glued in place. I suppose some silicon caulk can fix that. I didn’t notice that the monitor DOESN’T include rpm! really? if only one function, that is what I’d want. the heart beat is annoying. it updates every 2 seconds and is all over the place, 80,84, 88, 78, 90…. typically these monitors take an average to display. so, the monitor gets zero points from me. I will have to buy an aftermarket one. I am 6’3″ and the seat is maxed out on height. I am taking a spin class at the community college and have been instructed how to adjust the seat.
    but, it is a solid bike. I can watch the Olympics while riding, next to my wife, and not have to adjust the tv volume. very quiet. I almost bought the Schwinn bike, but this one had the monitor included. turns out it’s crappy, in my opinion. yes, backlighting would be nice too.

  2. I’ve owned mine several years. It is extremely durable/well made.

    It lacks some of the fancy connectivity features that some people like such as tracking work outs and sharing. Those features will add to the cost, and are unnecessary for a good workout. However, if it is a serious or light workout you are seeking then the ICO31 will do the job. Speed, time, distance, calories. Keep it simple and focus on a workout.

    Advice: Try several adjustments with the handle bars, and the seat height, and forward and backward position to find a desirable position. Much like modern quality bicycle, it must be adjusted for your comfort so you can benefit from the workout.

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