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The Cubii Smart Under-Desk elliptical trainer features a similar construction and operation to the Stamina In-Motion E-1000. But as opposed to the Stamina model, it has online connectivity so you can track your progress and set up goals via the Cubii online app.

Before we proceed with the presentation of this review, there’s one clarification to be made. There are several Cubii elliptical models and several more in production. So, in order to avoid any confusion to the identity of this product, this is the Cubii elliptical part number F3A1, which comes in chrome and noir versions.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 23L x 17.5W x 9.7H inches (58.4L x 44.4W x 24.7H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 27.5 lbs (12.5 kg)
  • Pedals: Ribbed, non-slip
  • Resistance: Manual-magnetic, 8 levels
  • Bluetooth connectivity
  • Warranty: Lifetime

Construction, parts, and accessories

To begin with, the Cubii Smart Under-Desk elliptical trainer features a metallic internal frame. However, most of the external, visible parts are made of heavy-duty PVC material, except for the pedal shafts. The plate on which the pedal wheels glide is also made of PVC. 

The front base stabilizer of the elliptical is equipped with end caps and rubber pads to provide the required stability and prevent it from sliding back and forth during pedaling. The wheels are somewhat similar to roller blades wheels. They integrate small, sealed ball bearings for smooth action, while their outer shell is made of silicone rubber, resulting in a very quiet motion.

The Cubii elliptical features large pedals, which can accommodate feet of all sizes. Their surface is ribbed, designed to provide maximum adherence.

Naturally, when it comes to size, this under-desk elliptical is a fairly small unit. Its footprint is approx. 23″L x 17.5″W (58.4 x 44.4 cm), while its highest point reaches 9.7″ (24.7 cm). This being said, it should fit under most desks. Also, your knees will rise by approx. 2″ when using this machine.

The unit isn’t extremely heavy. When fully assembled t weighs approx. 27.5 lbs (12.5 kg). However, it is equipped with a carrying handle so portability isn’t a problem. In case you’re wondering, most of the weight is in its flywheel and metal frame.

When it comes to weight capacity, the manual specifies that the unit shouldn’t be used by persons heavier than 250 lbs (113.3 kg). However, this refers to the seated weight. This elliptical is not meant to be used while standing. It’s exclusively for seated workouts, and by pedaling while standing up the internal components may sustain damage.

The Cubii Smart elliptical trainer incorporates a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery. With normal use, the battery should last up to 90 days before you will need to recharge it. The battery takes 6 hours to recharge. Also, the top right corner of the machine features a LED light, which indicates the battery level. The Green light indicates 70-100% battery power, Yellow 20-70%, and Red 0-20%.

The battery only interests the internal Bluetooth module of the machine. The resistance system is manual-magnetic and doesn’t require battery power to generate resistance.

In terms of accessories, the Cubii comes with a micro USB cable, a power adapter for recharging the internal battery, a Phillips screwdriver for attaching the two pedals, and two chair wheel stoppers. In case you sit on an office chair with wheels, it’s recommended to use the wheel stoppers in order to benefit from more stability.

Resistance and drive

The Cubii Smart elliptical uses a manual-magnetic resistance system. It integrates a magnetic brake attached to the tension knob on top of the machine. As you turn the knob clockwise, the magnetic brake will come closer to the flywheel applying more drag. 

There are 8 levels of resistance specified on the tension dial. However, since it’s an office, under-desk elliptical, the top resistance setting doesn’t deliver an extremely consistent workout. But nonetheless, if you choose to exercise by using one of the top resistance settings, you will burn more calories.

When it comes to drive elements, this elliptical trainer features a belt drive system and a small, balanced flywheel. The weight of the flywheel isn’t specified, but as a general idea, its weight is somewhere between 8-12 lbs. This being said, the machine doesn’t deliver an extremely consistent momentum, but the pedaling motion does feel very smooth and steady. Also, pedaling in reverse is possible, so you can put a little bit of diversity into your exercising.

Since the drive mechanism uses a belt, not a chain, it generates almost no noise whatsoever. Also, the maintenance for the internal parts is virtually zero.

The Q-Factor isn’t too wide. Therefore, your feet positioning on the pedals is natural, which results in zero lateral stress on the ankles and knees. Also, as opposed to an under-desk stepper, the usage of this unit doesn’t result in a significant elevation of the knees, so you won’t hit the top of the desk and the pedaling motion won’t feel awkward.

Bluetooth connectivity and Cubii app

The Cubii Smart Under-Desk elliptical doesn’t have a fitness meter. However, it does have an internal RPM sensor. It also has Bluetooth connectivity, which gives you the possibility to sync it with your iPhone or Android smartphone or tablet, and use the Cubii app in order to monitor your workout and progress.

The Cubii app can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play. It’s compatible with phones or tablets running either IOS 9 or Android 4.4 or above. The app shows your distance traveled, the number of strides and calories burned. It also gives you the possibility to set-up goals for your workouts, and compete with friends.

The Cubii elliptical can also sync with the Fitbit app, but it won’t sync fully. Most users have reported that it syncs to about 95%. In other words, if the Cubii app will count 100 strides, the FitBit will count only 95, or so.

In case you’re wondering, the Bluetooth connection can be turned off, by not connecting to the app, or simply by not recharging the battery.

The Cubii elliptical also has a Sleep Mode to which will enter after 4 minutes of inactivity on it, to save battery life. When in Sleep Mode, the Bluetooth on Cubii turns off, and no data is transmitted to your mobile phone or tablet. Your mobile phone will not be able to connect with the elliptical if it’s in Sleep Mode. In order to wake it up, you have to start pedaling.

Assembly and Maintenance

Most of the unit comes already assembled. The only parts that require assembly are the pedals, which need to be connected to the metallic shafts by two screws each. The manual provides all the instructions for it, and a Phillips screwdriver is included.

Maintenance doesn’t require much. All you have to do is keep the unit clean and periodically check for loose bolts and part.

The Pros

  • Compact design;
  • Small footprint, easy to fit under a desk;
  • Lightweight and portable;
  • Adjustable magnetic resistance with 8 distinctive settings;
  • Large pedals;
  • Narrow Q-Factor promoting a natural positioning of the feet;
  • Bluetooth connectivity;
  • Compatible with the Cubii app and also with the FitBit fitness app;
  • Long battery life, up to 90 days with a full charge;
  • Charger for the internal battery is included;
  • Chair wheel stoppers (x2) included;
  • Quiet operation;
  • Very easy to assemble;
  • Almost no maintenance required;
  • Excellent warranty.

The Cons

  • The FitBit app offers a less accurate reading than the Cubii app when synced with the elliptical;
  • Quite a bit more expensive than other units.


The Cubii Smart is an under-desk elliptical trainer featuring a compact design and 8 levels of magnetic resistance. As opposed to other under-desk ellipticals, it is equipped with an internal battery and a Bluetooth module which allows it to sync with your smartphone or tablet. The Cubii app gives you the possibility to track your progress, set up goals for your workouts and even compete with friends.

Although it doesn’t offer the training possibilities of a full-motion elliptical machine, it can surely help you bolster your cardio rating, tone-up your leg muscles, especially calves, and even lose some weight. It’s great for anyone who wants to be physically active while working behind a desk, and also for users who must undergo recovery training.

In terms of price, it costs quite a bit more than other similar under-desk ellipticals. But considering that it offers online connectivity, we can say that its price is fairly decent.

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