3G Cardio Lite Runner Treadmill

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3G Cardio Lite

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300 lbs2.5 HP
11 MPH
10 programsFrame: Lifetime
Motor: Lifetime
Parts: 3 years
Labor: 1 year

Although the 3G Cario Lite Runner treadmill is not exactly one of the most affordable machines in this price range, it offers superior sturdiness and durability and comes with a very consistent warranty which pretty much attests its overall quality. It’s a “lite” treadmill, though, made for walking and jogging. However, its motor does offer speeds up to 11 MPH, plus, it is equipped with an automatic incline system.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 67L x 29.75W x 52.5H inches (170L x 76W x 133H cm)
  • Tread belt dimensions: 51.5L x 18.5W inches (130 x 47 cm)
  • Assembled weight: 152 lbs (69 kg)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Motor: 2.5 HP
  • Incline: Motorized, 0%-15%
  • Speed range: 0.1 – 11 MPH
  • Console: 10 preset programs
  • Extras: Speakers, accessory holders, tablet holder
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Motor lifetime / Parts 3 years / Labor 1 year

Frame & deck construction

The first aspect to mention here is that the 3G Cardio Lite treadmill features a folding design. The folding mechanism consists of a hydraulic cylinder situated on the right side of the deck, which facilitates its lowering, eliminating the risk of dropping it. With the deck in folded position, the machine’s footprint is reduced to 32″L x 29.75″W (81 x 76 cm) but does gain a bit of height, reaching 62.5″ (159 cm). This being said, once you have finished your workout, the machine can fit into a fairly small storage space.

On the other hand, with the deck unfolded, it takes 67″L x 29.75″W (170 x 76 cm) of floor space, and on top of this, it is recommended to leave at least three feet of clearance at the rear, and at least two feet of clearance on each side for maximum safety and to be able to perform all the workouts without any hindrance.

Although it’s a “Lite” treadmill, this 3G Cardio Runner is not exactly a light piece of equipment. It weighs 152 lbs (69 kg). Therefore, it’s recommended to have two people transport the box. But once it is assembled, its transport isn’t too difficult as its front base is equipped with wheels, as well as the rear section of the deck. The front part of the machine also has a set of adjustable stabilizers.

The treadmill’s deck has quite a sturdy construction; it can support users up to 300 lbs (136 kg). It integrates a heavy-duty belt resistant to stretching, which provides excellent adherence to most athletic shoes. The belt offers a walking surface of 51.5″L x 18.5″W (130 x 47 cm), a bit larger than the Marcy JX-663SW model. But nonetheless, these dimensions suggest that it’s not a machine made for high-speed running workouts. Most running treadmills, such as the Nautilus T618, offer a running surface beginning with 60″L x 20″W. 

The belt is set in motion by two large rollers equipped with sealed, industrial-quality ball bearings. They’re designed to last for a long period of time and deliver excellent traction without skipping.

An important aspect to mention here regards the deck cushioning. The 3G Cardio Lite Runner integrates the Ortho-Flex Shock™ suspension system, which consists of 4 rubber cushions on each side of the deck. These absorb an important percentage of the workout impact. Thus, a walk or jog on this machine is much more forgiving on your joints than a walk or jog on concrete or asphalt.

Finally, the main frame of this 3G Cardio treadmill is made of steel tubing. The side rail covers of the deck, as well as the motor case and the covers of the joints between the console masts and metallic base, are made of durable PVC material. All the steel parts feature a scratch resistant and corrosion resistant powder finish, the color used being black. The motor and joint covers are silver.

Incline & step-up height

Not all lite treadmills offer an automatic incline system. The 3G Cardio does, this being one of the reasons it costs quite a bit more than other similar machines. Since its incline is motorized, it can only be adjusted from the console, while the machine is connected to a power circuit. It consists of a small motor and lever situated at the front of the deck. As you adjust the incline from the console, the lever will lift the front of the deck providing the desired incline.

The machine offers an incline range between 0% and 15%. The incline can be adjusted gradually from the UP / DOWN arrows on the console or the controls integrated into the left grip of the machine. These offer adjustment increments of 1%. However, the console also has quick adjustment keys for the 2%, 6%, 10%, and 15% incline levels.

With the incline set to 0%, the running belt is situated at approx. 9″ (23 cm) above floor level, so entry and exit shouldn’t be difficult for anyone. By setting the deck at a maximum incline, the running/walking surface will be elevated by a few inches. Therefore, in order to avoid any ceiling height issues, it’s best to place the machine for usage in a room with a ceiling at least 20″ (51 cm) higher than your own height.


Considering that this 3G Cardio treadmill is a “Lite” model, it is equipped with only a 2.5 HP motor. But nonetheless, the motor features a small flywheel which considerably enhances the stability of the belt’s motion. Now, walking on a treadmill can actually draw more amps and result in a higher amount of stress on a treadmill motor than running. That’s because during a walking workout, the foot of the user remains in contact with the belt for a longer period of time. The 3G Cardio Lite Runner is specifically engineered with a higher torque / lower horsepower combination to ensure a smooth and consistent belt speed while walking at a lower mph.

Even though it’s not an extremely powerful motor, the one equipped on the 3G Cardio Lite treadmill still offers a speed range between 0.1 and 11 MPH. As you may have guessed, the speed adjustment increments are 0.1 MPH. This type of micro-adjustment gives you the possibility to find the perfect pace for your stride and for your workout.

The machine’s speed can be adjusted from the console or from the controls integrated into the right grip. The arrow keys on the console and the ones in the right grip are for a gradual adjustment. But just as for incline, the console offers quick keys for the 2 MPH, 4 MPH, 6 MPH, and 8 MPH speed settings.

The runner’s motor doesn’t generate high levels of noise. It’s actually fairly quiet. However, if you engage in a jogging or running workout, your cadence will definitely generate some thumping. Also, since the machine doesn’t use an extremely powerful motor, the power consumption won’t bring any significant extra costs on your electricity bill.


The 3G Cardio Lite Runner doesn’t have a highly advanced console, but for the functions that it provides, it should suffice perfectly. It’s equipped with 4 small LCD displays, the two top ones covering the incline and speed levels, while the bottom ones cover Time/Distance, and respectively, Pulse/Calories. 

The machine’s console doesn’t have online connectivity or online progress tracking but does offer 10 preset workout programs. The P1 program is the Manual Mode, the most used treadmill function by most runners; it allows you to change speed and incline according to your liking during your exercise. The P2-P5 are speed programs only; they do not involve incline. The P6-P10 programs adjust speed and incline.

As we’ve mentioned above, you can adjust the machine’s speed and incline via the integrated controls into the lateral grips or via the quick keys on the console. The unit is not telemetric, so it can only track your pulse if you hold on to the EKG sensors into the machine’s grips, next to the controls. Also, the speed and distance readings on the console are only displayed in MPH and miles; metric units aren’t available.

In terms of extras, the console offers a tablet holder, two cup/bottle holders, and a sound system. The tablet holder is situated between the keypad and the display section; it can accommodate any tablet, or serve as a magazine rack. Some tablets may cover the lower displays, though. The accessory trays are placed one on each side of the console keypad; they are large enough to fit most types of water bottles or small accessories, such as keys, earplugs, etc. The sound system consists of two speakers, one on each side of the display section. The port for your device is on the right bottom corner of the keypad. The console sound system is compatible with most smartphones, MP3s, and tablets.

Assembly and Maintenance

There are three main steps within the assembly of the 3G Cardio Lite Runner treadmill. First, you must attach the console masts to the lower frame, second you must connect the console and the wires, and for the third part, you will have to attach the base covers. The deck with its motors, rollers, running belt, incline lift and folding mechanism, comes completely assembled. The tools required for assembly are included, while the manual provides excellent assembly instructions.

For maintenance, you will have to lubricate the deck periodically. A bottle of lubricant is included, and the manual instructs you on how to carry out this task. Other than this, you should keep the running belt clean, in order to prevent any objects or fibers to be caught in the motor and cause damage. And finally, it’s recommended to periodically check for loose bolts and parts, re-tighten the belt if it’s the case, etc.

The Pros

  • Sturdy construction, capable of supporting users up to 300 lbs;
  • Small footprint and folding design;
  • Hydraulic folding system which assists you with lowering the deck;
  • Adjustable stabilizers;
  • Transport wheels;
  • Ortho-Flex Shock™ deck suspension system;
  • Motorized incline with a range between 0-15%;
  • Speed settings up to 11 MPH;
  • Speed adjustment increments of 0.1 MPH, giving you the possibility to find the perfect pace for your workout;
  • Quick keys for incline and speed adjustment;
  • EGK pulse sensors built-in the handgrips;
  • Speed and incline controls built-in the handgrips;
  • Low power consumption;
  • LED-backlit displays;
  • 10 preset workout programs;
  • Accessory trays built-in the dashboard;
  • Sound system included;
  • Tablet holder included;
  • Very easy to assemble;
  • Little maintenance required.

The Cons

  • No cooling fan;
  • No online connectivity.


The 3G Cardio Lite Runner is a home-use treadmill, designed for walking and jogging, equipped with a 2.5 HP motor, and automatic incline. It offers speeds up to 11 MPH and an incline range between 0% and 15%. Its console shows time, distance, speed, incline, pulse, and calories burned. It offers 10 preset workouts, and also integrates two speakers which allow you to play your music through its console. It’s a machine made for light workouts, muscle toning, endurance training, and weight loss. It’s quite a bit more expensive than other treadmill models in this specs range but does offer an excellent quality for the price. So far, this machine stands at a rating of 4.5-5 stars on most fitness websites.

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