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Diamondback Fitness 510Ic Adjustable Indoor Cycle

Diamondback 510Ic
diamondback fitness 510ic exercise bike
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L: 42"
W: 23"
H: 46"
300 lbsMagnetic14Frame: Lifetime
Brake: Lifetime
Parts: 3 years
Electronics: 3 years
Labor: 1 year
Wear: 90 days

As opposed to upright bikes, most indoor cycle trainers designed for home use feature a simple, wool-felt pad brake mechanism, or a pretty simple magnetic brake mechanism. There are however, indoor cycling bikes designed for spin training, which feature an eddy brake system, with programmable resistance, and various automatic training programs. The 510Ic Diamondback is one of them.

This is actually a premium, gym-quality bike, designed for heavy spinning, offering the training setting for users of all levels. So, if you’re looking for a solid exercise bike, here’s everything that you should know about the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic.

Details and Specifications

  • Product dimensions: 42L x 23W x 46H inches (106.6L x 58.5W x 117H cm)
  • Product weight: 126 lbs (57 kg)
  • Flywheel weight 32 lbs (14.5 kg)
  • Supported weight: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Handlebars: Adjustable vertically and horizontally
  • Seat: Adjustable vertically and horizontally
  • Pedals: With toe-cages
  • Drive mechanism: Belt
  • Brake system: Eddy current
  • Resistance: Adjustable, 16 levels
  • Bottle holder: Yes
  • Computer: Yes, 14 built-in workout programs
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Brake lifetime / Parts and electronics 3 years / Labor 1 year /
  • Wear items 90 days


This exercise bike features a high-tensile steel frame, protected by industrial-grade powder paint coating, highly resistant to corrosion. It’s a one-piece main frame, with welded joints for maximum sturdiness. The only pieces that need to be attached to the frame are its bases. The drive system is protected by strong and chemical-resistant ABS and PVC covers.

The bases of the frame feature leveling, rubber feet, to ensure maximum stability even during heavy spinning sessions. Also, the front base has silicone wheels, to ease the relocation and handling of the bike when fully assembled.

Overall, the bike isn’t extremely bulky. It actually has a floor footprint of 23″W x 42″L, and can fit pretty well even into a small room. It is however pretty heavy. At 126 lbs, you might require someone’s help if the bike requires to be carried up a set of stairs. Its weight is pretty important though, as it adds stability.

Seat and handlebars

This exercise bike is equipped with a contoured seat, with an ergonomic designed. It’s well-padded, and slightly cushioned offering the best comfort a spin bike can offer. It offers vertical and horizontal adjustability, supplying a wider spectrum of workout postures, and fitting a wider range of users. In fact, this bike can be used by users between 4’8″ (142 cm) and 6’8″ (203 cm). The minimum user inseam for this bike is cca 28 cm.

Although the whole bike is pretty sturdy, and the frame could support a lot of weight, the supported maximum weight listed by the manufacturer is 300 lbs (136 kg).

The handlebar assembly of the Diamondback Fitness 510Ic are also adjustable height-wise and fore to aft. But when it comes to fore to aft. adjustability, there are actually only 3 levels available. This shouldn’t be an issue though, as the handlebar has a multi-grip design, supporting a several workout postures, including standing up on the pedals. The whole handlebar assembly is padded with rubber foam, to render grip more comfortable and prevent palms from sustaining blisters, during long training sessions.

The handlebars incorporate accurate pulse sensors connected to the bike’s console, enabling it to measure your heart rate.

Resistance and drive systems

The Diamondback 510Ic features a servo motor assisted magnetic tension┬ásystem. This means the resistance is smooth, and you won’t have to worry about replacing brake pads, as the magnets don’t come in contact with the flywheel. The resistance is electric current generated, the bike offering 16 levels of resistance, adjustable exclusively via the bike’s console. You can use the bike without any resistance setting, or in other words, without using the console, and in this case the resistance is pretty similar to riding a road bike on a straight road. On the highest resistance setting however, pedaling is rather difficult simulating a steep climb.

The resistance system is enclosed within the drive system’s case. The large, wool-felt brake pad visible on the outside, on top of the flywheel, is just the bike’s emergency brake. So, do not mistake it for the bike’s main resistance system. This emergency brake is actually an important feature though. The flywheel doesn’t automatically stop when you want to stop pedaling, especially in case you’re on a lower resistance setting. If your legs are strapped onto the pedals, they will follow with the pedaling motion for a few more spins. Evidently, in this case the flywheel requires to be stopped.

This Diamondback exercise bike features an extremely solid, steel-made crank assembly. The crank arms are solid enough to support a 300 lbs user, pedaling in complete standing position. In fact, the bike’s design and the placement of the crank assembly does favor a standing up workout posture. In other bikes, standing up while pedaling may feel awkward. Crank arms are finished with aluminum pedals, with toe-cages and straps. Pedals do not have cleats for spin shoes, but they do have standard threads. So, in case you want pedals with clips, you should easily find several models to fit.

Last but not least, this indoor exercise bike is belt-driven, featuring a 5PK1320mm, heavy-duty rubber belt. This means that the bike doesn’t require lubrication or any maintenance whatsoever when it comes to its drive system. It features a 32 lbs flywheel for a consistent momentum. The flywheel is also perimeter-weighted, to provide a smooth motion, reducing the stairmaster feel, especially when pedaling on high resistance settings. In case you’re wondering, you can pedal backwards, but with the same resistance as you would pedal normally. Also, you cannot coast on this bike.

Performance console

The console supplied with the Diamondback 510Ic bike is not the most advanced one, but itdiamondback 510ic console has much more to offer than a basic unit. To begin with, it indicates several values such as elapsed time, speed, RPM, distance, calories burned, watts and heart rate. It also features a Matrix Display function for the workout program display and the current resistance.

The console can supply 14 workout programs, including 8 pre-programmed, 4 for heart rate control, 1 manual, and 1 custom. It also supplies goal setting functions for distance, calories, watts, and heart rate. Apart from the programs, resistance can be simply adjusted via the up / down arrow keys. The console is pretty easy to operate, all the necessary instructions being supplied in the manual.

Since it features an eddy current brake, this bike requires to be plugged into an 110v power source. A power adapter is supplied with the bike, and its jack plugs into the frame at the rear, close to the base.

Assembly and Maintenance

The drive and resistance system of the bike come already assembled, closed within the plastic case, and attached to the frame. Therefore the assembly part only requires the attaching of the bikes bases, seat and handlebars along with their posts, pedals, and the console. The whole task should take 30-45 min. Tools are supplied with the box, along with the assembly and use brochure.

For maintenance, the bike doesn’t require much. You basically have to keep the frame clean, wipe the sweat that might drop on it if it’s the case, re-tighten the bolts from time to time and that’s about it.

Best Aspects Regarding This Bike

  • 16 levels of eddy current resistance.
  • Automatic resistance system, with 14 workout programs.
  • Solid, and stable frame.
  • Small footprint, great for apartment use.
  • Quiet exercising machine, again great for apartment or home use.
  • Adjustable handlebars and seat, fore to aft. and vertically.
  • Ergonomic, contoured and padded seat.
  • Pulse sensors on handlebars.
  • Heavy duty crank assembly, to hold the full weight of the user if needed.
  • Pedals with toe cages and straps, which can easily be replaced by clipless pedals.
  • 32 lbs. flywheel for consistent momentum, and smooth pedaling motion.
  • Versatile console, indicating the main values of interest, and offering goal setting functions.
  • Very low maintenance bike.
  • Excellent warranty package.


Although it’s a great bike, there are also a few drawbacks. First of all, the console is not telemetry enabled. It won’t work with a HR chest strap, so in case you need to monitor your pulse, you will have to hold onto the pulse sensors on the handlebars.

Also, the console doesn’t offer any possibilities to export your training data for backup. diamondback fitness 510ic exercise bikeHowever, most bikes which offer more advanced consoles, including features such as this, are typically more expensive.

Final Conclusion

If you’re looking for a heavy-duty indoor exercise bike, for spin training, for weight loss, for cardio training and muscle toning, or simply to keep your cardiovascular system healthy, the Diamondback 510Ic provides the exact training setting that you need. On top of that, it also offers superior performance tracking. It’s a bike built like a tank, made to last, also being backed up by a consistent warranty plan. Even though it’s not exactly the most affordable exercising machine, it’s a gym-quality bike, worth every dollar in its price.

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