XTERRA Fitness ERG220 Magnetic Rower

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The XTERRA ERG220 is one of the rowing machines released by XTERRA Fitness in the second part of 2019. It’s a mid-range rower made for home use, featuring a full-magnetic resistance system. In terms of features, it can be compared with the Marcy NS-6002RE or the Circuit Fitness AMZ-979RW rowers but offers a slightly longer sliding rail, and a pulse reading function.

Key Features and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 81L x 19W x 29H inches (206L x 48W x 74H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 62 lbs (28 kg)
  • Flywheel weight: 9 lbs (4 kg)
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Footrests: Pivoting, with straps
  • Resistance: Magnetic, 8 levels
  • Console: Time, count, count per minute, distance, total count, calories, pulse, goals
  • Warranty: Frame 1 year / Parts 1 year

Frame construction

The XTERRA Fitness ERG220 has a pretty sturdy construction; its sliding rail is rated for a weight capacity of 300 lbs (136 kg) which is not bad for a non-commercial rower.

The unit combines steel, aluminum, and ABS plastic parts in its construction. The front section of the frame that supports the flywheel and the other drive elements is steel made. The rear and middle stabilizers, and the median beam of the sliding rail, are also made of steel. The side covers of the rail are aluminum-made in order to provide a smoother seat movement. And finally, the covers of the drive and resistance elements are made of hard ABS plastic material.

The fully assembled machine is approx. 10″ (25 cm) longer than other similar models. It is 81″ (206 cm) long, and 19″ (48 cm) wide. The rail itself is approx. 40″ (101 cm) long, so the unit can accommodate users up to 6’4″ (193 cm) with no problem, allowing a complete leg extension and range of motion.

The unit’s frame is foldable. Its rail, along with the seat, can be folded up to save space. With the rail folded up, the machine’s length is reduced to approx. 47″ (119 cm), while its height becomes 57″ (144 cm).

The XTERRA ERG220 is not an extremely heavy machine. With the frame fully set up, it weighs 62 lbs (28 kg). This being said, it can be assembled by only one person.

One last aspect to cover here regards the rower’s stabilizers. The ERG220 has three in number. The rear stabilizer is equipped with adjustable levelers. The middle one serves as support when the machine is folded. The front stabilizer features transport wheels in order to facilitate the unit’s relocation when it is folded.

Seat and other parts

The XTERRA Fitness ERG220 is equipped with a seat designed for optimal comfort. Its top is made of high-density foam; it doesn’t have any extra internal cushioning but does have a contoured surface. This improves the user’s positioning on it, and prevents them from sliding backwards during the leg-push phase of the rowing motion.

The seat has a pretty durable construction. Its base is steel-made and can support users up to 300 lbs (136 kg) with no problem. It integrates three sets of wheels; two are placed above the rail while the third is under the rail for improved stability. All the wheels are concealed by the side metallic sections of the seat frame to improve safety.

One last aspect to mention here with regards to the unit’s seat is its height. Its top stands at approx. 13.5″ (35 cm) above floor level in order to facilitate entry and exit.

The XTERRA ERG220 rower features two pivoting footrests. This means they’re not completely fixed on the machine’s frame. They can swivel on their axis allowing a slight foot position adjustment during each stroke. Of course, they have stoppers at the bottom which prevents them to swivel past an angle of approx. 45°

The rower’s footrests are fairly large, designed to accommodate any size of athletic footwear. They’re made of durable ABS material; they feature a ribbed surface, heel guard, and adjustable straps for maximum foot stability.

The machine’s pulling handle is a simple straight metallic bar featuring rubberized grips for improved comfort. It is attached to a heavy-duty nylon strap which is highly resistant to abrasion. Considering that the rower has a strap as its main drive element, and not a chain, you won’t have to worry about its lubrication. It also promotes a very smooth and quiet rowing motion.

Resistance system

The XTERRA Fitness ERG220 rowing machine is equipped with a manual magnetic resistance system similar to the one on magnetic bikes, such as the Reebok ZJET 430, for example. This being said, the machine doesn’t require an external power source. Also, its console cannot automatically adjust the resistance of the rower.

The unit’s resistance system consists of an internal magnetic brake which is connected to the rower’s tension dial through a steel cable. When you turn this dial, the brake changes its position in relation to the internal flywheel, increasing or decreasing the resistance.

There are 8 distinct levels available on this rower. The first level offers a fairly light resistance, great for recovery training. On the other hand, the 8th resistance level provides quite a bit of tension, offering the possibility to perform a more intense workout and achieve a higher burn.

This XTERRA Fitness rower integrates a 9.0 lbs (4 kg) flywheel. It has a perimeter-weighted structure which improves the stability of the rowing motion, also adding a bit of inertia.

Similar to other full-magnetic rowers, the ERG220 does not provide a dynamic response for each stroke. In other words, the resistance strictly depends on the selected tension level. It is not increased by the strength you put behind each stroke as it is the case of water resistance rowers, or air resistance rower. But nonetheless, the machine does provide a very consistent, full-body workout. The dynamic response may only be necessary for an athlete who wants to train on a professional level.


As we’ve mentioned above, the XTERRA Fitness ERG220 rower does not have an automatic resistance system, so the included console it basically just a fitness meter. It features a 3.5″ LCD display, divided into two sub-sections. The top section shows the count reading (the number of strokes for the current workout session. The bottom display shows time, distance, strokes per minute (SPM), calories, and pulse.

The unit is very easy to use. It only has one (MODE) button. By pressing the button repeatedly, you can select the desired workout metric to be displayed on the bottom section of the screen. However, the unit also has a Scan function; if selected, all the aforementioned value will automatically rotate on the bottom section of the display, each one being held for 6 seconds.

The MODE button also fulfills the unit’s reset function. You can press and hold it for a few seconds to clear all the values to zero.

With regards to the pulse reading function, the machine does not have any integrated EKG sensors. However, the unit has a built-in HR receiver that can communicate with a wireless HR chest strap. This accessory is not included, though.

The meter unit is battery-powered. The two AA batteries necessary for it are included. It starts up when you begin rowing or when you press the MODE button. It also has a sleep mode which is initiated if the unit does not detect any activity on the machine for more than four minutes.

Assembly and Maintenance

The main unit of the rower with all the drive and resistance elements comes pre-assembled. You only have to attach the rail to the main unit, the seat, the three stabilizers, and the footrests. This shouldn’t take more than 30-40 minutes. The manual provides all the necessary instructions and a set of basic tools is also included.

For maintenance, the most important aspect is keeping the sliding rail clean to prevent any damage to the wheels of the seat. Other than this, it is recommended to periodically check for loose parts.

The Pros

  • Sturdy frame construction – the machine can hold users up to 300 lbs;
  • Compact and aesthetic design;
  • Folding design;
  • Transport wheels integrated into the front base;
  • Adjustable levelers integrated into the rear stabilizer;
  • Sturdy metallic seat with a foam top for optimal comfort;
  • Quiet aluminum track system;
  • Pivoting footrests with heel guards and adjustable straps;
  • Long rail – can accommodate users up to 6’4″;
  • Smooth magnetic resistance system with 8 distinct levels;
  • Exercise meter included – it can track time, count, count per minute, distance, calories, and pulse;
  • Easy to assemble;
  • Little maintenance required.

The Cons

  • Heart rate chest strap is not included;
  • No backlight on the fitness meter.


The XTERRA Fitness ERG220 is a magnetic rowing machine designed for home use. It features a sturdy, compact, and foldable steel frame with a weight capacity of 300 lbs. It also includes a fitness meter that tracks the main workout metrics. It’s an excellent fitness machine for a full-body cardio workout, muscle toning, interval training, and weight loss. And finally, it’s an affordable machine compared to other magnetic rowers, offering excellent value for the price.

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    1. The console unit can be removed from its slot inside the frame section of the rower. The battery slots are on its back.

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