Octane Fitness Q47x Elliptical Machine Trainer

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Octane Q47x

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300 lbsSmartStride
10 workouts,
3 Booster
Frame: Lifetime
Parts: 5 years
Labor: 1 year

The Octane Fitness Q47x elliptical trainer shares many similarities with the Q37x model. However, it does offer several extra features. For example, the Q47x features an adjustable stride system, has two extra programs, it’s considerably heavier and slightly larger than the Q37x. Although it’s not advertised as a commercial machine, it definitely has the construction of one, even if it lacks incline.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 72L x 33.5W x 64H inches (183L x 85W x 163H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 290 lbs (132 kg)
  • Weight capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Stride: Adjustable, 18 – 26 inches (46 – 66 cm)
  • Incline: No
  • Resistance system: Eddy current, 20 levels
  • Console: 10 programs
  • Extras: Tablet shelf, accessory tray
  • Warranty: Frame lifetime / Parts 5 years / Labor 1 year

Frame construction and parts

The Octane Fitness Q47x features a heavy frame with a total assembled weight of 290 lbs (132 kg). Most of its frame is made of thick steel tubing resulting in an extremely sturdy construction. This weight is also important for the machine’s overall stability. Even if the user is close to its maximum weight capacity, it won’t move, rock or wobble. Plus, the base section of the frame is equipped with adjustable, rubberized stabilizers so you can perfectly level it on any type of surface.

This Octane Fitness elliptical trainer is fairly large. Its footprint is 72″L x 33.5″W (183 x 85 cm), and when in use, it requires an active area of 84″L x 37.5″W (213 x 95 cm), as the pedals will extend back, over the base of the frame. In fact, it’s recommended to assign a workout area for the machine of at least 8′ x 4′ for safe and unhindered usage.

Needless to say, all the steel parts in the machine’s construction are coated with corrosion-resistant and scratch-resistant paint. The color used is gray; however, the rails of the pedals feature a chrome finish.

This elliptical trainer features a specific pedal construction, quite different than other machines. The pedal arm and the pedal frame are actually one piece, with no welding or screws in between. The tops of the pedals are made of heavy-duty PVC material, with a Soft-Grip design, made to offer superior traction and stability. They can actually support users up to 300 lbs (136 kg). They are large and can accommodate athletic shoes of all sizes.

Each pedal arm is equipped with dual rollers, which integrate industrial grade, sealed ball bearings for smooth operation and a lifetime lasting duty. The rails are concave, which eliminates the possibility of a roller to slide off them.

This elliptical trainer features two sets of handlebars, fixed and mobile. As opposed to the Q37x model, the mobile arms integrate the pulse sensors. They also feature a multi-grip design; depending on your grip you can put more or less focus on certain muscle groups. The fixed handlebars are simple. They do not have pulse sensors.

The machine’s frame features several anchor points for attaching elastic bands and other accessories. There are two anchor points at the rear part of the base, one anchor point at the front base, and one under the console. By attaching elastic bands to them, you can considerably diversify your workouts. The machine’s console actually has several workouts that will prompt you to use elastic bands.

Elliptical path, stride, Q-Factor, and step-up height

An aspect that can be seen as a downside for a commercial grade machine such as the Octane Q47x, is the lack of incline. The rails of the machine are set at an angle, though, so each ride has a slight feel of going up a soft ramp. But nonetheless, the elliptical path is horizontal. with a design based on precise human biomechanics. This being said, it delivers a supremely comfortable natural movement and flow, both forward and backward, without stress on the joints, which is ideal for all levels of exercisers.

Although this Octane elliptical doesn’t have an incline system, it does have a feature that many other machines in this price range do not have. It’s the adjustable stride, which ranges between 18″ and 26″ (46 – 66 cm). It’s actually Octane’s SmartStride system, which automatically replicates your natural movement, analyzing and measuring your pace and direction. As your pace or direction changes, SmartStride adjusts to your stride length. Size-based programming (described later in this manual) allows you to set the starting forward stride length that best fits your leg length and fitness level. The SmartStride function can be deactivated, though, from its button on the console.

The machine’s pedals spacing (or Q-Factor) is 1.8″ (4.6 cm); it’s quite narrow compared to other ellipticals. Thus, the lateral stress on your joints during the workout is eliminated. Also, the pedals are also fairly large allowing you to position your feet on them in various ways, in order to achieve perfect comfort.

Last but not least, the pedal step-up height (distance between the top of the lowest pedal and floor) is 5″ (12.7 cm). Also, the maximum pedal elevation is approx. 10″ (25.3 cm). Therefore, in order to avoid any issues, make sure to assemble and use the machine in a room with a ceiling height that is at least 12-13″ (30-33 cm) higher than your own height.

Drive and resistance

The Octane Fitness Q47x elliptical trainer features a silent belt drive, powered by a heavy-duty poly V belt, designed to last for many years of use. The flywheel, although not extremely heavy, it does have a mid-range weight, having most of its weight in its perimeter, in order to deliver a smooth motion.

The machine allows reverse pedaling; this means you can diversify your workout focusing different muscle groups depending on the way you pedal.

In case you’re wondering, the mobile arms cannot be locked. They will continue to move for as long as you pedal. Therefore, in case you don’t want to move your arms during your workout, you will have to hold on to the fixed handlebars.

This Octane Fitness elliptical trainer features a motorized magnetic resistance system. This means that it must be connected to a power circuit in order for the resistance to become operational. The resistance can only be adjusted from the console. Also, several console workouts will auto-adjust the resistance.

The machine’s control unit offers 20 distinctive resistance settings. The first several levels deliver light workouts, perfect for warm-ups or recovery training. Conversely, the top 17-20 resistance settings offer quite a challenge, which makes them perfect for interval workouts, building stamina, and losing weight.


The Octane Q47x elliptical machine comes with a versatile console featuring an LED display which keeps track of your workout metrics, including time, distance, speed, calories, and heart rate. The unit is not telemetric; in other words, it can only track your pulse if you hold on to the pulse grip sensors in the mobile handlebars. Distance and speed can be calculated in both imperial and metric units.

The machine’s control unit offers 10 workout applications. These are Manual, Random, Interval, Stride Interval, Dual Direction, Beginner, Distance Goal, Calorie Goal, Cross-Circuit Time, Cross-Circuit Free. In a few words, here’s what each program can offer:

Manual Program – it’s the machine’s base program, one of the most preferred by users, the program which allows you to just pedal and adjust resistance as you like during your workout;

Random Program – provides computer-randomized resistance variation with a virtually infinite number of combinations. It will basically give you a new course every time you select it;

Interval Program – it allows you to design a custom workout of up to 4 alternating intervals, defining the desired duration and resistance for each interval;

Stride Interval – this program alternates long stride intervals with shorter stride intervals; the interval time is set at 2 min.

Dual Direction – is a program that gives you the possibility to add variety to your workouts by alternating 2 min. intervals forward and lower resistance backward pedaling.

Beginner Program – offers a 14-day planned workout sequence to help jumpstart your exercise program. Each day’s workout includes preset values for resistance level, time and a suggested speed;

Distance / Calorie Goal – give you the possibility to setup your own goals for distance and calories, and count down to zero.

Cross-Circuit Time – allows you to set up the Cardio interval time, Strength interval time, and Level, complete your warm-up, then listen for the beeps to tell you when to step off the machine to complete your strength set.

Cross-Circuit Free – similar to the CC-Time, but gives you the possibility to adjust the intervals mid-workout;

The console also offers three “Boosters” along with the 10 programs that we have described above. They offer the possibility to add motivation and variety to your workouts. The Boost button offers three types of challenges:

1. X-Mode – is a workout mode which chooses 1 of 8 challenges every minute. The challenges are Fast, Squat, Reverse, Lean Back, Lower Body Only, Push Arms, Pull Arms, Slow.

2. ArmBlaster – is a program designed to boost cardiovascular endurance while building strength and muscle tone. ArmBlaster adds upper-body strength sessions to the cardio program profile that you have selected. Every minute, resistance increases for a muscle-building, 10-repetition set as you transfer the workload from your lower body to your upper body.

3. GluteKicker – as its name suggests, this is a program that focuses on your glutes; it uses three of the X-Mode challenges, these being Reverse, Squat and Fast, randomly alternating them in order to provide a consistent glutes workout.

You can diversify all these challenges by using some of the optional accessories available for this elliptical. We’re going to cover these accessories in the next section of the review.

The console features an M.O.M (Movement Management Mode) function. This is a safety function which disables the buttons and adds maximum resistance to the pedals, rendering the machine almost impossible to use. It’s designed to discourage small children from using experimenting on the elliptical.

One last feature regarding the console that we must mention here, is the tablet holder. It’s actually a tablet shelf which can host tablets or magazines of any size, in order to keep yourself entertained while exercising. However, this elliptical does not have a Wi-Fi function or online connectivity.

Optional accessories

Octane Fitness offers several accessories for their ellipticals. This first to mention is the elastic band set. These elastic bands can be attached to the anchor points of the machine; they’re equipped with ergonomic hand-grips and they offer the possibility to work your arm muscles performing biceps curls, pec flies, shoulder presses etc. The set includes two Yellow bands for light resistance, two Red bands for mid-range resistance, and two Blue bands for heavy resistance.

There’s also a set of stationary pedals, which can be attached to the rear base of the machine. These footrests give you the possibility to only use the arms of the machine, or the elastic bands, without moving your legs.

Assembly and Maintenance

The core of the machine comes pre-assembled. All the internal parts are already in their place and shrouded by the guards. This being said, the assembly only requires you to add the console mast, the moving arms and the top covers of the drive system. The manual provides excellent step-by-step assembly instructions. Tools for assembly are not included, though.

The primary maintenance aspect is keeping the rails clear of any debris or textile fibers, as they can induce damage either to the rails or to the rollers. The machine’s joints may require lubrication after a while, in case they begin to emit noises during usage. Other than this, it’s recommended to periodically check for loose parts and re-tighten them if it’s the case.

The Pros

  • Extremely sturdy machine;
  • Elegant, professional-looking design;
  • Decent weight limit – 300 lbs;
  • Adjustable levelers;
  • Perimeter weighted flywheel for a consistent momentum and smooth pedaling;
  • Multi-grip handlebars;
  • Pulse sensors integrated into the mobile arms of the machine;
  • SmartStride system, with an automatically adjustable stride between 18″ and 26″;
  • Quiet operation, ideal for apartment use;
  • 20 levels of eddy current resistance;
  • 10 main workout programs;
  • 3 Booster programs; 
  • Safety locking function for the console and pedals;
  • Goal tracking functions for time, distance and calories;
  • Different optional accessories available, including stationary footrests and elastic bands for arms workouts;
  • Tablet holder and accessory tray included;
  • Little maintenance required;
  • Excellent warranty plan.

The Cons

  • No incline;
  • No cooling fan;
  • No sound system;
  • No online connectivity.

Bottom Line

The Octane Fitness Q47x is an elliptical trainer featuring a very sturdy construction, motorized magnetic resistance, automatically adjustable stride, and a console with 10 workout programs and 3 “Booster” programs. It’s a machine without an incline feature, but on the other hand, it offers the possibility to add two stationary footrests and a set of rubber bands for arm workouts. These accessories are not included, though. The trainer’s resistance levels and programs make it an excellent choice for light to intense cardio workouts, interval workouts, endurance development, muscle toning and weight loss. Finally, the Octane Q47x is a rather expensive machine but does offer excellent value for the price.

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