Gold’s Gym XR 55 Gym Machine

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Gold's Gym XR 55
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36+19-330 lbs

12.5 lbs (ea)
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Labor: 90 days

Home gym machines come in various shapes and sizes, being more or less inclusive in terms of workout stations. But in order to workout the main groups of muscles in your body, it’s not always necessary to opt for the most expensive one. For example, the Gold’s Gym XR 55 offers the possibility to perform more than 36 exercises, and it’s one of the most affordable home weight machines that you can find at the moment.

In this review we’ll try to offer as many details as possible about this fitness machine. But before we proceed with all these aspects, there’s a more important one that requires clarification. There are actually several very similar machines: XR 45, XR 50, XR 55 and XRS 55. This is the XR 55 model, the model number GGSY29013.0. So now, let’s see what this machine has to offer.

Technical Details and Specifications

  • Assembled dimensions: 77L x 43W x 83H inches (196L x 109W x 211H cm)
  • Assembled weight: 320 lbs (145 kg)
  • Max. user capacity: 300 lbs (136 kg)
  • Weight resistance system: Weight stack and pulleys
  • Plates stack weight: 125 lbs (56.6 kg)
  • Max. weight resistance: 330 lbs (149.6 kg)
  • Possible exercises: 36+
  • Warranty: Parts 90 day / Labor 90 days

Frame construction and parts

To begin with, this Gold’s Gym home gym features quite a similar construction to the Weider 2980 X. The differences between them are the color, weight stack and the protections for the weight plates’ guides, which the Weider doesn’t have. Needless to say, this machine’s frame is made of square steel tubing, featuring a very sturdy construction. When fully assembled, the machine is also pretty heavy, with a weight greater than 300's gym xr 55 This being said, it’s pretty obvious that it’s not meant to be moved once assembled. Also, it should be carried to the room where it will be in use while its still boxed, or at least part by part.

The XR 55 home gym is not one of the largest machines, however, it still does take some space. It has a footprint of 77″L x 43″W (196 x 109 cm), and it’s 6’11” (211 cm) tall. Therefore, it should fit in a room (or basement) with a 7′ ceiling. But you’ll have only 1″ (2.5 cm) clearance above, so in this case, it’s going to be a pretty tight fit.

The machine is rated for users up to 300 lbs (136 kg). But it does feature quite a sturdy construction and should be able to hold users a few pounds heavier with no problem. On the other hand, when it comes to user height, users taller than 6’3″ (190 cm) may feel a bit crammed for certain exercises, such as lat pulldowns. But nonetheless, quite many exercises can be performed perfectly by a tall user as well.

Like most other gym machines, this model comes with nylon pulleys, with steel shells and ball bearings. The ball bearings are industrial grade and also sealed, which means they’re built to last for many years of use. The cables supplied with the machine are steel ropes, which can withstand way higher tension than the maximum of 330 lbs (149 kg) that the machine can produce.

The seat and backrest feature thick and durable upholstery, made of vinyl material, in black and gold colors. This also stands for the preacher curl attachment. They’re also padded with approx. 2″ (5 cm) of foam material, offering all the comfort required by a gym bench. Both the backrest and seat feature 3 adjustment positions. Each one can be locked a few inches closer or farther from the frame bar they’re attached to. But differently put, they don’t offer extreme adjustability possibilities, and you cannot place the backrest horizontally, as for the Bowflex Blaze, for example.

The curl pad also features 3 adjustment positions. You can actually set it up a few inches lower or higher, in order to find the most comfortable position. However, its angle is non-adjustable.

The fly bars and the leg attachment integrate rubber foam pads, approx. 1.25″ thick. And finally, a handle strap and a lat bar are also supplied with the machine.

Workout stations

This Gold’s Gym machine features 6 workout stations. These are:

Curl pad attachment – station designed mainly for exercises that interest arm muscles. As we’ve mentioned above, this station features three height adjustment positions, in a span of approx 5″ (13 cm).

Pec fly station – for pectoral and deltoid muscles training;

Chest press station – for triceps, shoulders, and pectoral muscles training.

High-pulley station (lat bar included) – for lat pulldown exercises, and the training of triceps, shoulders and back muscles;

Low-pulley station – the pulley attached to the lower front part of the machine can actually facilitate a wide array of exercises, such as stand-up curls, triceps kickbacks, squats and more;

Leg attachment – last but not least, the machine integrates a station designed mainly for leg extensions. This leg attachment station does not allow you to do “traditional” leg curls. However, hamstrings can be trained in a different way with this machine. We’ll get to that in the exercises section of this post.

Resistance System

This home gym machine features a weight resistance system that involves a stack of weight gold's gym xr 55 - vinyl weight stackplates and a set of pulleys. It comes with 10 cement weight plates, encased in vinyl shells, in other words, it’s a vinyl weight stack. Each plate weighs 12.5 lbs (5.6 kg), but the pulley system adds resistance to your selected weight. For example, the maximum weight resistance for the high pulley is 145 lbs (65.7 kg), while the max. resistance for the leg lever is 330 lbs (149.6 kg).

In case you’re wondering, the weight stack of this machine is not meant to be upgraded. You can add plates to it, but in that case, the distance of one pull will be shortened and may result in less demanding exercises. There aren’t heavier plates available for this home gym model, only the standard 12.5 lbs weight.

Even though the weight plates are not made of cast iron, they’re pretty durable. The vinyl casing on them is quite resistant to nicks, while the plates themselves are made of high-density cement, being quite difficult to break.

Here’s the chart with the weight resistance that you will get for a specific selected number of plates, for various pulley stations:

gold's gym xr 55 - weight resistance chart

Possible Exercises

This gym machine offers the possibility to perform more than 36, gym quality exercises. Some of the most important of them are:

  • Seated Biceps Curls
  • Stand-up Biceps Curls
  • Preacher Curls
  • Concentration Curls
  • Triceps Pressdowns
  • Triceps Extensions
  • Triceps Kickbacks
  • Ab Pulldowns
  • Low Pulley Trunk Rotations
  • Deltoid Raises
  • Seated Rows
  • Upright Rows
  • Vertical Grip Chest Presses
  • Horizontal Grip Chest Presses
  • Incline Chest Presses
  • High Cable Cross-Overs
  • Lat Pulldowns
  • Leg Curls
  • Leg Extensions
  • Leg Abductions
  • Leg Adductions
  • Kickbacks
  • Squats
  • … and more.

As we’ve mentioned above, the leg workout station does not offer the possibility to perform hamstring curls. However, you can perform stand up leg curls with one leg at the time, using the low pulley station and an ankle strap. The machine does not feature a mid pulley station such as the Powerline BSG10X for example. Thus related exercises are not possible.

The machine does not include a leg press attachment, and there’s none available for it. But you can do squats using the low pulley station. Also, there’s no chin-ups / knee-ups station. However, chin-ups can be replaced by specific lat pulldowns.

Assembly and Maintenance

The machine comes packaged in 3 boxes, one for the frame elements, the other two for the weight plates. The full package is quite heavy (over 300 lbs), and it’s recommended to be received by two people.

The assembly is not too difficult though, as the manual offers step-by-step instructions. However, it will take at least a few hours, as there are many parts to attach together.

When it comes to required tools for assembly, only two hex keys are supplied with the box. You will need your own adjustable wrench and a Phillips screwdriver.

Maintenance requires greasing the pulleys if they develop squeaks, and checking / retightening the bolts of the machine from time to time. Other than that, just remove sweat from the frame if it’s the case, and keep it clean.

The Pros

  • Excellent construction, extremely sturdy frame;
  • Thick and durable vinyl upholstery, with consistent padding for maximum comfort;
  • Adjustable seat, backrest and preacher curl pad;
  • Consistent foam padding on the chest bars and leg workout station;
  • Relatively small footprint for a home gym system;
  • 6 workout stations, including pec fly, chest press, low pulley, high pulley, curl pad and leg attachment;
  • Over 36 exercises available;
  • Quiet operation, suitable machine for apartment use;
  • Little maintenance required;gold's gym xr 55 - gym machine
  • Easy to assemble.

The Cons

  • The weight stack is not upgradable.


The Gold’s Gym XR 55 is one of the home gym systems under the mark of $400. It offers the possibility to perform more than 36 exercises, for the most important group muscles, featuring 6 main workout stations. Although it only has a weight stack with a total weight of 125 lbs, due to its pulley system, the maximum weight resistance that can be achieved with it is 330 lbs. It’s not exactly a gym machine made for hardcore weightlifters, but it’s perfect for beginners and intermediate users. It’s a well-constructed, durable and well-designed weight machine, offering great value for the price.

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4 thoughts on “Gold’s Gym XR 55 Gym Machine”

  1. Danielle DuVall

    I ordered a golds gym through Walmart on line and never received any weights I have contacted Walmart and they told me there isn’t anything they could do I had to contact Golds Gym is there anything you could do about getting me weights thank you

    1. We don’t sell or supply parts for any of the equipment here. So, unfortunately, the only thing that you can do if Walmart or Gold’s Gym don’t send you the weight stack, is pack-up the machine and send it back.

    1. You can do ab crunches using the high pulley with a tricep rope and an extension chain or an extension cable, but that’s about it.

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